The Pot Calling the Kettle…

…or Rats, Degenerates, and Their Honorable Ways

by Nicole Nichols

Rats, rats and more rats! They are everywhere! Someone needs to alert the exterminator, or at least locate the pied piper. The racist right is full of rats and very close to standing on the furniture and screeching "eek!" While much of what has been transpiring with these groups has raised a few has also been noted that they are rapidly becoming a farcical and impotent part of the "movement." They have, however, managed to bring a pair to draw to, to the forefront. Frazier Glenn Miller and Todd Vanbiber have something in common - they are both "rats" and they have found a home. Additionally, the National Socialist Movement finds itself in the middle of controversy once again.

There is little more humorous than a flagitious reprobate who sees himself as a saintly being sitting in judgment on others with similar characteristics as has been witnessed throughout the entire National Alliance debacle. Those calling Erich Gliebe "unprincipled" or "corrupt" were pretty farcical. The comedy doesn't stop there, however. The racist right is rife with pariahs and their derisive natures.

Miscreants often justify their actions as having some altruistic motive. Racist miscreants frequently attempt to legitimize their hate or their crimes as being necessary to save the race or condone them as being righteous considering that this is war. This demented rationalization, while defying logic, is generally accepted across the board with few exceptions.

As the racist right has been fragmented and lacking unity for some time now, it isn't at all unusual to witness rampant infighting and general flagellation of each other. With virtually every disagreement the debate will deteriorate into name calling, the most popular of which are "Jew," "nigger-like," "kike-like," and "traitor." Lately, however, another label is vying for its own popularity rung on the ladder - "rat." And that is probably because "rats" are so numerous among the rank and file of the racist movement.

The recent flap over Frazier Glenn Miller becoming Alex Linder's mentor and head associate all started over the fact that he testified against the revered Order members back in the 1980's. Miller is seen by The Order and other members of the neo-Nazi faction as the worst kind of traitor. The racist right, like so many other entities, has an unwritten code much like the code of the streets and the one thing that must never occur is the selling out of another white brother to Zog - especially selling them out to get special consideration for yourself.

Miller's attempts to absolve himself of this crime against the movement have fallen on quite a few deaf ears. Claiming that 12 members of the Order had already sold him out and that he had a young family to think about met with little in the way of sympathy or understanding and resulted in a major rift between Alex Linder and Billy Roper's White Revolution. Many members left Linder's forum citing that they did not wish to be associated with Miller or others who chose to engage in activities with him. Puzzling, however, is the fact that many remained and willingly participate in discussion with Miller as well as the distribution of the VNN tabloid "Aryan Alternative," which is Miller's publication. We can only speculate that those remaining are largely younger members who do not embrace the same code that has been prevalent for so long.

Piquing my curiosity lately has been two different matters. The first has to do with the ersatz radio show run by Michael Blevins. For the last few weeks, Blevins has been able to work the conversation around to Frazier Glenn Miller with whichever nefarious racist he has interviewed. On the latest show, Blevins interviewed Tom Metzger, the dinosaur of sleaze and feculence. During the course of discussion about Miller, Metzger claimed that after a lawsuit which was filed by the Southern Poverty Law Center that Frazier Glenn Miller actually gave Morris Dees a ride to the airport. As incredulous as this seems, it has yet to be discussed or mentioned on the VNN forum. For the life of me, I cannot imagine any one of the Nazi's that I know aiding Dees in any way shape or form. And I can't fathom no one speaking out about this action.

Secondly, and perhaps even more puzzling, is the recent realization that one of the posters on the VNN Forum, Todd in Florida, is none other than Todd Vanbiber, recently released felon and to most, "a rat." What is most puzzling is the lack of reaction to this "rat."

Todd Vanbiber was arrested in Florida 1n 1997, as he was planning to detonate 14 bombs on major arteries in the Orlando area. Instead, however, Vanbiber accidentally detonated one on himself. This planned action was part of a plan to divert law-enforcement while he and his buddies robbed a couple of banks - their real calling. Vanbiber is said to have been a member of the National Alliance, he isn't any longer. It has also been claimed that after a previous bank heist Vanbiber and his chum Brian Pickett had visited NA headquarters where they made a $2000.00 contribution to the organization and purchased several NA publications. It has also been alleged and verified by Vanbiber that he had been given a 60 year sentence but reduced it by rolling over on his partners, one of which was his girlfriend. He was released in March of 2002, and was on probation until November of 2004 - how's that for a sentence reduction?

Vanbiber claims that he wasn't disfigured or maimed in the accidental bombing but this picture shown on the Southern Poverty Law Center site tells a different story. It also isn't too surprising that Glenn Miller and Todd Vanbiber have struck up an internet friendship - as they say, "birds of a feather."

This is not the only controversy currently raging within the rank and file. The whole issue of the National Socialist Movement and their "style" of expressing their ideology continues and has been rejuvenated by a recent statement from our good pal Richard Brunson. Brunson took offense to claims that Commander Schoep wrote a letter of thanks and appreciation to Glenn Miller even though Miller had already posted the email he supposedly received. In Brunson's harangue he called some of the VNN members "parasites," "vermin," "Drama Queens," "degenerates," and "misfits" he urged all NSM members to boycott VNN. Citing Alex Linder, Glenn Miller, Dean Roberts, Thomas Angel, and Warren Robbins as the "vermin" who are trying to damage the NSM, Brunson posted his message in the daily digest of the NSM Yahoo group.

It wasn't long before the fire raged once again. Within a short time, Brunson's tirade was reposted on the VNN boards and the battle was once again being fought. However, there was a new twist to all of this that has been brought to light. One VNN poster took issue quite pointedly with Brunson claiming that his integrity was in question since Jessie Fergusson, upon his release from prison, sought Brunson and stabbed him for "allegedly ratting on him and putting him behind bars." This same poster questions Brunson's allegiance to and support of Charles Juba the self-appointed head of a splinter faction of the Aryan Nations. Since this group was not sanctioned by Richard Butler before his passing any affiliation with that group is seen as traitorous to Butler. The induction of John Snyder, convicted rapist and now fugitive, into the NSM's SS group was questioned vehemently.

Schoep's licentious behavior at the 2003 NSM conference also came into play: "…the lavicious drunkenness and the cheating of Commander Schoep and other members on their wives and girlfriends who were waiting on them at home with their children. This is direct disobedience of the 88th Precept and finds them guilty of treason and brands them as Traitors in the eyes of all who believe in our 88 Precepts."

The merriment at bashing the NSM ensued with some of the following comments:

"Haha, christ, the NSM calling people degenerates, thats a fucking laugh. Isn't it funny when people who cheat on their wives and girlfriends take the moral high ground? People who commit burglarly, like ol' Scheop?"

[NN Comment: Yes, it truly is funny.]

"HA HA HA....I see that a lot with the NA also and I always got a kick out of it! Degenerates calling other folk degenerates! Not the SHARPEST KNIVES IN THE DRAWER are they?! Lol"

[No one here ever claimed that you guys were very smart - or sharp!]

"This sad screed is typical of the petty micro-fuehrers who would rather battle other racialists than direct their energy toward our common enemies."

[Apparently, your list of "common enemies" has grown a little longer these days - it includes all of those who do not ascribe to the organization of the moment.]

[And one that came from Todd Vanbiber:]

Great post man.

Most of the Miller critics or those who constantly yell snitch wouldn't have a clue of how "manly" they really are when a Federal Prosecutor throws 25 years at them... And any thought of doing what McVeigh or Matthews did makes their knees wobble like a little girl. Not a godamn critic of Miller ever robbed a bank or did anything really productive for the Cause. You can also bet that if Federal troops were to ever confiscate guns they'd be the first to give them up.

So many pussys, so few soldiers."

And a Reply to his insidious statement:

"True indeed. I wish these idiots would just turn into suicide bombers and rid us of their cultish behavior."

This is pretty typical of those on the racist right. As much as they attempt to change the face of racism there is always someone who, if you wait long enough, will make a statement so outrageous as to prove the impossibility of mainstream America ever seeing them for anything other than malevolent criminals and thugs. For this we can be thankful. As Vanbiber glorifies the felonious and murderous acts of some, we are brought full circle to the piteous fact that the more the pot calls the kettle black the blacker the kettle becomes.

What we now have in the way of the racist community appears to be the following:

1) The National Alliance - one time top dog in the realm of hate that is now a fledgling and gasping group of incompetent individuals with a real slim chance of ever becoming viable again. Hot damn!

2) White Revolution - Billy Roper's umbrella group whose purpose it was to bring all factions in the movement together. He pissed off the National Socialist Movement. The National Alliance hates him. He hijacked Linder's site for awhile and alienated all VNN supporters. The only thing left for Roper is the Aryan Nations and some KKK goons. Of course he might pull in a few from the skinhead groups - but for all practical purposes White revolution is a bust. Hot damn!

3) The National Socialist Movement - and outfit of misfits and over-the-hill losers who just don't fit in anywhere else. They seig heil the fuehrer and Schoep and goosestep around small town America evoking chuckles and head-shakes and say "Well, at least we did something." Struggling in this quagmire of hate and chameleon-like movement, they are outcasts by even some of the most die-hard of racists. Ridiculed and belittled, the NSM has been rendered impotent. Hot Damn!

4) The Aryan Nations - An already defunct group that was bankrupt by the Southern Poverty Law Center. They suffered from a split quite some time back and were proven to be too week to recover. The death of their leader, Richard Butler finished them off. Hot Damn!

5) The Ku Klux Klan - or the coat-tailers of the movement - they have been relegated to the back of the bus. The only thing that makes them the least bit relevant is their history and their willingness to put a few bodies into the street when asked by another group. With a member here and three over there, the Klan has outlived its' usefulness. Hot Damn!

6) The fringe - which would include Alex Linder and VNN, Bill White and VonBluvens, Tom Metzger and his Lone Wolfs. These people have already self-destructed. Linder has offed himself with his association with Glenn Miller. Bill White finished himself with his preposterous lies and his narcissistic pathology. Von Bluvens has become nothing more than a joke because of his posturing and recent association with the NSM. Tom Metzger has simply faded into the tapestry of this whole scheme - whether just too tired and too old, or simply ineffective he has become nothing more than a curiosity. Hot Damn!

Those left to watch are those who have managed to turn a corner in this malignancy of a movement. David Duke's cadre is coming on strong since they teamed up with Don Black's Stormfront crew. Their charlatan presence promises to be a force to reckon with - yet I doubt that Duke's anemic approach to the race issue will ever persuade many of the radicals to join him. Additionally, the Council of Conservative Citizens has a goodly number of members and connections in high places. It appears that organized hate, as we know it, is relocating and taking up residence in the political arena - and that is the greatest danger to the fabric of American society. These other groups will soon realize that the only purpose that any of them serve is to siphon off the dregs of the movement. Everyone has to be someplace - even the undesirables.


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Bloody 2004 Gives Rise To Comical 2005

Kudos to Glenn Miller

by Nicole Nichols

Perhaps in no other arena can so much action be witnessed during the course of one year as in the arena of hate groups. This year has been a real winner for those of us on the anti side of the fence. We got a whole lot of help from the guys on the right as they simply had a slug fest with each other. We don't know where it will all end up but Nicole Nichols gives us the blow-by-blow on their self destruction and blows kisses to Glenn Miller for his part in the melee.

The year 2004 has been a banner year for the upset of the racist right. It seems that nary a group went unscathed. Resembling a tough-man contest of unlikely heroes, the hate groups and their leaders really took a beating - and it continues to be a slugfest, hopefully to the death of the movement.

Matt Hale was convicted and still awaits sentencing in the same cell he has been sitting in for close to two years now. With the testimony of Jon Fox and confidential informant, Tony Evola, Hale was slapped into oblivion and the Creativity Movement drew its' last gasp.
The revered leader of the Aryan Nations, Richard Butler died alone - no bimbos at his bedside. The already factionalized AN was dealt quite a blow with the arrests of Morris Gullett and James Mazzone. It's pretty safe to say that the rag-tag and battered organization, devoid of property and assests (thanks to the SPLC) has just about been knocked completely out of the ring.
Panzerfaust records launched their Poject Schoolyard only to have the police show up at the home of owner, Anthony Pierpont. It seems that the drug-sniffing police dog hit on something illegal and the already maligned Pierpont went to jail. Given the fact that they have been targeting school children with hate-filled music, it was music to our ears. What with Pierpont already being a convicted felon who spent time in prison for drug violations and Bryant Cecchini having spent time for violence it's a safe bet that no one is going to look favorably upon their little escapade.

Perhaps the best bout on this card, however, has been the one between the Aryan Barbarian and the disgruntled members of the National Alliance. Some of you may remember that was William Pierce's group that was usually billed as the "premier hate group." Since Pierce's death the group has been floundering badly. During the last couple of months, however, the death rattle on the hill in Virginia can be heard clear to San Diego. It's pretty safe to say that Erich Gliebe and Shaun Walker are on their way out the door. The resignation of David Pringle might not have done much to boost his credibility among the rank and file, but the dirt that he and others are uncovering has pretty much sealed the fate of the Chairman and his puppets.

While the National Alliance bunch has been embroiled in their own set-to there has been a really interesting match up taking place between White Revolution's Billy Roper and Vanguard News Network's Alex Linder. The controversy centers around Glenn Miller, who Linder befriended and has teamed up with to publish and distribute their newsletter the "Aryan Alternative." It seems that Miller has more than just a little problem - he's a "rat," and we all know how these guys feel about "rats."

Being a "rat" is one thing…but when you ratted on The Order you are supposed to wind up deep sixed just like others who betrayed the group. Linder's association with Miller came into question some time back but rapidly came to a head in the last few weeks. All of the other mishaps and happenings within the movement have given us quite a few priceless minutes of entertainment, but the fray over Miller is promising to take us well into 2005 in stitches.

It seems that Miller, the one-time head of the White Patriot Party, nothing more than a Klan outfit that was rather successful in North Carolina back in the 80's, was given some money by the Order when they were out knocking over armored cars and generally terrorizing all they came into contact with. Additionally, he claims that he hid the infamous David Lane out for a time. To make a long story short, when the Feds came calling they found Miller hiding out with a cache of weapons. Of course, Miller was in a lot of trouble.

Evidently, Miller became states evidence and he sang like a diva. Miller claims that 12 of the 15 Order members testified against him, therefore he was justified in what he did. Well, if you are a serious member of the racist right…The Order is sacred. Last Spring Miller showed up on the VNN forum under the name of "Rounder"- a name supposedly given to him by "The Order" - and inched his way back into the movement. Amidst cries of foul by those who knew his past, Rounder told his tale of woe. He played heavily on the fact that at the time that all of this was happening he had a family. He claimed the government took care of his family while he was in prison for a term of three years and he has continuously asked others what they would have done in his shoes. Of course, it never occurred to any of them that if they had a family to care for they wouldn't have been involved in any of this. Likewise, it doesn't look like Miller ever considered not taking money from the illegal coffers of the Order.

The real laugh-fest began when The Order members began sending out their statements from behind bars. Even this late in the game the gang still thinks that they can shoot straight and, interestingly enough, their words carry a lot of weight, especially with the swastika worshiping bunch. Funneled in through John Gerhardt - an Identity "Reverend," Randy Evans, from his California cell, raised his voice in opposition to anyone accepting Glenn Miller as anything other than the rat he is:


I, Randall Evans, upon the blood of my ancestors and the Evans name do hereby state the following:

1) That I was convicted as a member of the Order.

2) that Glen Miller, formerly of the Klan in North Carolina, testified against Pastor Butler, Pastor Robert Miles, Louis Beam, my co-defendants Richard Scutari, Bruce Pierce, Andrew Barnhill, David Lane and others during a sedition trial in Ft Smith, Arkansas during the late 1980's.

3) That to make this perfectly clear Glen Miller was a government witness that did his best to put the foregoing persons into prison, although some were already incarcerated (my co-defendants & me).

4) That at no time has Glen Miller helped any of my co-defendants nor me since he became a government witness, agent, informant, otherwise known as a "RAT."

5) That let it be known that from my and others perspectives, "birds of a feather flock together," and anyone associating with, promoting, allowing into their organizations in any capacity in any form whatsoever must also be considered a government RAT to be BANISHED and OSTRACIZED from the honorable of our Race. "A RAT is a RAT--A FRIEND of a RAT is a RAT."

6) That only a fool would allow a known rat amongst their ranks in lieu of past white separatist history wherein our people have been victims of COINTELPRO type operations such as Ruby Ridge and many more. This goes for any RAT out there amongst our ranks and those that associate with same.

Signed on the 2nd Day of December, 2004,

Randall Evans"

Of course, Randy Evans is such a stalwart citizen and role model for the youth of America that such a statement sworn on the blood of his ancestors much be given the utmost credibility. After all, the crimes committed by Evans were crimes of war and done in the name of saving the white race. Uh…huh. But, if one wasn't convinced by the words of Evans, perhaps the statement issued by Richard Scutari would provide the impetus for the exile of the "rat" Miller:

The lack of testicle fortitude to be found in the White Racial Movement never ceases to amaze me. My amazement was given another jolt recently when a kinsman wrote and asked me what I thought of Glenn Miller. Included with his letter was a ten page item he'd pulled off the Internet's VNN Forum titled " my vision for VNN-July 2005. " While reading these 10 pages my stomach started doing flips and I could actually feel the slaps hitting my face as I realized how much Bob Matthew's death, my sacrifices, and the sacrifices of others who stood strong were being denigrated. Glenn Miller's vision calls for a White Pride Day gatherings and a VNN White Political Conference to be held in Missouri sometime in July 2005. Miller actually had the audacity to call cowards any of those hesitant to attend. Miller calling someone else a coward, now that is a joke.

Anyone involved with the movement for over 15 years is familiar with Miller's story. It is only their cowardice that allows Miller to get away with making a comeback in the movement. For those of you who are new to the movement, what follows will fill you in on Miller's story.

In the early 1980's, Miller operated a small Organization called the White Patriot Party (WPP). He and his WPP eventually came to the attention of the Order and contact was made to feel him out. It was decided to bring Miller and his Organization under the Orders wing as one of our aboveground legals. Miller was to be developed into our top aboveground legal in this Southeast. Miller was very receptive to the Orders goals, especially the one where by means of the carrot and the stick all racial organizations in the Southeast would eventually be forced under his leadership. Around August of 1984, Miller was given a voice stress analyzer to use on his members and $ 250,000.00/00 in cash for operational expenses. With financial help from the Order, Miller was able to build WPP into one of the largest organizations in the country. During the big Order trial in Seattle, Miller was holding parades in North Carolina numbering up to a 1.000 marches all wearing camouflage clothes and carrying a sign at the head of the column which read " We Love The Order. "

It wasn't long after this that ZOG started putting pressure on Miller. He ended up going underground with his two lieutenants, Robert Jackson and Doug Sheets. While underground, Miller penned his declaration of War against ZOG. Shortly after putting his declaration in the mail, he and his lieutenants were surrounded in a trailer where they eventually surrendered. In the trailer were several fully automatic weapons. This alone was enough to put Miller away for a minimum of 20 years.

So far Miller's story sounds pretty good, but things do have a tendency to change when weak people finally get tested. In October 1986, the FBI came to visit me at the medium-security prison where I was housed. because of my extensive travels with Bob Matthews, ZOG felt that I could supply key information on several movement leaders who allegedly received Order money. I was offered my freedom from prison if I would cooperate and testify at the Denver and Ft. Smith grand juries and the subsequent trials. To further sweeten the pot, I was told they would help make me a leader in the movement. I refused to cooperate which cost me hole time, phony escape charges being put on me, and a transfer to a max-security prison.

Unlike me when Glenn Miller was offered a deal, he accepted it. Instead of serving 20 or more years in a max-security prison, Miller served only a few years in a cushy minimum security joint and he is now making his comeback as a leader. Miller testified against both of his lieutenants at their trial at which they both received a 20- year sentence to be served at a max security prison.

Next Miller testified for the government, at our 1988 sedition trial in Ft. Smith, Ark. He gave testimony against movement leaders Louis Beam, Robert Miles, and Pastor Butler, all who allegedly were Order legals. Five Order members (Andrew Barnhill, David Lane, Artie McBrearity, Bruce Pierce, and myself) were also defendants at this trial. Miller testified against all of us except for Bruce Pierce, whom Miller never met.

Today Miller's funding comes from his ZOG handlers; but back in the 1980's it was all Order money which made him and the WPP so successful; ergo, Miller had a lot to rat on concerning us, including his invention that Bob Matthews and I discussed with him our future plans to assassinate Morris the Sleaze Dees. Glenn Miller wrote a self-aggrandizing book in which he touts himself as a great White hero and leader. The truth of the matter is, he peed his hands when ZOG put pressure on him and betrayed those who trusted him. Miller is nothing more than a coward and a rat. Of course, he left his betrayal out of his book, but now you know the full story about him. I highly recommend that you avoid anyone or any Organization that refuses to shun Glenn...The Rat Miller. Such individuals or organizations have no sense of security and could care less if you end up here in prison with me.

The information on rat Miller is going out to all. It will be interesting to make note of which individuals of influence beyond, which movement organizations give their support to Millers Vision of July 2005 or any of his other endeavors. Regardless of how good Miller's white rhetoric may sound, it does not change the fact that he has proven himself to be an enemy of our 14 Word Cause. All who side with Miller are giving aid and comfort to a proven enemy of our 14 Word Cause. To Hell with Miller and to Hell with them. Our night of the Long Knives will be a busy one.

Aw…geez, the Night of the Long Knives again! And we all know that Scutari is such a stand-up guy! Yep. Miller should have kept his mouth shut and done the 20+. After all, Scutari is pulling a 60 year sentence for his crimes against the state. I wonder if the Order ever thought that maybe if they had laid more money on Miller he would have kept quiet? A little more help was forthcoming from that band of murdering thieves, however. This time it came from a lock-down in Oregon which houses Richard Kemp:

"Order Prisoner Richard Kemp Exposes Miller Lies No One In the Order Ratted On Miller

It has come to my attention that a government informant has been resurrected as a "respected" "leader" by the "white wing." As much as it pains me to say it, Frazier Glenn Miller is a known government informant and has no business cleaning toilets at White gatherings, let alone being permitted to sit at the table with leaders of our people. He should not even be afforded the opportunity to speak as nothing he can say would justify or undo his sordid deeds.

Back in the 1980's I looked uo to Miller. He was able to put hundreds of flag waving people in the streets. His reputation as a man of action and a force to be reckoned with was renowned from coast to coast. He gave us a lot of hope in those bygone days. Robert Matthews was so impressed by Miller he made a point to visit him and support his activities on numerous occasions.

Now, Robert Matthews was willing to fight and die so Frazier Glenn Miller could continue to nurture the seeds that were sown and perhaps reap the harvest, yet the paper tiger Miller was never willing to reciprocate the same degree of devotion.

Supposedly Miller was an ex Green Beret. If this is true, Miller disgraces this exalted warrior fraternity, for when Miller was called to answer for his crimes and duplicity against the government, he proved his heart pumps Kool Aid.

Miller used his faux-military bearing to become a darling government stooge as he testified in more than one rial against good, stout-hearted men. He betrayed at least one of his lieutenants in the North Carolina organization he claimed to have built. It saddened me to hear someone I admired betrayed his own comrades when he got caught trying to pretend he could fill Robert Matthews' shoes. I was horrified when I learned Miller was to be a star witness against respected leaders like Robert Miles, Richard Butler and Louis Beam in the Fort Smith, Ark sedition trial back in the late 1980's. Granted the accused were found not guilty in this instance, but I assure you it was not from Miller trying to assist the defense.

In a feeble attempt to justify his betrayal, I heard Miller recented posted on the Internet that all the Order members were rats; alleging all made deals against him. This is absolutely not true. I can assure you I have never uttered a word about Miller until this current writing. I know for a fact that I didn't make any deals. I nmow Robert Matthews, David Lane, Randy Duey, Randy Evans, Richard Scutari, David Tate, Frank Silva, Andrew Barnhill and Jean Margaret Craig didn't make any deals, either. Nor have I seen any paperwork that proves they ever made statements or cooperated with the government in any way.

On the other hand, I now Frazer Glenn Miller couldn't walt the prison yard using his real name. He has put away too many good people behind bars and has ruined the lives of many White families. He's a living mockery to the 14 Words. If he's allowed to attend meetings and hobnob with our so-called "leaders" we may as well invite Morris Dees and crew to sit at our table.

Frazer Glenn Miller made his choice. Rather than stand and take his lumps he peed down his leg. I cannot respect someone like that and will never forgive him, either.

We are in a real struggle. People's lives are at stake. This is not some game where we can pick up the pieces and go home. This is not television where we can just turn off the dummy box and forget about the show. David Lane will die in prison because of Frazer Glenn Miller. How long will we stand by and let the James Ellison's, the Bill Riccio's and the Frazer Glenn Miller's pay at being "men?" These government agents talk a mean fight but when it comes down to the nitty gritty they are quick to betray good men and women, condemning them to languish in ZOG's gulags with their testimony.

We don't need more martyrs. I urge you not to give money nor support to Frazer Glenn Miller. Don't support "leaders" who openly embrace this federal stooge. As far as I am concerned Miller can hang out with George Burdi aka George Erik Hawthorne, Thomas Martinez, Greg Withrow, William Soderquist, Denver Day Parmenter, Robert Merki, Bill Riccio, James Ellison, and their ilk. All of them played at being real men and proved they were not up to the task. No longer should they have a voice in anything to di with our people. They should be considered as outlaws of old and be forever banished from our community.

Burn us once shame on them, burn us twice shame on us for being so pitifully stupid as to trust known informants and government agents."

I can't help but wonder how these guys think they are still part of "the struggle." Someone needs to tell them that they are in prison and they aren't part of anything other than the criminal element. Kemp pulled three consecutive 20 year sentences for his dastardly deeds and is required to do at least 25. He has a parole hearing coming up in 2010. Seeing as how he is still continuing to fraternize with the racist element of his past, it is highly unlikely that we have to worry about the likes of him for quite sometime. But it didn't end there. You might know that David Lane just couldn't stay in his sick bed. The "14 Word" guru issued his two cents, as well:


Lets get this Glenn Miller thing very clear. And please be sure to quote me far and wide. Anyone who has anything to do with him dishonors the names of Kathy Ainsworth, Robert Matthews, Bob Miles, Mrs. Weaver and her son, and all of the 200 million victims maimed or murdered all over the world by the Red, White and Blue traveling mass murder machine.

Glenn Miller even betrayed his own lieutenants to the murderers of the White Race and got them sent to prison. It is absolute insanity to follow a man who deserves the time honored penalty for treason. No, those out of power cannot enforce that penalty, but on the day of justice I imagine such will be the case.

David Lane, 12873-057"

Umm…is that David Lane calling someone a murderer? Right. David Lane will never see the other side of the prison wall. He is doing 195 years - because he is a very nasty individual. This man claiming that those "who support Glenn Miller dishonor…" is really a hoot. This is the guy who was convicted of driving the getaway car during the murder of radio talk show host, Alan Berg. He is also the guy who Miller claims he hid out.

With so many of the heavy-weight cons weighing in, the hands of the so-called "leaders" of the movement were called. It was time to step to the plate and be counted. Either they supported the Order and their edicts or they would defy the motley crew and allow Glenn Miller to climb the ladder of white supremacy sleaze.

For weeks the storm has been building, and now, with the declarations from Order members posted, the rank and file became bolder in their vocalizations against Miller and, because of their association, against Alex Linder. The fuse was ignited by none other than Billy Roper.

Apparently, Roper and others from White Revolution had been working behind the scenes in an effort to send Glenn Miller into exile. According to an announcement by Roper posted on Linder's forum, and likening Miller to a malignant cancer:

"So, I wrote a private, personal e-mail letter to Glenn Miller, advising him in cordial and regretful terms that due to White Revolution's previous position on informants and those who testify against White Nationalists, regardless of the extenuating circumstances, in order to remain consistent, we had to hold him to the same standard. We could not endorse of participate in any of his projects, nor could we support his reemergence as a leader and an activist. I told him that the best he could hope for was for us to not attack him publicly."

He claims that he had hoped that this announcement would cause Miller to "disappear." However, that did not happen. The next step was to approach Linder himself on the Miller issue:

"So, we had to adopt a more aggressive method of treatment, a few weeks later, when I told Alex Linder himself directly that we couldn't endorse or support any projects sponsored by Miller, or joint VNN/Miller activities. Linder had already requested that we remove the White Revolution and PanzerFaust banners from the VNN Forum, which we had done. He had already insinuated to VNN moderators that they censor and ban those who questioned or criticized Miller, and adopted him as an ally. He refused to answer any questions from WR Moderators about this new policy, or discuss his new allegiance to Miller. So, my personal letter to him was the next step…"

This placed Alex Linder in a precarious position largely because his forum is housed on White Revolution's server. But, Linder continued to affiliate himself with Miller and to allow him to communicate via the boards. Consequently, like playing a game of Chicken - Billy Roper commandeered Alex Linder's forum. So much for "honor" among friends.

The first order of business was to ban Glenn Miller and delete all of his posts. Roper promised to return the forum to Linder once another server could be secured:

"It's not our intention to hold either the VNN Forum or VNN hostage, or at all interfere with his ownership or control of them. Our intention was to make a statement, and to make our position on Miller and others who testify against White Nationalists crystal clear. Does anyone still have any confusion as to White Revolution's positions on traitors, witnesses, and informants? Anyone?

"Yes, it's a bold move, a controversial move, a polarizing move. That's what we specialize in. Alex and whomever else wishes to can call us names and rant and rave for months on websites and all over the net, but we have taken our stand and made our position clear. That's all that matters. Am I willing to sacrifice alliances and piss off supporters and throw away resources in order to take what I consider to be the principled and necessary stand? Absolutely. Just hide and watch, time and again."

Now, Roper using words like "principled" was a little much for us too, but we couldn't help but cheer him on as we could see the debilitating effect this would have on yet another bunch of Nazi's. While I have never been interested in cock-fighting, watching the Nazi's tear each other apart is altogether different - and this one hasn't disappointed me. For all of their talk of unity and working together, the actions of Roper created a huge chasm in the movement. Within a matter of minutes after Roper's announcement the members began to line up and weigh in. It wasn't too surprising to see the early rounds going to Roper. After all, he had the Order martyrs behind him. Even though these guys are in prison, it seems that there are many who really don't want to piss them off.

This action, on the part of Billy Roper, resulted in the further division of a rank and file already factionalized. Some would say that it separated the wheat from the chaff. I say that it 1) Demonstrated the naïveté of the young Alex Linder. As one of the Order members stated, "This is not a game where you can pick up the pieces and go home." For Linder to believe that he could embrace someone such as Miller and walk away unscathed was sheer folly. One would think he had learned his lesson when he got burned by Bill White. But then…birds of a feather flock together, or so they are all so fond of saying; 2) Polarized a movement that was already floundering. Billy Roper's White Revolution serves as an "umbrella organization" whose goal it is to bring the many different factions in the movement together. It would appear that the only ones left out there for him to "unite" would be the NSM and Aryan Nations. And, he has already torn the sheets between himself and the National Socialist Movement by refusing to allow them to wear their uniforms at his get-togethers. So…Billy…who ya gonna call? Conversely, Linder's now very small crew has alienated the National Socialist Movement by calling them "Hollywood Nazi's" and other rather unflattering names. Additionally, the National Alliance is on their list of enemies and David Duke has absolutely no use for Linder because he is so uncouth.

Of course we have all been absolutely hysterical with laughter at these people as they bloody each other, and we have enjoyed watching who sides up with whom. But, the crowning touch that really sent us over the edge was the union between Joseph Harper and Glenn Miller!

J.J. Harper has proclaimed himself the Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan. As many already know, Joseph Harper is nothing more than a side-show freak on an ego trip. He loves the circus and creates one every chance he gets. Out of Cordele, Georgia, Harper has been the laughing stock of the internet for awhile now. He teamed up with a black church in support of the release of a black minister who allowed two children to be whipped in front of the congregation. Now, if the racist right is upset with Erich Gliebe for talking to an anti-racist group, can you imagine how they feel about one of their own marching alongside African-Americans and defending one of their ministers?

The cozying up of Miller and Harper shouldn't be too surprising, however, since they both desperately need a friend. It does, however, do very little to improve his already tarnished reputation. When Harper set Miller up with his own website it quickly became evident that they had a long way to go before either of them could ever be taken seriously.

Once Alex Linder secured a new server, Billy Roper did turn the website back over. Of course, the first thing Linder did was to reinstate Miller - and certainly, his sanity came immediately into question. For the most part, those who sided with Roper have left the VNN forum while those few siding with the Linder-Miller team have strongly denounced Roper. There was some other fall-out from all of this. There were those who had been supportive of Roper in the past who saw his hijacking tactic as uncalled for and underhanded. Likewise, there were those who saw Roper taking a stand against informants and began to sing his praises.

One thing must be credited to Miller, however, it would seem that if he is, in fact, working for the government he has done more than any anti-racist group has ever been able to do to render the movement a shambles. Kudos, Mr. Miller.

Not to be left out, Michael Blevins of VonBluvens fame, along with Bill White of narcissism fame have tried to coat-tail onto the recent happenings in order to bring them both a little more traffic. Blevins did his usual radio show with Glenn Miller as guest. It was really pretty funny hearing Miller, in his best down-home voice admit that he had informed on the Order. It was equally amusing to hear Blevins say that he would have gone to jail first. A couple of nights later Blevins got Bill White's take on all of this. Listening to White trying to analyze the happenings between the Order and Miller proved to be somewhat of a bore since White seemed to have very little knowledge about the situation and merely tried to wing it for another five minutes of "fame."

And the battle wages on gathering more and more steam and leaving victims in its' path. The latest person to fall under Glenn's nimble machinations is one of our favorites here at CAH - Commander Jeff Schoep of the National Socialist Movement. It would seem that according to Miller, Schoepp accepted money from him and even wrote him a letter - a claim that Schoep's friends say is untrue. However, Miller has published the letter:

"Dear Mr Miller;

Racial greetings, thanks for the video and papers. Having put that many men in the streets of NC in the 1980's was certainly feat of greatness, which I admire. Your ongoing efforts of pamphletting, and continued support of Movement activists today also speaks for itself. I did read your side of the story regarding your 1987 plea bargain, and I had not been previously aware of all of the details until reading it in the vnn forum. Until recently, I never read vnn forums, as I find it to be full of anti-racists posing as WN, and causing uneeded dissention. Which of course it is. Yet there are some interesting things there, such as your post. I am in contact with certain Order members, and they view things differently, as I am sure you know. They have contributed to our struggle in their own ways, as I feel you have as well. I think zog fears you due to your organizational abilities, and I could probably learn alot from your tactics, (i.e. getting that many troops in the streets), if you are willing to share some ideas with me. Enclosed are some NSM materiels, mazagine.

"If you would like to contact me directly my office phone #320-234-9428, or cell phone #320-583-2380 weekday evenings/nights. Hail Victory! Jeff Schoep/ National Socialist Movement.

p.s. I was mentored by men who served with Commander Rockwell, men such as Allen Vincent, Cliff Herrington, Robert Brannen, and a few other guys still active with us now. Cliff has always spoke highly of your abilities, and he is the person who first showed me pictures of your marches. 88 " (End of letter)"

So, if in fact, this letter is the genuine article, we can safely assume that Schoep doesn't hold "The Order" in as much esteem as the others. Or, that he is willing to blow them off as they are in prison and Miller is someone from which he can profit. Loneliness does, in fact, breed some really strange bed-fellows.

We have no idea where all of this is going to end up - but we do like the way the start of 2005 is shaping up. One poster on the boards recently invited others to join the Council of Conservative Citizens as he believed they were the only viable hate group. We aren't real sure about that - but he's close enough. That and some of the political fringe groups have certainly gotten our attention lately. The face of racism is changing - the sentiment remains the same.

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"A" Is For "Aryan" and "B" is for "Broodmare"

by Nicole Nichols

To our way of thinking, there are a lot of things wrong with the racist right and its' members, but their child-rearing techniques often go way beyond "wrong" and sometimes even border on abuse. We have often looked on in horror as Don Black's son, Derek's enigmatic smile peers out at us as he proclaims his "racialism" on Stormfront's kids page. We have all shook our heads as he steers other youngsters to the hateful and bilious Martin Luther King site which he offers to those who may need to "write a school report" on the Civil Rights Leader.

The images of Klan members marching and carrying babies, encouraging those who have not even yet said "mama" or "dada" to say "KKK" still plays havoc with all of my sensibilities. Photo's of toddlers seig heiling and pointing guns at the camera curdle my stomach and cause me great discomfort. But, the pathetic ambitions of the National Alliance's April Gaede who dreams of stardom in the hate music genre for her beautiful twin girls has become such that most of us place her at the top of our list of ignorant people and the antithesis of motherhood.

We have all seen the stage mothers who live their lives vicariously through their children by relentlessly pursuing agents and venues that will catapult their offspring to stardom. We have witnessed the children who are often denied a childhood in order to fulfill their parents ambitions. When you are 12, and are told that you are talented, that makes you feel pretty good. When you are 12, and have been, literally, groomed and shoved into the limelight, you might be wishing that Mom would lighten up. When you are 12, have a Nazi for a mother, and are required to perform folksy songs for the White Power crowd filled with lyrics of hate; when you are 12, and have a Nazi for a mother, and are compelled to sing lyrics written by a convicted murderer in order to sell your music to a gang of racists; when you are 12, and find yourself maligned across the internet, sent death threats via message boards, and generally lambasted by interviewers because of your learned Nazi behaviors, you have to be scarred…you have to be rendered socially dysfunctional. And that, in my opinion, is a parenting travesty.

The Gaede family lives in Bakersfield, California and April comes by her Nazi beliefs pretty naturally. April's father, Bill Gaede, has been in the news a time or two himself. It seems that Mr. Gaede owns cattle and a pick-up truck. He is easily recognized as he drives around town in his truck flying a Nazi flag and he brands his cattle with a swastika. Kind of makes you wonder what family gatherings are like at the Gaede homestead.

She frequents the WN forums and fancies herself an expert in parenting and all things related to being a wife and homemaker. This is particularly amusing given that she also has a reputation among those in the movement as being more than just a little promiscuous. Will Williams has been an extremely vocal ex-boyfriend when it comes to what he believes Gaede is really like. Last September, Will had reached his limit of Gaede's attempts at portrayal of self as a wholesome little Aryan girl and he posted this on the VNN forums:

"She was engaged to four men in just one six-week stretch -- no shit! -- while still married to some non-movement drunk whose health insurance she needed. Her old best girlfriend described Miss April to me as a "black widow spider" -- you know, the one where the female kills the male after breeding. Her own sister told me that last year, "April went through more men in one year than a Mexican goes through hair nets." I wouldn't point this sort of stuff out about the trollop except that it's going around that the now certifiably dysfunctional Erich Gliebe is planning to name the certifiably dysfunctional Ms Gaede as Coordinator of a new Local Unit in Bakersfield, California. Woe be unto the hapless men and women who join with her. Caveat emptor! If Shadey Gaede would like to come back on here to defend herself, for the good of our cause I'll be more than happy to reveal some more dirty laundry about this so-called "ball of fire," as Gliebe's sidekick Shawn Walker has been alleged to compare her to."

Erich Gliebe did name Gaede the Coordinator of the Bakersfield unit and she also began writing articles for National Vanguard, which at that time was a publication of the National Alliance. Gaede became increasingly more full of herself as the weeks rolled by and Williams continued his barrage against her. It was common knowledge that Gaede had found herself in a couple of scrapes with law-enforcement, once for riding a horse through town naked, and another time for resisting arrest. And, Williams had another story to tell:

"I didn't quite know what to think when we were sitting in that Fresno County courtroom together -- you know, for when you were convicted for what you like to describe as "beating up 4 cops" -- and you turned to me and whispered. "guess which men in this courtroom I've fucked?" When you took me to the local cowboy dance a couple of days later and and turned to me and asked, "Guess how many men here I have fucked," I was only further repelled by your courseness. When you asked me to guess which your little brother's friends you had fucked, I could only guess that you thought I'd be impressed and that I'd find this particular aspect of your personality endearing. That may be considered "polite conversation" out there in the land of fruits and nuts, and that may be representative of the behavior of the new leadership of the National Alliance, but you'd last about a week here in NC before you were tarred, feathered and run out on a rail by the wives and girlfriends of the men you "converse" with so politely.

"Well, that's enough for now, SheWolf. Next time I'll get into some of your successes at getting money out of men by using sex. I like the one you told me about the blow job in your old horse trailer.!"

April Gaede is mother to beautiful twin girls, Lynx and Lamb, the "Prussian Blue" duo, who entertain the racist crowd singing folksy songs often with racist lyrics. Last year she gave birth to another girl and named her "Dresden Hale" after the German city and Matt Hale who is now incarcerated for soliciting the murder of a Federal judge and who Gaede claims is the girl's "religious leader."

Lynx and Lamb have gained a certain amount of notoriety among the racists and have garnered a little publicity in the mainstream media, most of which has been quite negative. The two are now 13 years old and it would appear that mother would be quite happy to see them following in her footsteps. Last year when a young man posted a picture of himself on Stormfront April was quite taken by him and reposted his picture with the following caption:

"You would make a great match for my daughters Lynx and Lamb.......what a gorgeous (sic) blonde young man!!!"

The girls have been well indoctrinated into the "Movement," and Lynx seems to be the most vocal of the two. She participates in many of the WN forums and last year on Stormfront she related her "awakening:"

"I was racially aware ever since I was a baby. The first time Lamb and I saw a black, we were toddlers, and we called him a " Monster Guy". From then on, we called all blacks Monster Guys...of course now, they are known as *******, but then they were Monster Guys. Anyways, I was racially aware in Kindergarten, I never went near the few blacks that were in my school, I was totally superior towards all of the mexicans, I knew that I was different from them, and that I had more intelligence then they did.

"My racial awareness was always strengthened by my family....and my mom joined the NA when I was 8 years old. I am 12 years old now, I became a White Nationalist when I was 8, but before that I was already racial....

-Lynx Gaede-"

In typical stage-mother fashion, Gaede hypes and promotes these children in every venue possible. Given the nature of her ideology and the songs in the girls' repertoire, Gaede is limited to the White Power crowd. When they were featured on the cover of Resistance Magazine, a National Alliance publication, Gaede met with swift and severe criticism from other racists largely because of their attire. The following comments were but a few made:

"That attire is a bit unnecessary for girls of that age. What are they trying to do, follow the example of Jewish culture by having younger and younger girls dress up as some sort of sluts?"

"That pic reminds me of something Calvin Klein would've used in an ad campaign subliminally endorsing kiddie porn. Both these girls were clothed in those ultra-short skirts for a reason. And have you noticed the somewhat suggestive poses? Granted, it's not child pornography - but I'm sure a roomful of grown men reviewing that pic for a magazine cover could'nt have missed the sexual undertones of such a photo. Stupid bitch."

"While I feel calling this child pornography is going overboard, as there is no nudity or sexual activity, there is definately the aroma of pedophilia surrounding the picture. Perhaps this is what the jews would call, "child erotica"?"

"Either way, I do not like it.

"Yeah, this is hearsay, but that April woman is apparently some kind of whore, and its really no surprise someone lacking any self-respect for themselves would let their children be taken advantage of in the same way."

Unfortunately, by April Gaede allowing her children free reign on the internet and access to these forums, the children have had access to every negative and degrading statement that has been made about them and their mother. When Viceland did an interview with the girls and opened a comment section under the article, that section had to be closed because of threats toward the children. I can only imagine what other horrors these girls have had to face because of their mother's need for recognition and acceptance.

April claims to now be married to Mark Neufeldt, a high school teacher in Bakersfield. Others claim that April and Mark were never married as April does not consider Mark to be high enough up in the ranks of the "Movement." Still others claim that Neufeldt is not his real name. It is sort of odd that when the two of them first got together April could hardly go anywhere without telling the world how wonderful he is. Lately, however, she rarely mentions him. It also of interest that she has not publicly refuted the claims that the two are not truly wed.

When it was recently discovered that Kevin Strom and April Gaede were planning some sort of coup to take over the National Alliance, they were ejected from the membership of that organization, an act which has pretty much galvanized the racist right. Interestingly enough, Gaede seemed a certain shoe-in for, at least, a Board of Directors seat in what Strom is billing as the "new" National Alliance with his group at National Vanguard. But, it doesn't appear that April will make the cut.

Facing more and more harsh criticism from not only the left, but from rank and file racists, as well, it is likely that Gaede will not find herself in any position of extreme importance to any racist organization. But, that might be okay with Gaede as she has the children to look after and their "careers" to manage. It is through this that she seems to gain the greatest satisfaction.

Stage mothers tend to live their lives vicariously through their children and April seems to be no exception. Typically, she promotes her daughters on hate forums across the internet and is said to be on hand at their performances telling them how to dress, stand, etc.

Their choice of music is anything but applaudable and one has to wonder how much of a role mama takes in determining what their repertoire consists of. Since much racist music is political in nature and filled with hate rhetoric, Gaede's ethics come into question. How responsible is it to put your children on stage and require them to sing the following lyrics:

Rudolph Hess
Man of peace
He wouldn’t give up and he wouldn’t cease
To give his loyalty to our Cause
Remember him and give a pause


Robert Matthews
Knew the truth,
He knew what he had to do
He set an example with courage so bold
We’ll never let that fire grow cold.


Dr Pierce
A man so wise
Helped so many of us open our eyes
And see the future for what it could be
A future for our races eternity

Or Well sit down and listen, to what I have to say,
Soon will come a great war,
A bloody but holy day.
And after that purging our people will be free,
And sing up in the bright skies,
A sun for all to see…….

Times are very tough now
For a proud White man to live.
And although it may appear
That this world has no life to give,
Times are soon changing,
This cant go on for long.
And on that joyful summer’s day
We’ll sing our Victory song…..


The women, they’ll smile, on Victory Day.
And the children, they’ll laugh
And they’ll sing and they’ll play,
And the forests will echo our grace,
For the brand new dawn of our Race…

You are my brother
And in war we proudly sing.
Our Cause shall never tire,
Our gift to you we bring:
A Holy Creed of Racial Purpose,
A mighty Race to defend,
And when we fly our holy flag
Their oppressive reign shall end….


And when we finally conquer,
Our people will be free.
And all across this great land,
The bold Truth we shall see.
So as we march together,
To avoid catastrophe.
Let’s remember always our sacred Destiny….

Soon will come a great war,
A bloody but holy day.
And after that purging our people will be free,
And sing up in the bright skies,
A sun for all to see…….

One of their songs is dedicated to Chester Doles and Earnst Zundel, both of whom are incarcerated. The lyrics seem to be far beyond the understanding of those only old enough to parrot the words:

Our warriors are slandered and they’re thrown into their jails,
And kept from all their loved ones inside dungeons deep and stale.
They say that “self-defense is no offense” till the law starts with their lies,
They send you down for protecting your own, already guilty in their lying eyes.

And perhaps the most chilling of all is one entitled "The Lamb by the Lane." The song lyrics were written by convicted murderer and terrorist, David Lane, who is serving 190+ years for his crimes and put to music by Lamb:

Endless years in a prison cell,
Endless years of a living hell,
A soldier of the folk,
With a tale to tell.

Of why he fought,
to save his own kind,
An image of beauty,
He sees in his mind,

Of a beautiful maiden,
Now forced to the fight.
Because to many White men,
Chose wrong over right.


Some day in Valhalla,
When he’s young once more.
He will hold the hand…
Of the image he adores

Its not right for a Lamb
Near a Lane,
To fight with a lion is insane.
If the White men won’t battle for life and Race,
The women and children,
The Terror will face….

Chorus 2x

This song was not written to entertain,
Will Rams with horns fight
For the Lamb near the Lane?

I am the Lamb I’ll stand beside the Lane
I am the Lamb I’ll stand beside the Lane
I am the Lamb I’ll stand beside the Lane

We can only hope that the "Lamb" someday comes into her own and realizes that the indoctrination that she has undergone as a child was something that never should have happened. Recently, Bill White, of Overthrow fame wrote an article regarding these children and questioning their ability to comprehend what they are parroting. While we rarely agree with White on anything, I must admit that he echoes my sentiments on this issue:

"There is a difference between raising your children with a certain set of values and turning your children into political activist child stars. The first is good; the second is a bad idea, and not just for moral reasons, though they are important, but for practical reasons as well.

Pre-pubescent children are not capable of rationally evaluating information and forming meaningful opinions on things. They are, at best, capable of echoing the opinions that they are taught. Because of that, while it is possible to instill values in them, by presenting a model of behavior that they can imitate and creating a healthy environment for them, they are not capable of meaningful political opinions. A child can also echo certain words, but cannot fully understand them in context or believe in them."

"...Growing up expressing constant violent hatred of others in the lyrics of your music -- and their lyrics apear to be the typical poorly thought out skinhead - white nationalist scene fair -- is also not normal. While it is true the world is a violent place, children are as affected by social-cultural poison as others, and there is not reason not to inure children to violence, children are not suited to be active partisans in violent situations where their involvement can be avoided. Childhood is a time when you develop and lay a foundation; the fighting comes later."

And for all of April Gaede's parenting advice that she is so fond of giving, she seems to have somehow missed the mark on understanding the stages of development. Of course, we must take into account that April Gaede has some really odd ideas in other areas of parenting as well.

Up until recently, Lynx and Lamb were home-schooled by April. Bypassing the required curriculum, April opted for textbooks printed in the 1950's and 60's. She found them much more "white-friendly." In an interview done a couple of years ago, Louis Theroux wrote:

"In the front room, Lynx and Lamb sing an a cappella version of a song about the whites fighting the blacks in South Africa titled Strikeforce. Each time they sing the word "strikeforce", they give a Nazi salute. When the song ends I clap, then wonder whether I am doing the right thing. "They don't seem old enough to know what that's about," I say. "Well, I've explained to them," April says. 'What's the ANC?' she demands. "It's, um, African." Lamb begins. "National." "Congress," April says. "And what's happening in South Africa?" "The blacks are killing whites," Lamb says. "And in Zimbabwe." "And in Bim-zah-bwe," Lamb says uncertainly, and looks out of the window.

"April educates the girls at home herself, using text books from the 1950s. In her study, April shows me an alphabet book she's working on for toddlers titled A is for Aryan. "Every letter has a word that is important to the white race or represents the white race," she says. "So B is for blood, C is for creativity, D is for dixie, E is for eugenic." The artwork is being drawn by white prisoners, some of them incarcerated for hate crimes against non-white victims."

Thinking herself the quintessential mother,April boasts about her girls and her parenting methods all over cyber-space along with hoping to be pregnant once again. Believing that she is doing her part to further the existence of the white race, April claims to believe in Eugenics. As was reported by Susy Buchanan of the Southern Poverty Law Center:

"Although Gaede's husband made for good "Aryan" breeding stock, she claims that their relationship turned violent, and they were divorced in 1996. Her one regret, she says now, is "the many years that I lost in which I could have produced four to six more children with that ideal eugenic quality that [Lynx and Lamb] possess."

On one message board April was found positively glowing over her "marriage:"

"My husband and I actually chose each other for eugenics reasons more than anything else I think. I used Wiliam Gayley Simpson's book Which Way Western Man? to help me convince him that I was the right gal for him. Especially the part where he encourages a person to "marry thier[sic] like".

"Mark and I are both English/Irish from one parent and German from Russia on the other. Our German family sides even trace back to the same village in Russia and we have many similar family names in our geneology ( like Klassen as in Ben Klassen)

"We both have very healthy families with no fat people on either side. Both of our families have people above average intelligence and good at problem solving. His father is 66 and looks like he is in his late 40's and my dad is 71 and still works 18 hour days in a manual labor job. I sometimes think Mark looks more like my brother than my brother does.

"Mark and I are the same height. I suppose that alot[sic] of women want men who are in the 5'9+ height range but I decided that intellegence, high athletic ability ( he has a 36" verticle jump) and a handsome face made up for what he lacks in height. He also is an exceptional hockey player. I think that Mark chose me because I am athletic and fit and above average intelligence even if I am no raving beauty. We just had our first daughter and we are very interested to see how she looks when she gets older.

"I also have twins from a previous marriage. Thier[sic] father is 5'9" and Icelandic and Swiss. He is very intelligent and athletic. He is one of those people that has a 6 pack and is ripped even when he doesnt[sic] work out. He can do a one armed pullup[sic] which is pretty rare. He was a pole valuter, rock climber and runner. My daughters who are now 12 have figures like gymnasts and are very smart, they are also very gifted musically ( got that from their dad's side also) and play by ear.

"When I was growing up my dad used to say for me to "marry a good German boy" and I was raised watching old Third Reich footage as my dad was interested in that part of history. I think that this influenced me to choose the men that I have chosen.

"I am teaching my daughters to think eugenically and to choose " thier[sic] like" and a good compliment when it comes to boys, though they are still too young to date. They ask for our advice and approval on the boys they like and think are cute. I am proud of them because they already understand that some boys have to remain on the " just freinds"[sic] list because they wont fit the eugenics standards that we as a family have for any boys they will date. I dont[sic] think this is too young to start to train thier[sic] eye and influence them on what they should look for in a mate. I hope that it has as much influence as it did on my brother and I.

"I personally look forward to some gorgious [sic] Ubergrandkids!!!


She Wolf? Actually, the name "broodmare" came to mind. April has some very definite thoughts on her girls and the future. Of course, as with any "stage mom," we can assume that she envisions fame and fortune for the twins. However, considering the limited audience that they are playing to, that aspiration is, undoubtedly, wholly unrealistic. And should they choose to become more mainstream in their social life, Gaede has this to say:

"I was raised to know that if I wanted to " bring a nigger home" to not bother to come home at all. "I remember people asking my parents " what will you do if April comes home with a black boyfriend?" and speculating that I would rebel against thier [sic] teachings just because they had laid down the law on this issue. I never did challenge this , neither did my brother or sister as we respected my parents too much and didnt want to hurt or disappoint them. As we got older we realized that there was good sense to this way of thinking.

"Since interracial dating was such a taboo in our household, nonwhites took on a asexual aspect in our minds. We would not have considered them as mates or dates any more than we would have considered a same sex relationship or an animal as a possiblity.[sic] My sister had a few nonwhite freinds [sic] and my brother had one spic that hung out with his cowboy group but I could say I only had one Palestinian freind [sic] in college that you could count as " nonwhite" looking.

"The one aspect of my racial upbringing that I am trying to improve upon with my kids is to not just tell them that mixing is wrong but to give them conclusive factual and logical evidence why mixing is bad.

"We ( my husband and I) also point out exceptional good looking Aryan people when we are in public and encourage the girls to look at what we consider to be good looking " Germanic" boys. I emphasize " Germanic" since that is our ancestory [sic] and we follow WS Gayley's advice of " marry ones like". No offense directed towards any other White/Aryan people.

"I have also told my daughters that if they are race mixers to never bother to speak to me again......I know this sounds hard ass but i think there are somethings [sic] tht[sic] shoudl [sic] not be compromised even with family and blood."

Well, not speaking to her ever again might very well be a good thing. And it may not be because of an inter-racial relationship that they choose never to speak to their mother again. It may just be because of all that they are being put through simply because of what their Mom thinks she is. Throughout the White Nationalist circle, April is often referred to as a "Movement groupie." Personally, I think that name comes up aces. Sure, there are those who love her and believe that she is a righteous racist but those people are becoming fewer and farther between. And those left in NA and who are posting on the Resistance Forum seem to have her number. April seems to flip-flop all over the place when it comes to allegiances. It wasn't that long ago that she, as a proud National Alliance member, leveled her absolute disdain toward Alex Linder and his VNN forum when one person mentioned "leadership circles" within the movement:

"leadership circles" mean Billy and Alex and Will and Fred and Bob.....?The so called "leaders" who have only each other and maybe 10 followers??? They are certianly [sic] not the "leadership" that I follow.

"... no offense meant here but gee whizz I think you have been spending too much time with the freaks and weaklings on VNN. After a while thier [sic] garbage and filth strewn minds gets to rubbing off on a person if you spend too much time there.

"All I can say is that reading stuff from that site is very disheartening and if you believe 1/4 of the crap they write then you will start to question your own mama. Look for an example of the pure crap they have written about me and my kids over there. They now have a thread criticizing me for my "stop immigration " sign, as well as any other activism that I do.....I think that if they couldnt [sic] write about the NA and its members they would lose 75% of their posts.

"I wish that they would spend 1/2 the time they spend attacking the NA on activism even if it was for Billy's little group. Then at least they might accomplish something positive.

"If any real NA member like myself went to that site they would come to the same conclusion. It doesnt take a rocket scientist to figure out the depth of their rot. Even a hillbilly like myself can see what it going on."

In true "groupie" fashion, VNN is precisely where April Gaede went to lick her wounds when her butt got kicked out of the National Alliance.

Sadly, the people who are the biggest losers in all of this are the children. Coerced into a life filled with hate and misinformation, these lovely young girls will find themselves entering the realm of the real world sooner rather than later. All of their early training and schooling has revolved around the hateful notion that because they are white they are superior in every way. They have been inundated with racial slurs and epithets. They have been anesthetized to the plight and feelings of others. Hence, they will enter the realm of society socially crippled and retarded lacking the tools necessary for any kind of true relationship.

Society scoffs at the beliefs that Gaede has instilled in these children and does not act very kindly towards those who hold to such tenets. Lynx, Lamb, & Dresden will enter the world with strikes already against them. What we are witnessing, as we watch these children grow, is the disdainful act of indoctrinating children into the arena of hate and bigotry. We stand helplessly by as we see children raised not only to hate, but to idolize murderers, criminals, and felons. We watch as they come forth and desperately attempt to defend the indefensible. We watch as their mother shoves them onto a stage in front of an audience that most of us hope our children never see and tells them to perform. We watch as others publicly criticize, threaten and malign them because of a woman who chooses to live her life vicariously through them. We watch as April Gaede continues to exploit the innocence of these children in what appears to be an effort to validate herself.

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Little Europe's Are Coming To Your Town

by Nicole Nichols

First they wanted the Pacific Northwest - now they want to be our neighbors. When hate comes knocking in our communities, we can send them away with a strong message that they aren't welcome there. But, what happens when hate hijacks our neighborhoods and makes itself at home?

White Power symbols may soon adorn the houses in your cozy little corner of the world while tattooed and pierced Skinheads provide you with a little security. Oh! And that Hip-Hop you kids are listening to - it's going to be replaced. The old folks will be doing the polka while the kids bang heads to Hatecore!

The times, they are a changin' - and you aren't going to like it one little bit!

".... the right of our manifest destiny to over spread and to possess the whole of the continent which Providence has given us for the development of the great experiment of liberty and federaltive development of self government entrusted to us. It is right such as that of the tree to the space of air and the earth suitable for the full expansion of its principle and destiny of growth." (John L. O'Sullivan)

Historically, the idea of Manifest Destiny – that which is meant to be because of the ‘divineness’ of the United States – has been used by politicians and other leaders to justify and promote expansion across the continent thus providing a sense of ‘mission’ to the citizenry (Wikipedia). The idea of America being pre-destined to take that which will further the agenda of those in power seems to still be the order of the day and claiming that the ends justify the means is quite well accepted by the populace. The message of Manifest Destiny hasn’t been lost on the Separatists and racists in the neo-Nazi realm either.

While guys like Kevin Alfred Strom and Erich Gleibe have been trying to affect a transmutation of the racist right into stalwart and upstanding appearances, others have been diligently working behind the scenes to bring their Utopian Society dream to some sort of fruition. Sometime back, Volksfront, the neo-Nazi organization that spawned Kurtis William Monschke, David Nikos Pillatos, Scotty James Butters, and Tristain Lynn Frye who bludgeoned a schizophrenic, homeless man to death in Tacoma, Washington on March 23, 2003, announced their plans to erect what they call a “Folk Homeland” on five acres in Medford, Oregon that was purchased from members of the Aryan Nations.

As the stated purpose or goal of many racist organizations is the separation of the races it is not at all unusual to read or hear their stated views and ardent wishes for a “White Homeland.” It is, however, a little unsettling when you first see the actual attempts at procuring such a homeland reaching even marginal success. Those on the racist right are generally written off as “fringe” elements and viewed as incapable of presenting any real threat to our American way of life. When even a modicum of goal attainment is realized by these “fringe” players it gives us pause and a reminder to engage in a reality check.

The acquiring of five acres of land by one group of racists from another group of the same is certainly nothing to be concerned about. With all of their pie-in-the-sky plans to erect family living space, schools, an “Administrative Center,” a social activities center, and a “A European-American Museum and History Center” might require just a little more than five acres and probably a lot more in the way of financing than the whole collective of Volksfront members will earn in a lifetime. Additionally, schemes for establishing an area strictly for whites have been offered by such notables as David Duke and Harold Covington, among others, in the past with little or no evidence that such a thing would ever get off the ground.

Yet, there are some events shaping up that might warrant closer inspection by us as well as the government. The recent flap that has caused us to take Bill White to task in Virginia over his eviction of minorities from properties that he has acquired has caused us to focus a little more on what is really transpiring in this area. Close examination has yielded a movement that is gaining a little in momentum and one that should give all of us a wake-up call.

H. Michael Barrett is no newcomer to the racist movement. Having served as a body guard to Robert Lloyd of the National Socialist White People’s Party in the late 60’s and as Dr. William Pierce’s first street activist, Barrett knows his way around the often treacherous extremes of the racist right. When Pierce’s secretary, Earl, who the main character in the “Turner Diaries” was named for, decided to open a book store, it was with the help of co-founder Barrett that the mail order business “White Legion Books” was started. In 1972, Barrett became David Duke’s National Organizer. In the 1980’s Barrett started writing articles about his thoughts on building white communities, a scenario that he dubbed “Pioneer Little Europe.” Today, it seems that H. Michael Barrett is promoting his ideas not only in theory, but in actuality. He has defined a “PLE” thusly:

“A PLE is defined as a conscious White community - initially possessing greatly contrasting views among its residents - which comes to dominate a geographical area. It is an entity which our opponents and competitors have made no provision to account for within the "legal process," thus it has even less reality to them than the old White community. As such a PLE is in itself immune from all forms of legal liability, without making a mockery of the law. That is not to declare that a PLE is immune from repression, only that there is nothing in the law to prevent it from coming into being, eventually evolving into higher levels of legal recognition, and striving for the self determination of its residents by any means conscious Whites will support. A Pioneer/Little Europe is a generic term for any local community where Whites live in close proximity to businesses which offer cultural facilities and services, most of whom openly support their political revival. More advanced than the old Little Europes and White communities, Pioneer Little Europes are based on a study of the organizing principles shared among the more modern political communities that continue to dismember Whites geographically, culturally, and politically.”

There is nothing unusual about finding advertisements and postings in cyberspace for “White roommates” or “White families to take up residency,” etc. Generally speaking, you experience a little chagrin and move on. It is, however, disconcerting to say the least to witness the circumvention of all of our housing and discrimination laws and the obvious duping of America that is taking place with alarming regularity. In a country where the violation of civil and human rights has been so carefully monitored lest we experience our historical past coming full circle, in a society where diversity is encouraged and multiculturalism is embraced – the idea of segregated communities is more than reactionary it is philistine.

The prospectus accompanying the idea of “Pioneer Little Europe” is daunting at best. Many of us are apt to say – “So they want their own space separate from the rest of us – so let’s give it to them!” The problem is, however, that according to this plan, the space that they want is often right in the middle of the rest of us. Unlike the plans of old where they wanted the entire Pacific Northwest, now they want areas within our cities. They want to drive out minorities, take over businesses and move their Nazi attitudes next door.

The plan is quite elaborate. But, the plan also requires a working together of individuals of varying persuasions and ideologies – something that certainly has never experienced much success – ask Billy Roper. First, the group must decide on a location that is suitable. If a particular area within a city is chosen then the Nazi’s will scope out the area and begin to procure housing. They do this through purchasing houses or apartment buildings – or through what they term “Renters Blitzkrieg,” which amounts to neighborhood overthrow.

According to their prospectus, this is the same kind of “tactic” that was utilized in the Civil Rights Era that led to the White Flight that so many communities experienced. They believe that through inundating the area with neo-Nazi’s minorities and others not sympathetic to their beliefs will flee leaving more vacancies for other Nazi’s to fill. Additionally, the various shops and small businesses in the area whose owners do not share the Nazi dogma will pull up stakes and cheap-sell their business which the Nazi’s will purchase and run.

A suggestion is made that “Advance Scouts” be sent into neighborhoods to find “cheap clusters” of rentable houses:

“Before giving the signal for your own land rush to begin, however, have advance scouts examine the cheapest clusters of rentable housing in your area, because the first wave of Whites isn't going to be choosey. This is very much like bringing relatives from the old country, so the less expensive it is for everyone the better. If you have middle class qualms about this, and that's understandable, try to get pass it.”

Citing the rapidity with which Haight Ashbury was transformed into a mecca for hippies, Barrett claims that “community building is actually one of the fastest ways for any group of people to experience the exhilaration of seeing some of their values implemented, as each day's victories lift the spirit and accelerate the critical mass of those who long felt as if they were "waiting for Godot."

Barrett also schools would-be community builders in how to answer the questions of those who are hesitant. He tells them to be honest with prospects and tell them that there are no promises or guarantees – even to the point of telling them that unless they are comfortable and believe that the plan makes sense, they shouldn’t come. If asked if this is all part of a secret plot, they should respond in this manner:

“Again be straightforward, telling them that building an open community requires explaining the dynamics publicly. How open each individual will be after they arrive will depend on personal preference, but past examples suggest we'll be closer to each other.”

The prospectus is laid out in rational (well…for them) terms even urging that once a community is established the residents should be patient with the other whites who live nearby and might be critical, claiming that once we see how well their community functions we might be “won over.” The sinister underpinnings are, however, still there.

So, one has to wonder how all of this will play out. Considering that the various factions of the hate groups out there are warring and sometimes tearing each other apart and many individuals are engaged in personal battles it would seem that such a plan would never get off the ground. But, it has made a little headway and that is precisely why we and certain groups from law-enforcement are monitoring the situation. While, we believe that there is very little for any of us to worry about – we are still going to remain vigilant.

It has been rather amusing and, at times, downright funny watching the travails of this group trying to bring their project to fruition. As with the attempts of so many of these people to achieve mainstream status, the building of all white communities has its’ moments of hilarity. Stormfront has dedicated an entire message board to this and just reading some of the posts is enough to put you on the floor.

Late in the year 2002, Todd Findley saw an opportunity to make some money. He entered the Stormfront board and suggested a “Real Estate Investment Club” be formed. There was a little discussion among a couple of members and he appeared to be energized. Using the screen name “Buster1488” he began to post regularly. Eventually, he built a website calling it “European American Heritage Foundation,” and he started advertising urging others to become part of the white communities that he was building. With all of the bluster and flim-flam of a true Florida realtor, Findley began to promote his own version of “Pioneer Little Europe.”

Operating out of Bunnell, Florida, European American Heritage Foundation seems like an above-board operation on the surface. The name of the organization notwithstanding, they claim to offer a whole host of services with the amelioration of the homeless situation as the guiding principle. Findley claims to have achieved non-profit status. And that is where it all starts to break down. Throughout the website of EAHF, no mention is made that their services are for those of European descent only. Yet, when Findley pitches his cash-cow he is quick to note that this is precisely who will benefit. In 2003, Findley made the following statements:

The EAHF will be allowed to take donations that are tax right offs just like the salvation army, this will benefit our community greatly as others can see that the donations are going to people european american decent.

EAHF will help people of European American Decent become home owners, build up businesses, education programs for children and adults, senior resource programs, vet and homeless outreach programs and yes community development programs.

The EAHF will be asking for grants and loans from the us gov and other orgs that give funding to nonprofits such as the EAHF, these funds will go along way in helping people.

In the near future our website will be up and running and one area which you should look into is the sponser a child program, this is where you can send in your childs picture and a breif description of why people should sponser that child. This program will be used to help send your children to private schools, college and or for home schoolers supplies.

The EAHF will be looking for people in every state of america who can become state affiliates so if you are of a kind heart, sound mind and intrested in making a real differance to all european american people than email me through sf.

The EAHF will be reaching out to other ethnic orgs like the polish american club or the italian american club etc etc to form bonds with these groups to hold events, raise funds, and brain storm for the future of european americans everywhere.

[Let me interject that the spelling and punctuation errors were all Findley’s.]

Findley is also quick to state that this is “not a racist organization.” Yet, the tale of the tape says differently. When a news reporter for local TV Channel 9 wanted an interview, Findley was ecstatic. Mass postings to the Stormfront message board appeared letting everyone know the time of the interview. Crowing “WPWW Flashed All Over Orlando TV” Findley was really hyped that they were getting so much publicity. The lead-in headline was:

Local Charity Denies Having Ties To Racist Organization

Of course, the interview didn’t go quite the way Todd Findley had hoped. On June 26, 2004, the news room at WFTV in Orlando, Florida aired the interview asking Findley if the name “Euorpean Americans” means only Caucasians. Findley knew he had to think fast since his organization has non-profit status. His response: “everyone has some European in them, even African Americans. (Are you laughing yet?) The next question that he was hit with dealt with his posting on a notorious racial website. His response:"I don't go to any white power websites. [I] go to websites that talk about every day issues that whites have to live with."

Of course, the news station wasn’t buying this consequently they posed a question about building all white communities and asked if this is what he was attempting to do. Todd must have been very uncomfortable by this time and his response was certainly not what any of his White Nationalist buddies wanted to hear: “No. It doesn't matter what color you are.” A response that he would later be asked to clarify.

The astute reporter for WFTV asked for the names of any minority members of his organization and Findley quickly gave up two names and phone numbers – both bogus. He also invited the WFTV crew to meet him at a construction site in Flagler County where they would witness “his mostly minority clients clearing the land for their dream homes.” When the crew showed up, no one else did. Findley explained that they had all decided to work on another day.

By this point, I couldn’t help but think that Todd Findley was quickly starting to sound like Hardy Lloyd – the Creator who was completely out in left field – but he, at least, is suffering from Asperger’s Syndrome. As far as anyone knows Findley has nothing to blame his actions on. Did he honestly think that the interviewer would believe any of this? Finally, Findley decided to speak the truth when he admitted to using the screen name “Buster1488.” Perhaps he believed that the numbers would not have any significance on the reporter. He should have thought again. What the numbers stood for was quickly related to the viewing audience.

Of course, after the members of Stormfront had seen this debacle, Findley had a lot of “splainin’” to do. Conducting damage control can often be risky business…risky that is to most of us. But, when those you are trying to convince want so much to believe you – as was the case with the WN’s, it’s really a piece of cake. Within a few hours of the interview, Buster found himself having to explain – especially about the statement regarding color and this is how he handled it:

“The whole goal of the org is to allow the unwanteds to be in servitude to us instead of the jews for the next 100 years, one way to do this was to hand out mortgages as if they were candy.

”We want the unwanteds to become home owners because they will owe us millions of dollars in the end that is why I did not lie to the reporter when I said I dont care what color you are I will help you build a house. Because im going to slap a great mortgage on it and im going to hire great men and woman and pay them very high wages to build these homes for you with your sweat.

”The goals here are to put 20-60 folks into business or high paying jobs so they will feel comfortible in giving 10% of there earnings back to our org in the form of donations, all money comes from the unwanteds lol.

”The message that I wanted to put out to the average white folk was look im a business man who is white and im proud or my heritage and im not afraid to admit it and at the same time Im not pushing any nazi stuff in there face because im not a nazi im an avg person like them.

”My phone has been ringing off the hook from people calling with positive things to say.

”Our forty year goal is to buy huge acres of land and build a european style village with farm land to feed people, shops , condos, apartments over looking the court yard where you can watch your children play and go down and eat in the courtyard in a safe enviorment.

“…We found a way to make millions of dollars using the same legal tactics the jews are using and we are doing this with unwanteds own cash.”

“as a nonprofit we are required to help everyone and hell if I can put a jew or black in debt owing me money for the next fifty years thats a big plus too, so why not help...”

This might have gone a long way to appease the majority of the Don Black and David Duke’s emasculated minions, but we can assure you that it didn’t sit very well with the NAACP who has been watching this whole mess very closely. Nor, has it done much to assure Findley that the non-profit status that he was initially so proud of will be in existence this time next year. The other positive that has emerged from this interview is the further validation of the gullibility of the racist right.

[As an interesting aside, Findley changed his screen name the day after the interview from “Buster1488 to Busterrr.”]

It is interesting to note that when one poster questioned Buster on the buying and selling of notes, Findley had this to say:

“Hi sparrow in one of your post you said that we are selling the note to cover our expenses and a little profit, we do not make a profit on these homes at all.

”We basically are selling the notes to buy more building material for more homes, the cost of building material is over 40,000 dollars per house built so thats why we want to sell two notes at a time so we have the funds to be able to build more homes.”

So, which is it? ““…We found a way to make millions of dollars using the same legal tactics the jews are using and we are doing this with unwanteds own cash,” or “…we do not make a profit on these homes at all?” Only the flim-flam man knows.

Findley claims that there are numerous Pioneer Little Europe’s coming together in Florida. And for all of his protestations to the media, Findley is, in fact, trying to build all-white communities. Days after his lies were aired, Todd Findley posted the following messages on the Stormfront website:

“We need WN`s to come and live in the houses as well as invest in the mortgages.”

”If you know of a family or single person that is a wn and needs a home in the state of florida please have them contact us.”

”If you are intrested in holding a first or second mtg for a wn family please let us know”

“Hi we are looking for investors who would be intrested in loaning $25,000 for construction to perm loan.

”The house when built will be worth over $120,000 dollars, we have all the building materials and put down a sizeable downpayment for the land already, so we basically have put in over $50-60k of our money into the project, but we are still in need of $25k to pay for some of the contractors that will be needed.

”This project we can go to a bank or mortgage company to get but thought it would be better to try and keep the money and control in white hands for a change we will see how this works out.

”We are hiring only wn to construct the home so A the loan ends up in white contractors hands, b the family who ends up in the home is a wn family, and the loan orgiantor should be a wn as well and the company making it all possible is a wn owned org infact.”

“Are you a single mom who needs a fresh start? or do you know a good single mom who needs a fresh start?

Well if you are looking for an opportunity here is one you just might like, we are looking for a single mom who would be intrested in moving into a house we have RENT FREE.

In exchange we need this person to run a few small businesses that we own. or want to get up and running but simply do not have time. You will need to be able to use a computer and have good typing and verbal skills (unlike myself)

You will be paid a salary of $1000 plus rent free, you will need to pay your own utilties and should be a non drinker to light drinker at best No druggies need apply.

You must have someone who can vouche for you that you are a WN in every sense of the way.

Your duties will include internet recruitment, you will be in charge of our ebay sales department, and in charge of our new business which is a small newspaper nothing fancy just a local paper where people can read about whats going on in the area and classifieds etc.

These businesses are really only going to take you about 6-8 hours a day, you make your own schedule.”

And just prior to the television interview, Todd Findley had been advertising thusly:

“Hello everyone we are looking for a family or single men or woman to move to florida to help in a project we have going on. You will get free rent for 3 months in a 3bdrm 2bath home in a nice semi-country home in florida. You must be able to help clean the home up and help with some repairs, You must also be willing to help in our chairty program we have established to help white men and woman become home owners. If you want the house longer for 3 months then rent will be 400 per month after the first 3 free months. pm me for more details.”


“Please pass this around to all forums if you can please.

”Calling all skinheads calling all skinheads are you ready for the most incredible challenge of your life?

”A un-disclosed group of people are looking for skinheads, rebels, strong minded single male and female folks, for what you ask?

”This group of people is looking to pay your rent, help you get good paying jobs and is willing to help you buy homes, or start a business.

”You must be willing to attend once a month meetings,and act as a neighborhood security force a peaceful guardian angels type of security force.

”You must be willing to help in removing rats, drug dealers, and un likeables.

”You will be helping to establish white communitys all across america to form a co-op of safe havens where whites can come and live in affordable housing, raise familes , establish businesses, etc etc.

”If your a big tough guy or gal who can give a year or so of there life to forming such neighborhoods then this is your chance to shine.

”We will not give out location of city or state , you will only know the departure day one month in advance. If you want to be a volunteer pm me through sf buster1488.”

Part of a secret plot? Of course – only the plot is certainly no secret. Attempting to drive people out of their homes and small business owners from their rightful places in order to create their “Utopia” would only be phase one. Circumventing the law comes easy to racists and their groups. It probably would to us as well if we believed that the government should be overthrown. Among the things that provide us solace in all of this is the knowledge that they will never be able to pull this off on any large scale. They simply aren’t cohesive enough to do so.

One such example of their inability to work and play well with others – even when their goal appears attainable – is the story of Mike O’Donovan from Boston. He had heard about this Pioneer Little Europe charade on Stormfront and that there was one developing in Springfield, Missouri. After numerous posts by the odious “Samuel Adams,” who seems to have considerable knowledge about homemade shotgun shells and how to tell if your phone is tapped, inviting people to join him in this endeavor, Mike buys a bus ticket. With promises from Sam to pick him up at the bus station, he arrives and finds no one there. He makes several calls both to the home and business of “Sam” and no one ever answered the phone. Apparently, he hangs around the bus station for awhile then eventually has to get a motel room for the night. Two days later he returns home.

When Mike’s brother posted a warning to others not to go to Missouri, Samuel Adams explained himself saying “i saw the guy at the bus station and it doesnt look as if he could have passed a piss test. we are removing self professed white nationalists from our ple area right now with drug habits. if you are white but are strung out on drugs or high this makes you as bad as the blacks. i could be wrong and he could be a stand up guy but i dont thing that i am wrong even tho you will post that he has never done drugs and is the youth minister for his church or some other excuse.”

As you can well imagine, the battle was on. Through discussion it came to light that a mother and her children had experienced much the same treatment in Missouri. All of this simply exemplifies why we have little to worry about when it comes to our communities being hijacked. The lack of cohesion among these groups and individuals works greatly towards keeping them from being any kind of force to reckon with.

There is one group out there, however, that we would kind of like to see succeed. The Aryan Socialist Empire has a sterling solution to the problems that we currently have with racists in this country. Their stated goal:

“Our solution is to construct an island in international waters outside the jurisdictions of any other nations. This is a non-legal solution in that it is neither legal nor illegal, as the construction site is located outside the jurisdictions of all other nations. Initially, the island will be large enough to accommodate a small population. Later, the island will be expanded as necessary.”

Well…I think I would even contribute to the fund. Imagine all of the racists being placed on an island somewhere in the middle of the ocean! We could all make wagers on things like who would be the recipient of their hate? After all, they will have to find someone or something to focus on. Or, we could place bets on how long it would be before they start killing each other. Given their ingenuity and mental prowess – you know, all that “white superiority stuff” – I wonder how long it would take for this “constructed” island to sink right back into the ocean.

In all seriousness, however, none of us wish to see a heavy concentration of hate coming to our cities and towns. None of us are willing to give up one inch of our communities to those who want to run a racist agenda. Regardless of how small we think the threat is, we have to take a stand. We have to say an emphatic no to those who wish to hijack our neighborhoods. Therefore we, as Citizens Against Hate, must remain vigilant and we must educate others as to the motives of the racist right. We must also vow to report every suspected intrusion upon our towns to the appropriate authorities. And we must resist their message at every turn.>TO CONTACT NICOLE

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