A Hundred (or so) Little Nazi?s

Or...Hitler Wannabe's

by Nicole Nichols

Have you ever wondered about those weird little people who parade around looking like wannabe Storm Troopers, waving Nazi flags and wearing swastika armbands? When they give their stiff arm salute, didn't you wonder just who the hell they are honoring? What the hell are they all about? The first time you see them you might make the mistake of thinking they are some sort of WWII reenactment troop. The truth is, they are neo-Nazi kooks who envision a neo-Nazi government.

The National Socialist Movement is not too readily accepted by the "i've got a new image" bunch of racists, but they are active and they are visible. Nicole Nichols gives us a little closer look at these Wannabe Hitlers.

Swastikas and brown shirts generally set off alarms in the minds of the general populace. Haunting reminders of Hitler and World War II Germany are quickly set into play. Sanity mandates that these images would not do well in an arena where the prime objective is to recruit members and solicit sympathy for those purported to be downtrodden or oppressed. Yet, those images are being utilized by a hold-out group in the neo-Nazi Movement. The National Socialist movement led by Jeff Schoep takes to the streets and state capitols in full Nazi regalia striking chords of revulsion and eliciting angry cries from onlookers.

Jeff Schoep is somewhat of an anomaly among the ?new and improved? racist who try to emulate the rational and the sane. In actuality, Schoep and his ?Stormtroopers? have become a complete embarrassment to that faction of the racist right that is striving for acceptance into mainstream America. He finds himself frequently being criticized for ?making White Nationalists look bad? and for perpetuating the stereotypical image that most people have of the White Power movement.

Thirty-year old Schoep, runs the National Socialist Movement out of Litchfield, Minnesota. Like so many other ?leaders? in the Movement, Schoep claims to have started reading materials by and about Hitler at a very young age ? 9 or 10 and that he knew that Hitler?s ideas were ?right.? When he was 19 Schoep joined the National Socialist American Workers Freedom Movement of South St. Paul and quickly rose in the ranks to second in command.

Jeff Schoep let no grass grow under his feet. He became very active within the Movement and made certain that he attended most of the ?premier? events held by all of the racist organizations. He marched and rallied and gave speeches becoming well known to the rank and file as well as its? leaders. In 1998, Allen Vincent turned the reins of the National Socialist American Workers Freedom Movement over to Schoep and according to the Southern Poverty Law Center, declared him ?the future leader of the white race and the man who would finally achieve ?white revolution.?" Shortly thereafter, the name was changed to the National Socialist Movement.

Schoep has worked closely in the recent past with the Klan, members of the now defunct ?World Church of the Creator,? and White Revolution. Attending and sponsoring several rallies and events, Schoep brings his entourage of brown-shirted Aryans to places he feels need racial healing. A couple of years ago, it was Topeka, Kansas that was targeted because of the murders committed by the Carr Brothers. In February of this year, a rally was staged in Raleigh, North Carolina because of racial tensions. As Schoep and his members opted out of another demonstration in Kansas protesting the Brown vs. the Board of Education Anniversary, largely because a dress code was being enforced and their Nazi attire was not welcome, Jeff announced another rally yet to be held on the Capitol steps of Lincoln, Nebraska.

Boasting of over 40 ?units? in the United States, Schoep, surprisingly, attracts more people than most would think to his organization. Generally speaking, those attracted to the regimented groups of the racist right are those who are young, insecure, and looking for someone to lead them. The recent break-up and factionalizing of neo-Nazi organizations has sent quite a few people in the direction of the NSM. It is for this reason that Jeff Schoep is of great concern to us.

The NSM has ?25 Points? by which it publicizes its? demands. Those demands include:

?Only members of the nation may be citizens of the state. Only those of pure White blood, whatever their creed, may be members of the nation. Non-citizens may live in America only as guests and must be subject to laws for aliens. Accordingly, no Jew or homosexual may be a member of the nation.?

?All non-White immigration must be prevented. We demand that all non-Whites currently residing in America be required to leave the nation forthwith and return to their land of origin: peacefully or by force.?

?We demand the ruthless prosecution of those whose activities are injurious to the common interest. Murderers, rapists, pedophiles, drug dealers, usurers, profiteers, race traitors, etc. must be severely punished, whatever their creed or race.? ?The state must ensure that the nation's health standards are raised by protecting mothers, infants, and the unborn:

By prohibiting abortion and euthanasia, except in cases of rape, incest, race-mixing, or mental retardation

By prohibiting child labor and ending the rudiments of child abuse, alcoholism, and drug addiction.

By creating conditions to make possible the reestablishment of the nuclear family in which the father works while the mother stays at home and takes care of the children if they so choose.

By taking away the economic burden associated with childbirth and replacing it with a structured system of pay raises for those that give birth to healthy babies, thereby returning the blessing associated with children.?

?We demand legal warfare on deliberate political mendacity and its dissemination in the press. To facilitate the creation of a national press we demand:

(a) That all editors of and contributors to newspapers appearing in the English language must be members of the nation;

(b) That no non-American newspapers may appear without the express permission of the State. They must not be written in the English language;

(c) That non-Whites shall be prohibited by law from participating financially in or influencing American newspapers, and that the penalty for contravening such a law shall be the suppression of any such newspapers, and the immediate deportation of the non-Americans involved.

The publishing of papers which are not conducive to the national welfare must be forbidden. We demand the legal prosecution of all those tendencies in art and literature which corrupt our national life, and the suppression of cultural events which violate this demand.?

?We demand absolute religious freedom for all denominations in the State, provided they do not threaten its existence nor offend the moral feelings of the White race. The Party combats the Jewish-materialistic spirit within and without us, and is convinced that our nation can achieve permanent health only from within on the basis of the principle: The common good before self-interest.?

While denouncing child abuse and neglect, the NSM also goes on a tirade about the child protection services removing children from homes stating that ?The laws have to be re-written so that our courts are not wasting their time on cases that over zealous cases workers have brought before the courts in some sick attempt to destroy as many families as they can.?

Along with the separation of races and the preservation of the white race, the NSM denounces homosexuality claiming the following:

?Homosexuality is not a genetic defect. It is a chosen lifestyle and a mental sickness. Homosexuality is a social degeneracy that must be expunged from our society.

?We as a civilized people cannot fall trap to the political correctness and turn a blind eye to this perverted lifestyle. It is not normal nor is it acceptable, and it goes against the laws of nature.

?Homosexuals serve no greater purpose other than that of their own selfish greed. They contribute nothing to the further survival of our race. Our children are being inundated with the false ideas that homosexuality is normal and acceptable. They see it out in the public, in their schools, and on the TV programs they watch.

?With homosexuality comes the threat of our children being subjected to the possibility of sexual pedophiles, kidnappings, rapes, and murders. Most crimes involving the kidnapping, violation, and/or murder of children, where acts committed by homosexual prone monsters.

?We can see the evil effects of social liberal acceptance of homosexuality by the increased number of pedophiles, child pornography cases, and kidnapping of children (in which most cases once this perverted animal has had its way with these poor innocent and helpless children, the child is murdered).

?In a National Socialist Society, these individuals would receive an instant death penalty.?

These views give rise to the question, how does anyone living in our society adopt such archaic and uneducated thoughts and misinformation? As we are aware that most bigoted and prejudicial thoughts are born out of ignorance and fear, we cannot help but believe that those adhering to the doctrine of the National Socialist Movement must be very, very afraid.

While the NSM is rife with hatred for blacks and other minorities, they rival other groups with their pernicious anti-Semitism. Immediately after the attacks on our country in 2001, the following message was found on their website:

"the attack today in New York, although tragic, was forth coming. The U.S. has continued to aid Israel in its genocidal war against Palestine and now innocent U.S. citizens have paid, in blood, for their Government's stupidity."

According to the Anti-Defamation League, Subscribers to the National Socialist Movement mailing list stated:

"the jews are our misfortune altho (sic) shocking the events of today should come as no surprise, the eternal disease ridden international jew is the enemy of all the pure races of mankind and freedom loving peoples the world over, we do not want to be apart of some jew -white race traitor lead coffee colored raceless mongrell society."

As the National Socialist Movement has gained membership and support over the last couple of years, they have also garnered much criticism from other rank and file racists. Much of the flack centers around their uniforms, swastikas, and flags. A couple of months ago, when a ?rally? was staged in Topeka to protest the celebration of Brown vs. The Board of Education, NSM members were conspicuously absent. Staged and promoted by the infamous Billy Roper, it was stated by numerous racist activist that they did not wish to appear at the event if uniforms and Nazi insignias were going to be part of this. Now, we realize that not too many of them really object to the Nazi symbolism as many of them have branded themselves with these icons, but they are concerned about the ?image? of the Movement and the way that it is portrayed in the media.

Reportedly, Roper had contacted Schoep with an invitation to the rally and the suggestion that uniforms be worn. On the VNN message board, Roper reported that Schoep and the NSM were in agreement and would attend without the Nazi regalia:

?I just got confirmation from Commander Jeff Schoep, leader of the National Socialist Movement, that if I am going to be the organizer of the event, and I establish a dress code for it, then they will respect my wishes, and he will instruct all of his people who participate not to wear uniforms or use the Swastika banner. In fact, he will instruct them to go in plain-clothes.

?Since the NSM is one of the most famous, or infamous, depending on one's point of view, organizations for using uniforms, Commander Jeff Schoep's agreement to order his people to abide by the "no uniforms" dress code for this event is a major conciliation. He still believes in the utility and benefit of using uniforms, but is willing to set that aside for the sake of this specific event. We all appreciate his expression of tactical flexibility on this issue, and hope that others will do as he suggests, and all face the enemy united.

?Thank you for your cooperation and encouragement of your people to attend, Commander Schoep!?

I suppose, however, that someone should have asked the membership of the NSM. Apparently, Jeff Schoep does not wield as heavy a stick over his troops as did the Fuhrer. One member, in particular, expressed his thoughts on the rally, Roper, and not wearing his coat of arms:


The National Socialist Movement was invited and listed by "white revolution" as co sponsor of the Brown vs Topeka Anniversary PROTEST!

The National Socialist Movement has attempted to co operate with any and everyone and made no demands on them.

TO ASK THOSE WHO HAVE PARTICIPATED IN NUMEROUS STRUGGLES, EVENTS, STREET CONFLICTS AND GIVEN THEIR WEALTH, TIME AND SORROW for the AMERICAN DREAM that they cannot wear their organizational insignias, uniforms and badges of honor at a PURPORTED UNIVERSAL NATIONAL PATRIOT EVENT to protest one of the most horrendous occassions in the destruction of WHITE AMERICA is like asking the VFW not to carry the American Flag!

AS A RESULT, and for highly questionable reasons, Mr. Roper, who has been an unknown individual until approx three years ago, was with the NA, and has credentials that are at best 'suspect' and to make the pages of 'newspeak' magazine purporting to be an UMBRELLA organization and then ask of all true National Patriots the above, or to command it, IS TOO MUCH!

We, did not agree not to wear our uniforms, we did not agree to anything remotely resembling it, and WE WILL NOT PRETEND TO BE SOMETHING THAT WE ARE NOT, especially a bunch of limp wristed, fuzzy headed weak kneed bourgeoisie and certainly not members or supporters of a non existent ' umbrella group'


There can be only one reason for such behaviour, and it is not the overall interest of the National Patriot Movement, nor of WHITE AMERICA, but, a subtle attempt thru the back door and purported support from individuals unknown to make a virtual unknown into something they are not.


The herd follows those who are willing to set the tone, and given the lack of understanding of 'radical revolutionary' precepts, let alone Revolutionary environments or the driving forces of them, it is unlikely that such a non descript non identified, non symbolized "umbrella" will make any headway, EXCEPT ON THE BACKS AND FISTS OF THOSE WHO ARE WILLING TO FIGHT!


In the words of George Lincoln Rockwell, a truely great man, "The jews, when faced with an evolutionary Revolutionary Movement, always but, always attempt to place their strawmen into positions of sudden public leadership to draw off from the true revolutionary impetus!"

And of course this will please the string pullers and behind the scenes shadow forces, THE jews to no end!


Long live the National Socialist Movement! Long live all the men, women and youth of White America who can see thru this pretending bourgeois charade of pretenders to the throne!

And they did boycott the event! And?Jeff Schoep was no where to be found in this fray. He did, however, announce the rally to be held in Lincoln, Nebraska, shortly after the Topeka rally. With all of the rifts within the Movement, it is not surprising that another should erupt. With the National Alliance and White Revolution striving to clean up the stereotypical image of their organizations and their members, the fallout was bound to happen. The varying groups may be compatible ideologically, but they are miles apart in the area of approach and presentation. Of course, the ?new and improved? racist really doesn?t give the American people very much credit. Thinking that they can cloak their real agenda in three piece suits and dupe the public because they wear a tie, is a gross underestimation of mainstream American society.

The National Socialist Movement claims to advocate family values and the birth of lots of white babies. Additionally, they deplore the current welfare system and claim to have no tolerance for criminal behaviors. However, one White Nationalist recently questioned why anyone would join the NSM. Claiming that Schoep was the father of five or more illegitimate children ? all of who live on welfare, he stated the following:

?Having met NSM leader Jeff Schoep, and knowing that he has 5 (I've heard he's up to 7 now) or more illigitimate kids who are all on welfare. I can't see why anyone would support him. When I met him, he actually joked about his lack of involvement as a parent. Now, there are other reason why this guy could never possibly be the leader of a viable organization or be taken seriously. However, I'll just focus on the welfare issue. Anyone, including whites, who father illigitimate kids that grow up on welfare are deviants. The fact that he has so many makes it even more disgusting. Jeff Schoep is the kind of person that decent white people should be disgusted by.?

Indeed, many people are disgusted by Schoep. But, he wasn?t too concerned about these remarks made publicly about him, because he had an answer:

?No White Patriot would feel threatened by a large Family (that part of your rant is true), I do have a large Family (deviant ?, if you call NS deviant I guess the wife, children and I are deviants, jew boy). The jews are extremely worried about us, and the NSM as a whole. Can you back up your whining post with ancestors? I can, from (direct Family members) Soldiers of the Reich on the Eastern Front including a Iron Cross wearing Whermacht General, to the youth of tommorrow. My Children are all well, healthy, and active. 2 of my boys are actively training in martial arts, and will become solid Warriors, while you count shekels in Tel Aviv.

?Let me surmise/educated guess: You, a lonely jew (or white traitor), who will remain nameless due to fear, and insignificant uselessness. Your jewish defense league masters pay you to attack those who they fear. Try your attack in the streets, in the real world. In the real world you will find the Warrior is the Overman: Nietsche.

?Like us or not, the NSM is known Worldwide for being one of the few groups in America not afraid to take to the streets (other noteworthy street activists include some Skinhead groups, AN, WR, and some KKK groups).

?While COWARDS whine about why, or why not to march we take to the streets. No suit's and ties are required, we are not Wall Streets yuppies, we are Blue collar White people. Our uniform is the color of our skin, our Rallys are open to suit and tie Wall Street folks, NS Stormtroopers, Creators, KKK, Skinheads, AN, WR, and all the regular White people passing by.

?I have spent to much time responding to this anonymous ADL/JDL poster, should anyone want to research my background or History as an activist, feel free to research those who fought alongside Commander George L. Rockwell. Cmdr Rockwells Youth Leader (Allen Vincent) served as my Cheif Advisor until his untimely death in the late 1990's. Other Party veterans remain active even now, including C.D. Herrington, W.B. Hoff, and others. If you want some references outside of the NSM (Nazi Party), feel free to ask David Lane or Richard Scutari (Order members) about the NSM, or even ask Pastor Butler (Aryan Nations), or Rev. Matt Hale (WCOTC).

?Free the Order, Free Matt Hale!!!! 88! Commander Jeff Schoep/ NSM/ World/HQ?

Jeff Schoep and the National Socialist Movement has, indeed, taken to the streets more frequently than any of the others. It should be noted that Billy Roper?s White Revolution has been quite active and they consider themselves an ?umbrella group? for all factions. Yet, because of Roper?s inability to unify the groups and his recent stand on uniforms and symbols, it appears that White Revolution may not be able to be as unifying and Roper had hoped.

A few months prior to the arrest of Matt Hale, he and a few ?Creators? joined Schoep on the steps of the State Capitol in Topeka, Kansas where hundreds of anti-racists showed up and numerous alternative demonstrations were held. Shortly thereafter, an email interview took place between Schoep and Citizens Against Hate. Some of the comments made by Schoep demonstrate how he views the future of the Movement and how he views the rest of society:

?You mention the unification of Pro-White groups to boost attendence? We do not need more attendence, our show of force in Kansas, in August this year, of NSM supporters numbering in the hundreds should have been proof enough . You communist supporters are on the run now, isn't it obvious enough yet (lol)??

We have the pictures in our gallery, and the reports that were made by the press. The number of supporters was barely fifty as compared to between three and four hundred anti-racists. Above the speeches that were made, the chant of ?Nazi go home? almost negated the message. Note, however, that Schoep has ?pet names? for all of those who do not adhere to his party line. When questioned about the rifts that were developing between the different factions he was undaunted:

?You mention rifts in the White peoples Movement???? Why don't these rifts affect us? All White groups will universally Rally with us, since we are leading the charge! Atheist, Christian, Odinist, alike will fight alongside us, religion is a side issue, we fight for Race!

Rifts lie between men, there are no rifts between Race. You communist/queers are best off retreating for safety. 88! Commander Schoep?

Schoep is not the pseudo-intellectual that characterizes some of the ?leaders? in the movement. He is brash and often crass. His unpolished style and rhetoric, however, doesn?t seem to bother his followers. When we inquired about another upcoming event of his (the rally in Wisconsin) he responded:

?Leftist Agitator, ?NS greetings, as I have said previously the petty infighting and factionilization does not affect us. Loyal White Patriots will work with us, the rest are not our concern. The Kansas Rally was excellent, the NAAcp came out to support the carr Brothers, and the NSM went away Heroes to all White Citizens, even the jewsmedia reported you commies were supporting the murderers over decent Americans. Why is it the ara and naacp were beaten back like they don't even exist? There is no support for your liberal/commie agenda in Kansas, and there is no suport in WI. either! The North/Midwest is off limits for you filthbags! We will meet you on the front!!!

?How many NS supporters on Nov. 23? Meet us on the front and you will see, (lol) Will you be crying in a ditch somewhere, or will you be there?

?Seriously, why not meet on the field rather than talk big behind your computer???? Your forces in Kansas ran from us???? Heck, your naacp losers even ran from our audience members, that is hilarious!!! White civilians chased your murdering carr bros supporters away (lol)! Wisconsin is like Minnesota, WHITE! Come to the Northland you will find that you are an unwelcome guest, to say the least.

?In 10 years we will hopefuly be well on our way to an NS government.?

For Schoep, optimism comes easily. While most of those in the ?Movement? bemoan the current state of affairs they also openly agree that they are a long way from their goals. Schoep manages to see the ?Movement? as being productive and gaining ground. His distorted perceptions give rise to some real belly laughs both from our side of the fence as well as his own.

Schoep has had his embarrassing moments of late but, perhaps, the most devasting came when the news was broken that one of his key people was a convicted rapist. Indiana State Leader of the National Socialist Movement, John Snyder was convicted of rape in 1997. Snyder had been a very active member of the NSM and was generally considered an up-and ? comer. John is a very close friend of April Braun Patterson, another valued member of the NSM.

When the news became public knowledge that John Snyder, a convicted rapist, was high within Schoep?s ranks, it was anticipated that he would be castigated and removed. The members, however, attempted to excuse Snyder?s felony claiming that he had been railroaded into the charge. Given their oft stated claim of family values and what appears to be a hard-line stance on criminal behavior, it becomes apparent that lip service in this area is what they are truly all about. It is worthy of note that when such scandals or issues hit, Schoep remains silent. As a matter of fact ? that seems to be a trait endemic to the ?Movement.?

Jeff Schoep is not the ?mover or the shaker? that other leaders have been. Schoep is not the glib orator or the brightest bulb in the house. Yet, Schoep has managed to stay on top in the ?Movement? largely because of his acceptance and recommendations by other ?respected? people within. He has been included in our Top Ten To Monitor list because of recent membership gains and number of NSM Units that are popping up throughout the country and his activity level. Personally, I think of Schoep as a marginal player in the realm of any movement that might take place. The days of the Nazi rhetoric are short-lived and give rise to nothing more than derision from those inside and outside of the racist right. Nazi flags and swastika arm-bands serve as amusement for onlookers and those who might be supporters. The few that are recruited into the National Socialist Movement are generally those who are unaccepted by other organizations. While they are funny to watch and provide us with some colorful comic moments, they are also a pitiful lot. Imagine marching down the street to the Capitol of your hometown, carrying a Nazi flag, dressed in Nazi uniform and hearing the jeers of the crowd. Imagine standing at the podium giving a speech that few can hear over the chants of ?Nazi go home.? Imagine picking up the newspaper and reading with your morning coffee about how you were drowned out and sent a message that you are not wanted in that town ? then boasting about being recognized in the paper. Imagine having to manufacture self-worth and self validation. Imagine having to convince yourself everyday of your life that it?s okay to hate your neighbor and that it?s okay to teach your children your values of hate.

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