The Pot Calling the Kettle…

…or Rats, Degenerates, and Their Honorable Ways

by Nicole Nichols

Rats, rats and more rats! They are everywhere! Someone needs to alert the exterminator, or at least locate the pied piper. The racist right is full of rats and very close to standing on the furniture and screeching "eek!" While much of what has been transpiring with these groups has raised a few has also been noted that they are rapidly becoming a farcical and impotent part of the "movement." They have, however, managed to bring a pair to draw to, to the forefront. Frazier Glenn Miller and Todd Vanbiber have something in common - they are both "rats" and they have found a home. Additionally, the National Socialist Movement finds itself in the middle of controversy once again.

There is little more humorous than a flagitious reprobate who sees himself as a saintly being sitting in judgment on others with similar characteristics as has been witnessed throughout the entire National Alliance debacle. Those calling Erich Gliebe "unprincipled" or "corrupt" were pretty farcical. The comedy doesn't stop there, however. The racist right is rife with pariahs and their derisive natures.

Miscreants often justify their actions as having some altruistic motive. Racist miscreants frequently attempt to legitimize their hate or their crimes as being necessary to save the race or condone them as being righteous considering that this is war. This demented rationalization, while defying logic, is generally accepted across the board with few exceptions.

As the racist right has been fragmented and lacking unity for some time now, it isn't at all unusual to witness rampant infighting and general flagellation of each other. With virtually every disagreement the debate will deteriorate into name calling, the most popular of which are "Jew," "nigger-like," "kike-like," and "traitor." Lately, however, another label is vying for its own popularity rung on the ladder - "rat." And that is probably because "rats" are so numerous among the rank and file of the racist movement.

The recent flap over Frazier Glenn Miller becoming Alex Linder's mentor and head associate all started over the fact that he testified against the revered Order members back in the 1980's. Miller is seen by The Order and other members of the neo-Nazi faction as the worst kind of traitor. The racist right, like so many other entities, has an unwritten code much like the code of the streets and the one thing that must never occur is the selling out of another white brother to Zog - especially selling them out to get special consideration for yourself.

Miller's attempts to absolve himself of this crime against the movement have fallen on quite a few deaf ears. Claiming that 12 members of the Order had already sold him out and that he had a young family to think about met with little in the way of sympathy or understanding and resulted in a major rift between Alex Linder and Billy Roper's White Revolution. Many members left Linder's forum citing that they did not wish to be associated with Miller or others who chose to engage in activities with him. Puzzling, however, is the fact that many remained and willingly participate in discussion with Miller as well as the distribution of the VNN tabloid "Aryan Alternative," which is Miller's publication. We can only speculate that those remaining are largely younger members who do not embrace the same code that has been prevalent for so long.

Piquing my curiosity lately has been two different matters. The first has to do with the ersatz radio show run by Michael Blevins. For the last few weeks, Blevins has been able to work the conversation around to Frazier Glenn Miller with whichever nefarious racist he has interviewed. On the latest show, Blevins interviewed Tom Metzger, the dinosaur of sleaze and feculence. During the course of discussion about Miller, Metzger claimed that after a lawsuit which was filed by the Southern Poverty Law Center that Frazier Glenn Miller actually gave Morris Dees a ride to the airport. As incredulous as this seems, it has yet to be discussed or mentioned on the VNN forum. For the life of me, I cannot imagine any one of the Nazi's that I know aiding Dees in any way shape or form. And I can't fathom no one speaking out about this action.

Secondly, and perhaps even more puzzling, is the recent realization that one of the posters on the VNN Forum, Todd in Florida, is none other than Todd Vanbiber, recently released felon and to most, "a rat." What is most puzzling is the lack of reaction to this "rat."

Todd Vanbiber was arrested in Florida 1n 1997, as he was planning to detonate 14 bombs on major arteries in the Orlando area. Instead, however, Vanbiber accidentally detonated one on himself. This planned action was part of a plan to divert law-enforcement while he and his buddies robbed a couple of banks - their real calling. Vanbiber is said to have been a member of the National Alliance, he isn't any longer. It has also been claimed that after a previous bank heist Vanbiber and his chum Brian Pickett had visited NA headquarters where they made a $2000.00 contribution to the organization and purchased several NA publications. It has also been alleged and verified by Vanbiber that he had been given a 60 year sentence but reduced it by rolling over on his partners, one of which was his girlfriend. He was released in March of 2002, and was on probation until November of 2004 - how's that for a sentence reduction?

Vanbiber claims that he wasn't disfigured or maimed in the accidental bombing but this picture shown on the Southern Poverty Law Center site tells a different story. It also isn't too surprising that Glenn Miller and Todd Vanbiber have struck up an internet friendship - as they say, "birds of a feather."

This is not the only controversy currently raging within the rank and file. The whole issue of the National Socialist Movement and their "style" of expressing their ideology continues and has been rejuvenated by a recent statement from our good pal Richard Brunson. Brunson took offense to claims that Commander Schoep wrote a letter of thanks and appreciation to Glenn Miller even though Miller had already posted the email he supposedly received. In Brunson's harangue he called some of the VNN members "parasites," "vermin," "Drama Queens," "degenerates," and "misfits" he urged all NSM members to boycott VNN. Citing Alex Linder, Glenn Miller, Dean Roberts, Thomas Angel, and Warren Robbins as the "vermin" who are trying to damage the NSM, Brunson posted his message in the daily digest of the NSM Yahoo group.

It wasn't long before the fire raged once again. Within a short time, Brunson's tirade was reposted on the VNN boards and the battle was once again being fought. However, there was a new twist to all of this that has been brought to light. One VNN poster took issue quite pointedly with Brunson claiming that his integrity was in question since Jessie Fergusson, upon his release from prison, sought Brunson and stabbed him for "allegedly ratting on him and putting him behind bars." This same poster questions Brunson's allegiance to and support of Charles Juba the self-appointed head of a splinter faction of the Aryan Nations. Since this group was not sanctioned by Richard Butler before his passing any affiliation with that group is seen as traitorous to Butler. The induction of John Snyder, convicted rapist and now fugitive, into the NSM's SS group was questioned vehemently.

Schoep's licentious behavior at the 2003 NSM conference also came into play: "…the lavicious drunkenness and the cheating of Commander Schoep and other members on their wives and girlfriends who were waiting on them at home with their children. This is direct disobedience of the 88th Precept and finds them guilty of treason and brands them as Traitors in the eyes of all who believe in our 88 Precepts."

The merriment at bashing the NSM ensued with some of the following comments:

"Haha, christ, the NSM calling people degenerates, thats a fucking laugh. Isn't it funny when people who cheat on their wives and girlfriends take the moral high ground? People who commit burglarly, like ol' Scheop?"

[NN Comment: Yes, it truly is funny.]

"HA HA HA....I see that a lot with the NA also and I always got a kick out of it! Degenerates calling other folk degenerates! Not the SHARPEST KNIVES IN THE DRAWER are they?! Lol"

[No one here ever claimed that you guys were very smart - or sharp!]

"This sad screed is typical of the petty micro-fuehrers who would rather battle other racialists than direct their energy toward our common enemies."

[Apparently, your list of "common enemies" has grown a little longer these days - it includes all of those who do not ascribe to the organization of the moment.]

[And one that came from Todd Vanbiber:]

Great post man.

Most of the Miller critics or those who constantly yell snitch wouldn't have a clue of how "manly" they really are when a Federal Prosecutor throws 25 years at them... And any thought of doing what McVeigh or Matthews did makes their knees wobble like a little girl. Not a godamn critic of Miller ever robbed a bank or did anything really productive for the Cause. You can also bet that if Federal troops were to ever confiscate guns they'd be the first to give them up.

So many pussys, so few soldiers."

And a Reply to his insidious statement:

"True indeed. I wish these idiots would just turn into suicide bombers and rid us of their cultish behavior."

This is pretty typical of those on the racist right. As much as they attempt to change the face of racism there is always someone who, if you wait long enough, will make a statement so outrageous as to prove the impossibility of mainstream America ever seeing them for anything other than malevolent criminals and thugs. For this we can be thankful. As Vanbiber glorifies the felonious and murderous acts of some, we are brought full circle to the piteous fact that the more the pot calls the kettle black the blacker the kettle becomes.

What we now have in the way of the racist community appears to be the following:

1) The National Alliance - one time top dog in the realm of hate that is now a fledgling and gasping group of incompetent individuals with a real slim chance of ever becoming viable again. Hot damn!

2) White Revolution - Billy Roper's umbrella group whose purpose it was to bring all factions in the movement together. He pissed off the National Socialist Movement. The National Alliance hates him. He hijacked Linder's site for awhile and alienated all VNN supporters. The only thing left for Roper is the Aryan Nations and some KKK goons. Of course he might pull in a few from the skinhead groups - but for all practical purposes White revolution is a bust. Hot damn!

3) The National Socialist Movement - and outfit of misfits and over-the-hill losers who just don't fit in anywhere else. They seig heil the fuehrer and Schoep and goosestep around small town America evoking chuckles and head-shakes and say "Well, at least we did something." Struggling in this quagmire of hate and chameleon-like movement, they are outcasts by even some of the most die-hard of racists. Ridiculed and belittled, the NSM has been rendered impotent. Hot Damn!

4) The Aryan Nations - An already defunct group that was bankrupt by the Southern Poverty Law Center. They suffered from a split quite some time back and were proven to be too week to recover. The death of their leader, Richard Butler finished them off. Hot Damn!

5) The Ku Klux Klan - or the coat-tailers of the movement - they have been relegated to the back of the bus. The only thing that makes them the least bit relevant is their history and their willingness to put a few bodies into the street when asked by another group. With a member here and three over there, the Klan has outlived its' usefulness. Hot Damn!

6) The fringe - which would include Alex Linder and VNN, Bill White and VonBluvens, Tom Metzger and his Lone Wolfs. These people have already self-destructed. Linder has offed himself with his association with Glenn Miller. Bill White finished himself with his preposterous lies and his narcissistic pathology. Von Bluvens has become nothing more than a joke because of his posturing and recent association with the NSM. Tom Metzger has simply faded into the tapestry of this whole scheme - whether just too tired and too old, or simply ineffective he has become nothing more than a curiosity. Hot Damn!

Those left to watch are those who have managed to turn a corner in this malignancy of a movement. David Duke's cadre is coming on strong since they teamed up with Don Black's Stormfront crew. Their charlatan presence promises to be a force to reckon with - yet I doubt that Duke's anemic approach to the race issue will ever persuade many of the radicals to join him. Additionally, the Council of Conservative Citizens has a goodly number of members and connections in high places. It appears that organized hate, as we know it, is relocating and taking up residence in the political arena - and that is the greatest danger to the fabric of American society. These other groups will soon realize that the only purpose that any of them serve is to siphon off the dregs of the movement. Everyone has to be someplace - even the undesirables.


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