Satan Gate - Part I  


By Nicole Nichols & Tony Willow

"Those who attack me don't know where I am at with Satan or just how close I am to him. He told me not too long ago, 'I love you like my own daughter.'" (Andrea Herrington/a.k.a. Maxine Dietrich, High Priestess & Founder of the Joy of Satan Ministries)

The late William Luther Pierce, lamented the number of "freaks, misfits, and weaklings" within the racist movement shortly before his death. At the same time, however, he expressed the usefulness of groups like the National Socialist Movement for their ability to siphon off a large number of the undesirables. While we rarely ever agree with racists, we have to look back on his words and say he was probably right. Where else can you find Chairmen, Commanders, Ministers of Propaganda, High Priestesses of Satanism, rapists, proponents of group sex, and Christian Identity zealots all bedding down together? Where would you ever find such a combination? Only in a racist group of wannabe Nazi's.

In late June of 2006, the Chairman of the National Socialist Movement, Clifford Herrington, claimed that upon exiting a Wal-Mart store in his hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma, that he saw wires coming out from under his car and leading to his gas tank. The story quickly spread throughout the internet - but not throughout the mainstream media. Hmmm…while Herrington and the NSM were screaming the "Mossad planted the bomb," others were blaming the Jews for suppressing the story in the press.

But then a new twist was added to the mix. Andrea Herrington, Clifford's wife, better known as Maxine Dietrich, was telling her followers that the bomb was, in fact, meant for her. Why would anyone want to blow up Andrea? Perhaps, she had cast one too many "spells" on the wrong people? You see, Andrea (a.k.a. Maxine) is the Founder and High Priestess of the Joy of Satan Ministries. When this information was made public by Citizens Against Hate and One People's Radio, all Hell really broke loose. (All puns are definitely intended).

There is a very large cadre of people within the racist movement in general, and the NSM in particular, who claim to be either Christian or Christian Identity and the news of any kind of association with Satanism is absolutely abhorrent to many of those. The idea that a person in leadership of a group could also be a Satanist is just unconscionable as well. Hal Turner was one of these Christians.

As all of this news was breaking, Michael Blevins was filling in for Bill White on the NSM Presents Radio Show. This show is aired on the Turner Radio Network, and began with Blevins stating that he would take no calls from Citizens Against Hate. Obviously, he had heard a Hal Turner show a few days before where Tony Willow and Floyd Cochran had made several comments which didn't sit too well with him. The tenacious Tony Willow wasn't having any of it, and called anyway.

Interestingly enough, Hal Turner was screening the calls for Blevins. When Tony introduced herself to him he politely told her that Blevins would not take her call. Tony explained that she was wanting to ask Blevins about the Joy of Satan Ministries and its' connections to the NSM. Mr. Turner wasn't sure what she was referring to so Tony told him that the High Priestess and Founder was none other than Clifford Herrington's wife, Andrea and that the NSM Tulsa Unit shared the same P.O. Box address with the Joy of Satan. In disbelief, and with the guidance of Willow, Hal entered the Joy of Satan's website to verify these claims.

"Oh my God! I can't be a part of this. I'm a Christian," was Hal Turner's response. Tony said, "I know. That's why was calling."

Later, Tony called back and Hal asked her to call him after the show. Of course she did. Hal told her over and over that he couldn't have any part of this. He indicated that he would further investigate the situation and that because of his Christian beliefs he would not be party to anything like this. Willow informed him that we would be reporting about this, and Hal asked her to keep their conversations confidential until he made his move. He assured Tony that he would do something that would be noticeable.

That agreement was kept by Tony and by CAH. A series of emails then ensued between Tony Willow and Hal Turner and every opportunity was afforded to Mr. Turner to take the bull by the horns and sever his relationship with the National Socialist Movement.

On July 5th, 2006, two days after the conversations between Willow and Turner, it was noted that all of the articles on Turner's website had been removed and replaced with an essay about America at an earlier time. As of yet, there had been no mention of the NSM. Tony Willow decided to ask him what was going on and to remind him of what needed to happen:

From: Tony Willow
Subject: This is Tony Willow
Sent: Wednesday, July 5, 2006 12:11 AM
MIME-Version: 1.0
Received: from [] by via HTTP; Tue, 04 Jul 2006 22:11:59 PDT
Content-Length: 1007

Hal, I noticed you yanked all of the stories off of your website but then low and behold your going to an NSM Rally with the KKK? What happened to "I can't be a party to this"? How come you are allowing these Satan worshipers to continue on the Hal Turner Network? Herrington is the Chairman of the NSM, hell he founded the damn group in the first place AND appointed Schoep Commander.

I agreed to keep our conversation quite because you assured me that you would drop the affiliation but that does not seem to be the case. What am I to do Hal? This isn't some petty argument. This is a huge deal. Have you researched that website? Have you seen the comments about CI? What about all of the CI shows you have running on your network now. Don't you think they would be a tad bit offended? We are working on a BIG story about this and we plan on mass emailing it to everyone. Are you going to be a part of that story or not? This is not a threat in any way Hal. I was hoping you would live up to what you promised and the way things are looking, well its not looking well at all.

The next morning, Hal responded to Willow with an assurance:

From: Hal Turner
To: Tony Willow
Subject: Re: This is Tony Willow

Sent: Wednesday, July 5, 2006 10:48 AM
MIME-Version: 1.0
X-Originating-IP: []

I' m sorry, but you seem to have misread or misunderstood the story on my web site about the rally in Gettysburg. The event in Gettysburg is being arranged by the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) and not by the National Socialist Movement (NSM)

I have been invited to speak at Gettysburg by the KKK and have accepted that invitation.

On the other issue of NSM, I will issue a statement on my web site later today regarding the allegations of satan worship against the National Socialist Movement (NSM).

Rest assured that I worship Almighty God, whom I've been taught is named "Yahweh." I accept Jesus, The Christ as my Saviour; whom I've been taught is named "Y'Shua. . I absolutely renounce, satan and all his works.

Hal Turner

Just a few hours later, Tony received the following from Hal:

From: Hal Turner
To: Tony Willow
Subject: Turner Radio Network Statement
Sent: Wednesday, July 5, 2006 1:20 PM
MIME-Version: 1.0
X-Originating-IP: []


Below is a link to my statement regarding allegations of satan worship by one of my broadcasters.


Hal Turner

The link is now defunct, so we will publish his statement here:

On Monday, July 3, 2006. I became aware of allegations that one of my broadcasters, the National Socialist Movement (NSM), as "linked" with satan worship.

The allegations were made by a group which has routinely vilified many of our Broadcasters, including me, Hal Turner.

Normally, the attacks by this group are laughed off as the ranting of politically-correct zealots, but the nature of this particular accusation bothered me deeply and forced me to investigate.

I was shocked and saddened to find that the wife of NSM Chairman Cliff Herrington is, in fact, an open, public and notorious satan worshipper, with her own Satan worship web site. I was stunned to find that she was using the same Post Office Box as the NSM unit in Tulsa, OK to run her satanic cult.

I contacted Jeff Schoep, Commander of NSM and told him this was wholly unacceptable to me, since I am a devout Christian. I worship Almighty God, who I've been taught is named "YAHWEH." I believe in and accept as my personal Savior, Jesus The Christ, who I've been taught is named Y'Shua. I renounce Satan and all his works.

Commander Schoep responded to my e-mail by saying the NSM has no affiliation with any religion and has no position on the private religious practices of people. He also told me that Chairman Herrington's wife is not a member of NSM and that Chairman Herrington himself claims no religious affiliation.

While that sounded like a nice policy, it didn't address the factual issue that Herrington allowed his wife to use the NSM Post Office Box in Tulsa for her satanic activities. To my thinking, allowing her to use the same Post Office Box was not only terrible judgment by the Chairman, it also created an irrefutable link between the NSM and a satanic cult and that was unacceptable to me.

I wrote to Commander Schoep again, pointing out that NSM being a political group, this type of bad decision by its Chairman could literally wreck the entire organization. Even though I am not a member of NSM, I know that many members of NSM are devout Christians and they want nothing to do with Satan. In fact, I told Commander Schoep that this decision by Herrington was so serious, and showed such bad political and managerial judgment, that I thought Herrington should be OUSTED as Chairman. The problem isn't his wife's religion, the problem is the Chairman's bad judgment to share the NSM P.O. Box.

There was no reply to that e-mail.

So, I had to make a decision as to what I was going to do. I decided that since I am not a member of NSM, I cannot make demands about who they allow to remain in high office despite bad judgment, but I can decide whether or not I continue allowing NSM to broadcast.

I donate FREE air time on my network for NSM to air pre-recorded shows. I deeply discount, by two-thirds, the rates I charge for live shows, or live shows with call-ins.

I told Commander Schoep that I could not, in good conscience, hold the entire NSM responsible for the crazed and evil religious practices of a non-member, but I would hold NSM responsible for the shared P.O. Box because it creates a "link" to a satanic cult which is intolerable to me.

I told Commander Schoep that unless the NSM Post Office Box in Tulsa was separated from the Satanic cult, I would no longer continue to donate or deeply discount shows for NSM. If they broadcast at all, they would have to do so at regular rates which upholds the motto of this radio network "Free Speech, No Matter Who Doesn't like it."

I then pointed out to Commander Schoep that a single week of full-rate costs would far outweigh the cost of getting a new P.O. Box in Tulsa, so changing the P.O. Box ought to be a no-brainer.

Commander Schoep replied to that e-mail saying he did NOT know until yesterday that the P.O. Box in Tulsa was being shared and that the separation of the P.O. Box made sense. He said he would revisit the issue later this week.

Therefore, as of today, July 5, 2006, it appears the NSM P.O. Box will probably be separated from the Chairman's wife's satanic cult thus severing the "link." If it is separated, I will continue to donate time to NSM. If it is not separated, I will not.

-- Hal Turner

Tony, hoping to encourage Hal even further, decided to share a little more of her research and new found facts with Mr. Turner.

From: Tony Willow
To: Hal Turner
Subject: Re: Turner Radio Network Statement
Sent: Wednesday, July 5, 2006 1:46 PM
MIME-Version: 1.0
Received: from [] by via HTTP; Wed, 05 Jul 2006 11:46:29 PDT
Content-Length: 2711

Hal, you want more of a connection??? go to and check out the links section and tell me how they are not linked with the NSM when they have a LINK to the NSM, and this site IS run by the Joy of Satan group Hal, go check it out for yourself.

(this is not the only connection Hal, I'm compiling them in full detail which will be posted as soon as I'm done, its been taxing researching that website)

Additionally, she has posted the following on her Yahoo group:

High Priestess Maxine Dietrich wrote:

Thank you to everyone who replied with words of support and encouragement. The murder attempt was not from xians, but from jews. They wanted to get both Cliff and I at the same time. Before this occurred, several NSM leaders, Cliff included, received direct death threats from Israel. The statements made were that they were going to come here and kill the leaders after they watched their women and children be tortured to death. Some of these children are infants and toddlers. They also cut the telephone wires to our house twice in the past two days. Needless to say, we are armed to the teeth and highly organized should anything occur. We will shoot to kill.

Yes, the e-mails were turned over to the police. The real source of the problem is the jews. They also work diligently to create disunity within the Satanic community. Note many of these REAL hate groups claim they are "jewish" openly- not "Satanists." One is either a Satanist or a jew. This shows where their real loyalties are at, and their websites are full of slandering and bashing other groups, individuals and mainly the JoS.

Their next agenda is to get the JoS e-groups moved to the "adult" category of yahoo, as they did with the 666 Black Sun group. What was done with the Black Sun group was done from the inside of yahoo. No accounts were hacked into.

There is no bigger threat to the jews than Satan and his people. As long as Satanists take the legends of the Gods as real and not the allegories they are, as long as we don't understand the symbols and how to interpret them, as long as we play their game of "god" verses the "Devil" and conform to the xian concept of Satan and stay ignorant, and above all, as long as we don't really have or know how to access any serious power, they let us alone for the most part. This is all changing people. Note, these attacks against me came with my revealing just a small amount of occult knowledge. Father Satan and Thoth are working with me in my studies and pushing me with the enemy fighting me every inch of the way.

As for the death threats and the bomb, I say FUCK THEM!!

I will continue on no matter what. They don't frighten me. I already got my revenge when I freed the Demons.

High Priestess Maxine Dietrich

So Hal, how you like them apples? Herrington is a Jew according to her so why is she married to him? BECAUSE HE'S A SATANIST. Sure Schoep can "say" he's not, but that doesn't make it so and your association with that group is evil Hal and deep down you know it. You want to save face with them but at what cost? Schoep was appointed to his positon and who's to say he's not one as well? Of course they are going to lie, they are followers of SATAN for crying out loud!

With evidence like this, Turner was hard-pressed to find a way to justify any future affiliation with the National Socialist Movement. It worked. His response was, as follows:

From: Hal Turner
To: Tony Willow
Subject: Re: Turner Radio Network Statement
Sent: Wednesday, July 5, 2006 2:16 PM
MIME-Version: 1.0
X-Originating-IP: []

OUCH. Hmmmmm. I have now made a change to the Broadcast Schedule pending a final decision on this. Thank you for the information.


Hal Turner

Upon checking the Turner website, it was noted that he had placed a comment in the NSM block on his scheduled broadcast that the NSM Presents show had been suspended pending future actions on the part of the NSM.

"Ouch," indeed. Mr. Turner had lived up to his agreement, and to the principles he claimed to hold in being a Christain. However, Tony was determined to make him aware of the scope of this thing, and had the following to say:

From: Tony Willow
To: Hal Turner
Subject: Re: Turner Radio Network Statement
Sent: Wednesday, July 5, 2006 4:35 PM
MIME-Version: 1.0
Received: from [] by via HTTP; Wed, 05 Jul 2006 14:35:48 PDT

Content-Length: 3144 Hal it gets a whole lot worse, I found a link to your website on one of the Satanist sites. We will be discussing it on our show that we are recording later on tonight.

To which Hal responded:

From: Hal Turner
To: Tony Willow
Subject: Re: Turner Radio Network Statement
Sent: Wednesday, July 5, 2006 4:47 PM
MIME-Version: 1.0
X-Originating-IP: []

Realistically Tony, you know as well as I do that there is no legal way to prevent someone from linking to someone else's site.

To my knowledge, there's not even a reliable way to find out who is linking in unless you see a whole slew of hits coming in via webstats or counter software.

If a link to my site is there, I didn't know about it and I can tell you there is no major slew of hits coming in from it.

Finally, I am a "public figure" under the law. That means I have to suffer the slings and arrows of public criticism, the sting of animated public discourse, the vituperation and scorn heaped upon me. There isn't much I can do about it legally.

Rest assured I have absolutely nothing to do with satan. I renounce him in all matters and all things.

Hal Turner

Now, what Hal said in regard to the link is fundamentally true, and his continued denouncement of Satan was in keeping with his claimed beliefs. In what appeared to be Hal's continued efforts to further justify his actions, Tony received the following inquiry from Mr. Turner:

From: Hal Turner
To: Tony Willow
Subject: NSM Satan site
Sent: Thursday, July 6, 2006 10:33 AM
MIME-Version: 1.0
X-Originating-IP: []

When you and I spoke by phone the other night, you told me the URL of the Satan web site run by NSM Chairman Herrington's wife. It linked to What was the ORIGINAL site name you pointed me to which spoke about the attempted bombing?

Hal Turner

To which he received the following response from Tony:

From: Tony Willow
To: Hal Turner
Subject: Re: NSM Satan site
Sent: Thursday, July 6, 2006 1:21 PM
MIME-Version: 1.0
Received: from [] by via HTTP; Thu, 06 Jul 2006 11:21:24 PDT
Content-Length: 989

It's then you click on the updates for July 2. Then click on the second "click here" which leads you to http://www.666b...02%5F06.html

Interesting turn of events if you ask me. BTW, we have suspicions that Bill is a member of her group by the posts he has made over the last couple of years. Actually we have been going through old e-group messages of Herrington and to say he does not believe as his wife does is outrageous.

This, fueled also by a report written by Bill White, which vilified Turner, caused Hal to then announce that he had terminated the NSM Show from his network. Bill said the following:

Hal Turner Demands More Money From The NSM
Pulls Weird "Satanism" Stunt
7/6/2006 11:22:24 AM
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LSN Staff

Bergen, New Jersey -- Hal Turner, short of cash as always, has pulled a publicity stunt to get the NSM to pay more for the air time they use on his network.

On July 3, Turner posted a statement denouncing the wife of National Socialist Movement Chairman Clifford Herrington for alleged "Satanism".

Herrington's wife holds a post-graduate degree in ancient religions and has been involved in a group advocating Aryan-pagan worship in opposition to Christianity. Her religious views are very similar to the Radical Traditionalism and Aryan Paganism shared by most of the National Socialist Movement's leadership.

Turner based his actions on a recent radio broadcast by an anti-racist group, but has been needing additional cash to maintain his radio network for several months, and has been negotiating for additional fees from the NSM for several weeks.

To demonstrate his resolve, Hal sent the following to Tony Willow:

From: Hal Turner
To: Tony Willow
Sent: Thursday, July 6, 2006 11:47 AM
MIME-Version: 1.0
X-Originating-IP: []

I have updated the Statement about Satan Worship announcing the termination of the NSM show. It can be viewed at:


I renounce satan and all his works.

Hal Turner

UPDATE July 6, 2006 12:38 PM
As of now, I have terminated the "NSM Presents" radio show from the network.

I sent the following notice to the Commander Jeff Schoep of NSM explaining why:


It is with regret that I inform you that I will no longer accept NSM audio shows on Turner Radio Network effective immediately.

I am taking this action as a direct result of a story published by Bill White which falsely accuses me of engaging in a "publicity stunt" over the satan worship by Chairman Herrington's wife, falsely accusing me of using that publicity stunt in an effort to renegotiate money paid to me by NSM and further falsely states that I have been trying to renegotiate such fees "for weeks."

For the record, NSM has not paid a single cent to me in months and I have not asked for any money - never mind MORE money - in months.

My "Statement" about the Chairman's wife was true in every regard. My distancing myself was the right thing for me to do so as to preserve my self respect and the religious ideals I adhere to personally. I performed that distancing in a truthful and honorable way hoping to preserve the relationship with NSM.

The Chairman choosing to share the P.O. Box with his wife's satanic cult was bad judgment. What Bill White has done is not only bad judgment but dishonorable. Rubbing salt in this wound is the fact that Bill's story came minutes after he personally spoke to me and mentioned nothing about any such smear attack against me. I will not put up with this type of bad behavior.

I wish you and the NSM good luck in the future.

Hal Turner

Moved by the apparent sincerity of Hal in holding onto to his principles, Tony sent the following message:

From: Tony Willow
To: Hal Turner
Subject: Re: NSM Satan site
Sent: Thursday, July 6, 2006 1:41 PM
MIME-Version: 1.0
Received: from [] by via HTTP; Thu, 06 Jul 2006 11:41:01 PDT
Content-Length: 1301

Never thought I would say this Hal but I'm proud of you. You did the right thing here. This is one thing we agree upon, we both renounce Satan in every form.

All is never as it seems, however, and in a really weird turn of events, Hal had second thoughts. We could only speculate about what was happening, and of course, we did. As all statements made by Hal against the situation with Satanism and the National Socialist Movement were pulled on the very next day. And he made the following statement on the VNN message forum where the debate was raging:

In an effort to restore calm and good relations, I have PULLED all reference to the NSM situation from my web sites and deleted some of my remarks about that subject from this forum.

I have personally written to the NSM Chairman notifying him that I have pulled the material and I have offered to work together to heal the wounds of this situation.

It is in NO ONE's interest for this matter to continue or escalate. I have done all I can to reduce tensions and change the direction of this issue.

I remain committed to unity. I harbor no ill will toward NSM - and I'll get over my aggravation with . . . . whomever.

We all NEED each other.

I hope for a successful resolution of this matter.

Hal Turner

Our speculations ran from Bill White got axed and Hal Turner is happy with that as he had struck a deal with Schoep, to Bill White made a large contribution to Hal and Hal decided his Christianity wasn't that important after all. Soon, Bill White would tell us that essentially everything was back to normal and everyone was happy.

Everyone was happy? We doubted that as it was evident that something was happening and somehow we knew that something was very amiss in all of this.

As the debate raged on the internet, and tempers were flaring, the common question raised by all of this was where is Herrington and where is Schoep? This is their group and it was being torn apart by the drama being carried out across the World Wide Web.

Well, Herrington was posting messages to the NSM e-group about activism and flyer distribution, the victims of a "Jewish mob" in Greece, and white flight in Orange County. The Commander was passively announcing the upcoming rally in Wisconsin, and reporting on events happening in Germany. All of this was taking place as the very foundation of the National Socialist Movement and its' leaders was being nuked.

The really burning issue dealing with this Satanic cult and its relationship to the NSM had not been resolved to any side's satisfaction. White, and others were attempting to equate the Joy of Satan with Paganism and Wicca in an ineffectual attempt to ameliorate the seriousness of the situation.

We had already been immersed in our research of the cult and its' leader and were quite convinced that the teachings, rituals, and rites practiced by this group met the criteria for some, wacky, but serious Satan worshipping.

It became quite clear that Andrea Herrington, under the name of Maxine Dietrich, was, indeed, a Satanist, and was involved in some of the most distasteful and despicable actions ever witnessed by our research team. Upon entering the first website, you can set aside any claims that this group is not about Satanism as they boldly claim:


"To enlighten the public to the truth concerning Spiritual Satanism and to work with those who are interested in and working on establishing a relationship with Satan. Our goal is to educate humanity in the ancient ways. Much knowledge has been destroyed and lost which has caused humanity as a whole to degenerate spiritually, to the detriment of us all. We work with people on the Left hand Path so they can advance, evolve and lead happier and more fulfilling lives through Satan.

" "We believe Satan to be the True Father and Creator God of humanity.

" "We believe the Hebrew God "Yaweh/Jehova" of the bible to be a false god, the "true deceiver of humanity and the master of lies."

That being said, we knew we were in for a rough ride. It took me quite sometime before I could view the site in its' entirety, as I discovered that I have a great aversion to some of the things proffered by this cult and their demonic natures. On the other hand, Tony Willow plowed through the bowels of Hell, without a qualm. As she said, she has enough faith for both of us. For that I am extremely grateful!

However, the further we got into this, the funnier it all started to seem. And when I realized that Andrea is absolutely a schizo - I seemed to do much better! People talking to Satan and demons was one thing - but when she recounted the conversations that she was having (yes, they actually talked back) I became much more secure in my faith, as well - that faith that says that anyone connected with the National Socialist Movement is a few bricks shy of a load.

After you perform nasty little rituals in this cult, you must clean your Aura and your Chakra (the vital energy centers of the body.) According to Ms. Herrington, "…Satan/Lucifer is the bringer of light. Since the Demons have been liberated, their auras have drastically increased the light. Their power has increased as well. The light is in the aura. The soul needs light in order to have power. Father Satan levitated in front of me one time. When he did so, his aura became extremely brilliant in light."

So, it can now be surmised that not only does Andrea speak to the devil and his demons, but he graces her with his physical presence and aura. Therefore, it could be postulated that the psychosis suffered by Andrea takes on auditory, oratory, and visual manifestations.

She further claims that she has quite a lot of fun with demons through astral projections.

"Once we establish a close relationship with our Guardian Demon, he/she can help us to astral project and accompany us when we visit places on the astral. We can have beautiful experiences, learn, and have fun. After knowing your Demon friend for awhile, find out more about him/her. What he/she likes/dislikes. They are all individuals as we are. There are many beautiful places in Hell. Be patient. Sometime, if you are open, your Demon may take you there."

Now, I'm sure that this is precisely how we all envision taking our next vacation! I guess, when someone tells her to "go to hell," she thanks them and takes it literally.

Now, every aspect of our lives is covered in her teachings of Satanism - and even the love emotion gets attention. As she speaks about "charging up the light and the energy" and connecting to the other person's chakra, she says to "clear up your mind and when you think the person might be asleep, connect again." She continues to tell us specifically how you can connect with this sleeping person.

"You can masturbate and drive the energy of your orgasm into them. Anytime you wish to influence this person, just tune in. You already have a connection. The feelings and thoughts will eventually take on a life of their own. You will also pick up on their feelings and sometimes thoughts. You will have a great deal of influence here."

Sex is not avoided in any way. As a matter of fact, sex takes center stage in many of the rituals and rites. Body fluids are used in many ways. And, group sex is encouraged:

"Sex Magick

Sexual Orgasm is equivalent in power to the Life Force. Using sexual orgasm in ritual and in your magickal workings can give much added power to your outcome. Sex Magick is ancient, extremely powerful and is the creative principle.

At the moment of orgasm, one automatically enters a brief trance state. The powerful orgasmic energy can be directed. This is visualized as a brilliant bright light like the sun and can be directed into thoughtforms, the one of one's desires, talismans and so forth.

Women and men both differ in sexual energy. Women tend to peak in power according to cycles. Women are at the height of their power during menstruation. Psychic work, astral projection and other pursuits that require heightened sensitivity are greatly assisted after a strong orgasm. Orgasm is also an excellent way to induce relaxation before meditation.

Sexual fluids, both semen and vaginal secretions, and also menstrual blood have the power of the life force.

" At the moment of orgasm, it is important to direct your entire concentration and desire to your goal, willing it. Visualize the orgasmic energy in the form of a beam, ball or vortex, penetrating the object/person, lighting it up with a brilliant aura of energy that is programmed. This is basic simple sex magick.

Sex magick can be done alone, or with a partner or Demon/ess or in a group. When working with others, it is very important as in all magickal practices that everyone work together with some sort of organized effort. Merging orgasmic energies with a Demon/ess is extremely powerful.

Included within the site are a number of mechanisms by which you can extract revenge on your enemies and even death. This is not surprising in that we are dealing with a lunatic who talks to demons and visits with Satan on a regular basis. However, it is a startling look at just what goes on within such a group and an even more damning statement on those in the National Socialist Movement who condone, advocate, or accept such teachings and the people who offer them.

In "Image Magick" you are told that you can construct a "poppet" - much like a voodoo doll. By driving a nail through the head, if you have enough energy and focus, you can make the person go insane. A nail through the heart, would result in death. The poppet should be sewn with something that is very close to the victim, such as "A photo, a small article of clothing, car keys, small personal possessions, hair, fingernail clippings, sexual fluids, or even dirt taken from a footprint."

Andrea claims that in her own workings, "I have found one does not have to get overly emotional. Just a strong, determined will, directing anger into a specific event, for example, a type of accident, over and over."

One of the High Priests in the "Church" became quite disenchanted with Andrea and her schizophrenia. He left the group about a year ago, and has been in contact with me on some of the events that have ensued.

Dann was a High Priest in the Joy of Satan Ministries and, according to him, he was the second in command. He got to know Andrea Herrington very well over the course of three years and knows a lot about the inner workings of the "Church." Accordingly, he developed a deep dislike for Andrea, her attempts to combine Satanism with National Socialism, her recruiting of children both for the "Church" and the NSM, and her schizophrenic representations.

The following accounting is according to Dann. Not everything has yet been verified, however, many things have been cross referenced and appear to be very factual.

Andrea Herrington, a.ka. Maxine Dietrich, is the High Priestess of the Joy of Satan Ministries. The entity is registered as a Not For Profit Corporation with the State of Oklahoma to Andrea N. Dietrich. If Dietrich is not Andrea's maiden name and the one legally used by her, there is some question about the legality of such a registration. The "Church" has a physical address of 343 S. 91st E. Avenue, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74112.

According to Dann, "She filed for Registration of a Church as well as Non-Profit Organization and she had to title the Board of Directors and President(as well as Treasurer etc). We the clergy were the board of Directors(CEOs) and we voted to make Clifford(as to her request) President of the JOS which was passed."

If this is verified and proven to be true, the denials of Clifford Herrington's involvement in this group will be proven false.

Claims that the Joy of Satan Ministry is also a front for screening and recruitment of new members for the National Socialist Movement have been running rampant. Dann verifies this in the following statement:

"I was there when she attempted to push the Neo-Nazi doctrine on us(the clergy), which was later exposed to the entire public Joy of Satan group by accident (as she was meaning to introduce Neo-Nazism subtly into the groups so people would not reject it quickly and leave, she uses psychology a lot, even claiming we(the clergy) need to learn it!). The group is mainly used to brainwash children and teens into Neo-Nazism. About 80% of the members of the Joy Of Satan group are in fact Teens. She has a group dedicated to Teens specifically as well."

The exploitation and recruitment of children is of great concern to me, and we will explore this fully a little later.

Andrea and Clifford rent their home which both works out of, hence the same P.O. Box for the JOS and the NSM which became a real bone of contention for many of the racists. Clifford would have us believe that it is merely a business relationship. Uh…huh, and no way.

This house where they reside is supposedly almost unlivable. By more than one accounting, Dann relates the following:

"She rents a house, she constantly tells us how its nothing but a crackerjack box house and the woman I mentioned before (Melissa) has seen it first hand. She told me personally that the odor of cat piss and cat shit fills the entire house. She says the floors are covered in dirt, the walls in dirt, in fact I don't know HOW she can raise children in such a mess. Melissa also told us how she was afraid to touch ANYTHING because of how dirty the entire place was. As for Cliff, he is so abusive (mainly verbally but by the way the kids cower when he yells... I wouldn't doubt physical either) that Maxine even was going to get us to CURSE CLIFF! She constantly complains how NOTHING sets him off into a violent rage and the kids literally HIDE around the house when he's in a bad mood."

Children? Yes, there are three children who call Andrea, "Mom." Two children still reside at home and are reported to be approximately 8 or 9 and 17 with the oldest being male. One of her sons is, supposedly, half "Afghani." Of course, according to Dann, one of the reasons that Andrea is not a dues paying member of the National Socialist Movement is because she doesn't meet the criteria. This is not just because of her mixed race child, but because she is half Native American.

Knowing that there are children being raised in a house where parents are neo-Nazi Satanists, gives me knots in my stomach and one of Dann's recitations made the hair on the back of my neck raise up:

"Its actually really sad because her daughter was showing an interest in Christianity, at least angels, and stuff like that, and she FLEW off the handle, she forced her daughter to do Meditations and dedicate herself to Satan. Her daughter also brought home some angel figures and "mysteriously" according to Maxine "demons smashed them into unfixable pieces". RIGHT."

If this isn't enough to make anyone upset or to, at least, have great concern over the well-being of these children, it is also reported that the utilities in the house are constantly being shut off because the bills aren't paid.

At one point, Andrea required that all of the clergy in the "Church" - and maybe the members - read all of the works by Ben Klassen. While her main gateway on the internet is the Joy of Satan website, she also operates 666 Black Sun. Up until recently, Dann tells us:

"The ENTIRE front page was just a copy/paste job from one of Ben Klassen's books. People started complaining and so she changed it."

A couple of years ago, Andrea sent an e-book to all the clergy and demanded that they read it. The book was a how-to build a bomb manual. She said that they all needed to know what to look for as they were making some people very angry. She further told them that Clifford had already had a bomb placed in his car while it was parked in their driveway, saying that he saw the wires coming out of the gas tank.


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