All the World's A Stage




By Nicole Nichols

Uh...she must be talking about the National Socialist Movement. That's the first thing that comes to mind! It looks like Schoep has gotten himself into another little melee - this time with a former member who is hanging all of Jeff "Pooper Scooper's" laundry out for the world to see. It's been a few weeks since I drew a bead on Jeff Schoep, but after this latest round he has had with a former member and his stint on the Von Bluvens show I think I'll go there.

"All the world's a stage
And all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances…"(William Shakespeare)

Neo-Nazi's don't have a lot in common with the Bard - but they do know about being on stage and deception and trickery. That is their stock-in-trade these days. Deceiving the public and duping their members has become an art among the "leaders" of this so-called "Movement" that is going no where. The leadership of the National Alliance has been accused of accepting donations for a dead member's son and never turning the money over. The Stormfront bunch is developing a plot to hijack our neighborhoods. The KKK takes stage center in costume. Bill White spends his entire life in character. VonBluvens spins his brand of shock-hate on the air waves. The Aryan Nations bastardizes Christianity and ministers to the ignorant and the vulnerable. And then there is the NSM - the clowns whose leader, Jeff Schoep, reportedly wears blue contact lenses to appear "more Aryan" when they are at their rallies.

"Yes I looked him straight in the eyes before and know they are contacts because I watched him put them in and take them out in front of me several times. It's part of the way he acts that bugs me because everything is always about some sort of trick to gain supporters." (Warren Scott Robbins)

Ever since the death of William Pierce and the push for the neo-Nazi's to become more mainstream in their message and their presentation of self, it has been a real laugh-a-minute. They just can't do it. And the recent falling out between North Dakota leader, Warren Scott Robbins and Jeff Schoep is an excellent example of why their dream of unity and a White World just won't ever materialize.

Disgruntled and disillusioned, "Sgt. Scott" of North Dakota bailed from the National Socialist Movement. He claims that he didn't cut and run from the NSM - but from its' leader. Unable to be heard on the NSM forum, Robbins brought his case to the VNN boards. Of course, it turned into a free for all and, of course, all of the dirty laundry is ours for the taking.

Robbins started the thread with a poll entitled: "Should NSM Commander Jeff Schoep be impeached?" He then proceeded to level eleven charges against the wannabe Fuehrer and make the claim that there are lots more. The charges:

1. It has been widely reported that Jon Snyder Indiana State Unit Leader was convicted of raping his Ex-Wife. He was not disciplined at all, rather he was offerred a position in the NSM SS. How safe would you feel attending an event with your family knowing that a convicted sex-offender/kidnapper is handling security?

[Snyder was, in fact, convicted of rape and is listed as a sex offender in Indiana. No sane person would ever feel "safe" attending any of the events held by these misfits. And, no sane person would ever take his/her children along. And it wouldn't be because of John Snyder alone.]

2. The so-called Commander of the NSM Jeff Schoep has no experience at all in leadership and has never served in any military capacity. He has 8 kids with several different women which does not hold up to public scrutiny when the leader of our movement needs to make strong condemnations against those who practice poor family values.

[Well, I have heard a few different figures as to the number of children and women. Actually, this claim seems to be a recurring one and one that Schoep always side-steps which generally means that it is true. It would seem that Jeff Schoep, at a very young age, has been fathering children for a very long time. And, while we rarely agree with anything that dribbles out of the mouth of a racist, we have to agree with Robbins that morally, Schoep is incapable of understanding of the word.]

3. The so-called Commander of the NSM preaches about the rights of the White Worker while he himself is unemployed and lives off the government (that means us and our taxes are subsidizing his lies). It is fact and his own wife admits it on tape. Anyone can order the NSM 2003 Congress video and see for themselves his wife giving a speech, She states that they do not recieve state welfare (perhaps Social security) but that they recieve MEDICAID insurance to care for their children. Anyone who is approved for FOOD STAMPS is eligible for MEDICAID. If Jeff Schlepp denies this he's publicly calling his own wife a liar.

[I have also heard this claim leveled at Schoep before - but then, who among them works? How many unemployed people make up the "Movement?" Since the propaganda and recruiting tactics target the very young or the very disillusioned and vulnerable, it stands to reason that they are rife with unemployed members. Listen to the conversations - they are "between jobs," or "looking for work," or they are "about to be evicted," or "willing to relocate," etc. Robbins fails to look at the whole picture. He is part of a "Movement" of people who have been chosen as members (or who have chosen themselves) people with little initiative and little drive. Many are felons and have a long history of impregnating females and moving on, living off of their aged mothers, in debt or out of work.]

4. Many times the NSMs so-called Commander has stated and it's on the front page of the website that the NSM is the ONLY White Power organization that offers training to it's membership. A LIE to get more misfits to join the ranks and pay him for membership. The truth is there are no NSM training grounds or scheduled training events.

[And his point is…Schoep lied? Of course Schoep lied. This is the man who wears blue contact lenses to look "more Aryan" remember! And, if he lies about that…what else is there for him to lie about? But, then again, look at the company he keeps.]

5. Anyone with bucks can join the NSM and that's a liability to anyone already in the NSM and an open invitation to be infiltrated. The security of it's members is constantly put at risk. The Lie is that there are background checks done on new members, there are no background checks or even anyone capable of handling such checks.

[Infiltrated? Well, certainly. You can bet on that. And even if such "background checks" were made - the infiltrator would look righteous, Robbins. The Feds are pretty good at that stuff. Does anyone else find it as interesting as I do that here are this group of people who claim to be working for a cause…and they claim to be the superior race…yet, in all of their superiority they are worried about "infiltrators?" Isn't it odd to you that their "superiority" doesn't dispel their paranoia?]

6. Security breaches are not made known to the NSM members and they live blindly to the important violations. Cover-ups and Lies ! Example : Most people know that Jon Fox became an FBI informant in the case of WTOTC PM Matt Hale last year. Much has been written of this in the public media, but not once was it made known that Jon Fox not only infiltrated the WTOTC he also joined the NSM. Jon Fox and Jeff Schoep were both questioned by the FBI the day Matt Hale was arrested. Foxs interview lasted 4 hours, while Schoep was in the office for 1 hour before being released. Fox then hides out and continues to cooperate with the FBI and representing the WTOTC in Lewiston, ME. Afterwards he moved to Minot, North Dakota and joined the NSM at the request of Jeff Schoep personally ordering his unit there to accept him. Luckily for the men and women of North Dakota State Skinheads they did no such thing and Fox was shown the door. Fox donated 0 to Jeff Schoep personally to cover a complete years dues. The ND Unit was told to never reveal that Fox had approached them for membership or to reveal he was hiding in North Dakota awaiting to testify at PM Hales trial.

[Jon Fox "donated" 0 to Schoep? That might be a stretch given that Fox has no money, was living in a homeless shelter at one point and has a mountain of obligations. But…then, no one ever said that any of these guys have any sense. However, it should be noted that Jon Fox suffered more at the hands of racists than anyone should ever have to. And his children are forever scarred because of being exposed to people like Hale, Schoep, Gulbranson, etc. If Fox did, in fact, "donate" 0, then his ass ought to be grass among a lot of people.]

7. There are no books kept for dues by the NSM. No oversight or reporting to members of any kind in order to know where the money goes or how much is coming in. It goes straight into the pocket of the Supreme Commander Jeff Schlepp. Any inquiries into the finances are blown off and never reported to members. At all times members are led to believe the NSM is cash strapped and in desperate need of dues and funds for items which are already available to the NSM. Donations of audio equipment have been offerred by existing members yet the NSM has constantly solicited funds to buy new audio equipment that never gets used.

[And that surprises people? Bookkeeping records for these organizations are non-existent. Gleibe rips off Resistance Records. Funds solicited for the child of a dead member somehow never reach their destination…just look at the money that ran through the hands of Matt Hale and was never accounted for. And Robbins has just become aware that the money sent to the NSM goes straight into Schoep's pocket? Puh…leaaassseee!]

8. There is no oversight at all in the NSM for complaints, all complaints go to the commanders desk where they're never heard of again. Informants and infiltrators are protected in the NSM and when evidence is given of treason the NSM has in the past been paid off. One unit leader in particular made steady complaints of a subversive new member acting as an agent provacateur, he was told he couldn't remove the member under any circumstances from his own unit. However it has been learned that the suspected member made a cash donation to Schoep of 0. That's how easy it is to infiltrate the NSM, just payoff the Schlepp.

[Welcome to the world of fascism, Warren Scott Robbins. The Fuehrer is not to be questioned.]

9. Adultery allegations are rampant, everything from private hotel room parties when out of town while his wife stays with the children and Shoep lives it up. Booze and women at events are well known and documented, even members are now unwilling to take spouses to events because of the sexual advances of NSM members and even the Commander. Some members who are female have even made claims they have had sexal relations with Schoep at after rally get togethers. Adultery and sexual advances to another members wife or girlfriend is a direct violation of the 88th precept itself.

[Uh…hullo! The Movement of the racist right has always been overrun with sleazy happenings and decadent people! Good Grief! What turnip truck did this man fall off of? Richard Butler is boarding a plane with porn star Wendy Iwanow when she gets busted - after sleeping her way across the country! When Iwanow is busted she is in possession of an airline ticket purchased by Anthony Pierpointe to join him. The next thing you know Butler is playing Papa Bear to a transvestite - but he is still adored, right? Matt Hale has one teenager after another kissing up his tree, marries and dumps one and moves on to the Raunchy Kathy Robertazzo broad who is old enough to be his mother. Bill White punches out women and wonders why his love life is so barren. Thread after thread on racist web boards are devoted to the denigrating of women as sluts and whores. And Warren Scott Robbins is just now waking up to the infidelity of a very sordid faction of America?]

10. Jeff Schoep openly wears the Thors Hammer a symbol of Asatru/Odinists that is worn to show their defiance to the Christian take over of Europe in times past. Modern Asatru Folk wear them in the same manner as their ancestors, yet Schoep wears one and claims to be ....nothing. He has no religion he claims but offends many proud Whites when he portrays himself as an Asatru man. Also the Schoep does not eat pork which brings up the question how can he not eat the sacred animal of Asatru people. The boar is sacred to the people especially of Frey, yet Schoep avoids it like a jew. Many wonder if he is not a jew in a NS uniform duping everyone. The charade goes as far as Schoep wearing BLUE contact lenses to make himself appear more Aryan at rallies. There is no end to the hypocrisy.

[I really don't know where Robbins came from or how well versed he was when he went into the "Movement" but his naiveté says that he has not "studied" as much as he would like for us to believe. Traditionally, the "leaders" of this organized racism have been nothing more than charlatans - Elmer Gantry's of hate. The William Pierce's and the David Duke's were and are merely those who stood above the rest enough to be considered literate and articulate. And, they were capable of exhorting money from those who followed them - enough money to keep them in the style they wanted. And while the membership was eking out a living and sweating bullets to send them the few paltry dollars that was left over - what were they doing? It's a stage act - and a third-rate one at that!]

11. Specific times Jeff has had conversations and cooperation meetings with the FBI yet he tells his members to use the 5 words or shut the door to the police. This is advice he should have taken himself. Meanwhile he public whines over the FBI raiding his house, but no charges were ever filed or documentation of this event brought forward.

[With all of their bluster and bravado, it's a pretty safe bet that when the police or Federal law-enforcement people interrogate them they will take care of themselves first. Again, being so "superior" to others, wouldn't you think that they would either be smart enough not to be under surveillance or at least have enough sense not to draw attention to themselves? When you parade around with swastika armbands, wave swastika flags and wear those wannabe Nazi uniforms, what do you expect?

These charges against Schoep have received a lot of attention - most of which has been negative to the nth degree against Schoep. With comments like these below, by a jury of their peers, it would seem that the Hollywood Nazi's just can't get any respect - even among their own:]

"The NSM is some sort of carnival creep show that is slightly amusing but obvioulsy not a threat to the system in any way, this is perhaps why Schoep and the rest go unmolested by the authorities."

"The "National Socialist" [sic] Bowel Movement will end up like Aryan Nations or the Church of the Creator soon enough. They practice "quantity" instead of the "quality" they preach. Schlepp and his entourage of freaks, wackos, and thugs are a fat, ripe fruit for the "non-Jewish" Jew Morris Sleaze to sue them out of existence."

"I voted for public flogging. It really doesn't matter to me who leads the NSM though; Shep is "queen of the pigs" in this regard. He and the rest of his circus should resign from the "movement" and join a WWII reenactment club. This way everyone but the Jews would win. Shep and the other ass-clowns could indulge their costume fetish and the public wouldn't mistake their antics for serious White racial activism."

"To me, the NSM seem like the White Nationalist version of trekkies, they are nothing but a fucking bunch of clowns, who give the jews ammo to smear all us WN."

"NSM is a joke, it is an embarrassment, and I think they should be completely ostracized. I am thankful they did not besmudge the Topeka rally, I would have found that embarassing to our host even if he did not."

"The NS&M "Units" are a joke. One member can constitute a "Unit". Reminds me of "Army Of One". Guess you can't tell me Chief how many "Nazis" are in your "Unit"?

"This Synder guy is on the Indiana Sheriffs Sex And Violent Offender website as a registered sex offender covicted of Rape. It has a photo of him also as well as a street address.

Hollywood Nazis- Giving REAL National Socialists a bad name."

"Only a moron would send "Commander" wannabee & his NS&M crew money after reading this stuff. If the NS&M is the "best" the White race can do then we might as well call it a day and quit."

[Of course, Michael Blevins tried to rescue Schoep - after all, he was given new life by the NSM when he was invited to be their "Minister of Propaganda." Blevins didn't fare too well on that board, however. With his initial statement, Michael drew fire:]

"Damn, just about anyone that is of any import in this movement the Jew-lie-machine goes into full gear.

"Schoep is a uniter (and that is what is scaring the Jews and their lackies).

"He doesn't have to address any of these allegations. The time it takes to refute one lie the same Jew assholes fabricate a thousand more of them.

"Remember the attacks on Mel Gibson when he didn't bow a knee to the Jew power structure? They went after Gibson's family. This seems to be the Jew MO.


[And the responses:]

"I noticed on another thread you were under the spotlight for being a mental patient and a liar yourself, and the Supreme Commander came to your aid. Is this your way of repaying the favor? Maybe you just have a bad judgement in picking groups to join. Ever try joining something that isn't full of corruption? Or is that the only type of gang that will let you in with your background. Did the NSM do a background check on you? Did you train at the NSM training camp? Did you watch the 2003 congress video? Just what do you bring to the table besides accusing everyone of being a jew?"

"Unity with shit means YOU become shit."

"This post could be labeled "Blevins sucking up". Funny he uses the same excuse for himself to not answer questions "the time it takes to refute one the jews fabricate a thousand more blah blah blah". Blevins has no inside information and wouldn't know squat if the allegations were true or not."

[Warren Scott Robbins goes on to accuse Schoep of sleeping with April Braun Patterson - the girlfriend of rapist John Snyder. Additionally, he names a North Carolina member, Jackie Rice, and claims that she presented a detailed description of her sexual encounter with Jeff Schoep. Claiming that Schoep's derrière was exceedingly hairy, Jackie supposedly obliged him with a shave. Rice, reportedly a tattoo artist, is also accused of having sex with Sgt. Kyle of the NSM. Robbins warns Schoep to "get tested" as he claims that Jackie was at one time a "hooker in San Francisco." Can anyone say "As the World Turns?"

Of course, Schoep had a few chosen words along with a couple of his eunuchs. It is really rather interesting watching Jeff Schoep get angry and totally self-destruct. He looses all semblance of civility when angry and you swiftly recognize how utterly child-like he is. A few weeks ago I wrote an article that was centered around an email that I had received from Schoep - entitiled "The Honeymooners." The response from Schoep to that piece certainly bears witness to the juvenile mentality of the man. First, his responses to Robbins, however. He begins by telling everyone the true identity of the person who is vilifying him. He then claims that Warren Scott Robbins is miffed because his girlfriend left him:]

"Warren began this rant after his girlfriend left him. He then went on a similar tirade against her calling her a street walking hooker, and contacting various NSM Leaders stating this. He then goes on to start accusing everyone of sleeping with her and other women. Paranoid delusions.

"Furthermore Warren, lets cut to the chase you had said in a room full of witnesses that you were suppossed to be on medication for a mental imbalance. Perhaps your girlfriend leaving you, and your failed advances towards another well known NSM Female member have driven you over the edge, and you stopped taking your medication?"

[It seems that it has become the in thing among the racist bunch to accuse others within the movement of being either mentally unbalanced, an infiltrator, or a Jew. Those are the three options. Of course, they sometimes preface all of those with their all-time favorite "race traitor." Lacking the vocabulary or the finesse, to specify precisely what it is that is disagreeable to them about another person, the less-gifted racist always falls back on one of the banal threesome.

Schoep goes on to accuse Robbins of being a "pot smoker," being dishonorably discharged from the military, and being an informant. Richard Brunson - one of Schoep's nut cases, addressed Robbins on the NSM forum and implied that he was "an agent of the enemy" and that he is "one clever and sick individual." Referencing the "massive" NSM rally planned for Valley Forge next month, he encourages NSM members to "keep going forwards no matter what they try to do or say."

Another person entered the VNN forum in support of Jeff Schoep. Calling himself "smokinjoe" he warns Robbins to "Grow some eyes in the back of your head" and proceeds to remind him that a large number of Skinheads support the NSM largely because of their active nature. He further tells Sgt. Scott "When you look in the dictionary under loser there is a picture of Scott Robbins." Hmmm…now that sounds so familiar - juvenile, but familiar.

As stated earlier, the last email that I received from Schoep echoes that same juvenile mentality and demonstrates the lack of originality that is so characteristic of Schoep and the NSM. I am including that email along with my responses for an even better understanding of the jejune nature of the leader of the NSM:]



I was not surprised to read your latest story on citizens against hate, your fantasy about me loving you was really funny, and sad all at the same time (lol).

Well, I am happy that you were amused, but how did you arrive at "love" when the statement was…"you secretly care about me?" Actually, it sounds like you are flattering yourself - guess that's what happens to needy people. But then, I have to remember that for you guys we have to keep everything pretty simplistic since you constantly remain on the concrete level of operations.

I had to show it to my older children for a laugh, they guessed you were some lonley fat white whore with some half breed children, that the Father had abandoned. Does that hit the nail on the head Nicole? Hmmmm?

Not even remotely close - as I told you last time, Jeff - you have a major perception deficit going on here. As far as the "abandonment" thing - that seems to be pretty prevalent among those on your side of the world, so I can understand why your children might have thought that. I guess, however, that given the environment that your children have been raised in it is only natural for them to use terms like "fat white whore and "half-breed" and to assume that children had been abandoned by their father.

The Race traitor whores always fall in love with me (after the regret, and it's too late). Sorry skank, but my NS woman backs me 100%, as do my children. I'll do just fine without the mud puppies, thanks anyways (lol).

You have such a way with words, Jeff. But, sometimes you are SO damned redundant! We have found it curious that you seem to be really hung up on "whores." After the way you pimp your followers and your "cause," we have to wonder how much first hand knowledge you have about "whores." According to some of your former members, Jeff, you know a lot about whores up close and real personal. Care to comment?

Nikki, unless your children are White, you have no need to worry about me.

Regardless of our race - I was never worried about you. Nor would you ever cause me to worry.

If they are White, you can place a good bet your children will identify with their Culture and denounce your jewish/leftist ways.

Nice try, Jeff - but no cigar. You see, my children have been raised to never be silent and to never accept the brand of hate that you peddle. They have been raised to have integrity and decency and moral fiber. They have been raised to resist that which in their hearts they know is wrong and unjust - and every single one of them find you and what you stand for absolutely despicable.

You can live your life against your people, or you can defend your people? The choice is obviously yours, you live to serve the enemy, or you fight against it. Simple. Perhaps your children know me already, since you are in love with me and all?

My "people," Jeff, are the millions upon millions of Americans who see you and yours as one of the most detrimental things in our society. My "people" are the millions upon millions of people who see you as laughable at best and an enemy at worst. My "people" are those who fight against your message and your ideology and who are your worst enemy. They are not your enemy because they hate you - they are your enemy because they hate whatever tortuous event(s) caused you to become so defective in your thoughts, heart, and soul. Those are the people who I will gladly defend.

See you later sweetee............................................................

Bet on it!........................................

Jeff Schoep represents the dregs of the neo-Nazi Movement, and that is a pretty degrading place to be considering the rest of the Movement. His plebeian approach to others will certainly never garner him the respect that the rest of the Nazi's seem to think they deserve. Yet, the coarseness that is characteristically Schoep and the vile and sometimes shocking message that he and his NSM project is often quite appealing to the youth of this country. Hence, we watch them closely.

Educators and researchers have often lamented that in order for our youth to learn in today's culture they must be entertained. This has caused many good educators to resign as being on stage everyday can become grueling work and necessitating a high level of energy. Likewise, the hate groups of the 21st Century have determined that the mainstream of America will no longer accept their message of hate and anti-Semitism just because. The leaders emerging within these groups are those with the ability to "entertain." They are the "Elmer Gantry's of Hate." They are the hucksters and the charlatans of the new age - coarse, loud, ambitious and motivated not just by hate but by love - the love of attention and of the almighty dollar. Some are more successful than others, but they all seem to be devoid of one thing - morality.

It has been written that there is no honor among thieves or racists and with the continued war between the factions, it doesn't appear that much will change. The "superiority" that they profess belies itself in their actions and deeds towards others in their fold. There are so many within the rank and file of the neo-Nazi right whose lives exemplify the stereotype that they so desperately want to break away from. And their penchant for sleaze continues to be well chronicled. If the things that have been reported about these "leaders" over the last few years are even half true, one must wonder about the followers.

David Duke squanders money sent in by his supporters in the gambling halls and bars across America - yet, his supporters still defend him. His right-hand man, Vince Breeding, lives the high life and runs a porn industry - yet, there are those who are still behind him. Dr. William Pierce is exposed as a womanizer - yet he still reigns in the hearts of his supporters. Richard Butler is flying to an event with a porn star who has appeared with many who Butler and the Movement detests - and people still send him money. Matt Hale conspires to kill a judge, engages in obstruction of justice, sleeps with and marries teen aged girls, lies to his members and treats those around him as servants and his followers still support him and defend his every action. Erich Gliebe, Shawn Walker, and Dennis Pringle destroy the National Alliance and Resistance Records, as well as pilfer money from contribution funds, but their members continue to support them. The list is endless.

I submit that this allegiance is no different than the blind faith of those who follow an evangelistic shyster straight to the gates of hell. This blind faith is born of desperation and ignorance. It is the outcropping of the type of despondency witnessed in those who have little or no ability to cope with life on its own terms. It is a direct corollary of hopelessness. And hopeless is precisely what this Movement is. We write and talk about their efforts to build "Little Europes" among us, we counter their demonstrations to nullify any thought of them gaining a foothold within our communities, and we expose them to the world for what they are so that we may sleep better at night and to build a kinder and gentler world for our children. The truth of the matter is, they never will be able to achieve their "White Utopia" because they will never be able to sustain even a modicum of civility to each other. Regardless of their agendas, they will never be able to mount any sort of attack on the government or the populace because they will never be able to unify. As a matter of fact, they will, undoubtedly, remain precisely what they are right now - a Movement going nowhere filled with misfits and criminals who simply have no place else to be.

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