Butler's Bimbo

by Nicole Nichols

In this extensive review of Wendy Iwanow's trek from porn star to escort to neo-Nazi debutante, Nicole Nichols raises some thought provoking questions and issues. Was the Bimbo the pawn in a yet to be told tale of fraud, deception and intrigue? Or was she the lost waif taken in by a kindly old Nazi just because she was white? What is her connection to Pazerfaust Records and it's not-so-white leader?
Butler's Bimbo

by Nicole Nichols

Shooting sprees, armored car heists, hate crimes, killing in the name of the Lord, a bastardized religion, and racist rallies have pretty much typified the history of the Aryan Nations. In his waning years, the octogenarian Richard Butler, beloved leader of the fold, has added another dish of sleaze to his menu of hate - pornography, prostitution and a bimbo.

Now I know that those who follow Butler's creed and dogma will take great issue with the "Butler's Bimbo" title of this article. They will claim that Butler is pristine in his sexual appetite and that all he was doing was befriending a little lost waif with nowhere to go as any good Christian man would do. Well?uh?huh. We are so sure that "Pastor" Butler is devoid of any knowledge of any of wrong doings which have characterized those in his fold - sure we are!

Wendy Christine Iwanow, known to porn lovers as "Bianca Trump" and to Stormfront adherents as "Tattoogirl1488" was arrested for forgery while accompanying Richard Butler in an Idaho airport on November 7th. The aging leader claims to have known nothing about Wendy's past and that the only reason that she was with him was that Zack Beck, with whom Butler shares a house, had been arrested and could not join him. Butler had earlier stated that he knew nothing about what had happened when Beck and an accomplice assaulted a Mexican man in a parking lot. If Butler is to be believed then we must infer that his grasp on his cult is faltering - or that he has become senile.

Frequently billed as the "Latin Princess," Iwanow began her life of smut and sex at about the age of nineteen. Dancing in a strip club gained the attention of Penthouse and soon brought others to her door. Once she had made it through the print media the next step was into film. Among the cheesy titles to her credit are "Little White Girl, Big Black Man," which, of course, has raised more than eyebrows within the rank and file of the Movement.

After knocking down 0,000 to 0,000 per movie - and she made several - Wendy decided she wanted out. She bought a nice little run-down mansion in a run-down area of Palm Beach and proceeded to fix the house up. Living in a predominantly black neighborhood and running an escort service as well as an internet voyeur site out of her home might have been all right except that Wendy didn't seem to work and play well with others. Tearing down a retaining wall that her neighbor had built, butchering his Hibiscus hedge and shouting "don't you little niggers come near my house" at the kids across the street didn't endear her to the neighborhood. After 141 calls to the police - none of which resulted in arrest - Wendy moved a little further up the coast.

Apparently that didn't last too long, either. Somewhere along the way Wendy had received training in the field of tattoo artistry and in April of 2003, her life took a really strange turn. She showed up on the Stormfront scene and began posting advertisements for her tattoo business. This, in and of itself, isn't that odd since the White Power and Skinhead set are always good for the tattoo trade. Wendy engaged in light conversation about ink, etc. She claimed to be living with a boyfriend in the Chicago area and put out some feelers for "sisterly companionship." By June, however, Wendy was quite despondent and the boyfriend was gone.

"Has anyone ever had one of those days, weeks, years when nothing seems to be right? No one is what they seem? Has anyone ever had one of those days, weeks, years, when nothing seems to be right. No one is what they seem? I had a really bad week. All of what I thought I knew was a joke. My other half turned out to be a wasted space sucking up vital air we all need. Somehow I ended up totally out of my element in this cold ugly windy city of Chicago over a man. A no good man to boot. Has anyone ended up in what seems like a hopeless situation? Don't get me wrong, I am not all depressed, or suicidal. I am mad. That's all. But, I live here now. Work here. And somehow I will have to learn how to make friends and adapt. It just seems to be such an odd situation starting over .......literally. Has anyone else been through a similar situation? Any advice would be much appreciated.Ok, feeling better now that I got that off my chest in under 100 words."

Somehow I think this girl has never found "her element." But, less than a month later, Wendy announces she is moving to Indiana and posts her information in the Singles area of Stormfront:

"Single and Jaded.....I am heading to Indiana Monday with the Hossier[sic] Skins to tattoo at SS......Back to the country the girl goes. You can take the girl out of the country, but not the country out of the girl. If ya'll don't know about Indiana yet, or the Hoosier Skins, you should. Email me or PM me for tattoo details in that state."

After over 200 adult films and life as a female escort, one must wonder how much "country" could possibly left in the girl. If it wasn't evident before, it certainly becomes evident now that Miss Iwanow is having a great deal of difficulty adjusting to life - and making good choices. It also further solidifies the belief that sleaze begets sleaze. But, it begs the question - "how low can you go."

The Hoosier Skins are a virulent strain of hate mongers who have great difficulty getting along with others, even their own. Being rude, crude, and socially unacceptable is generally expected from any group of racist skin, but add violent behaviors and a fiercely degenerate set of moral values and you have a truly pernicious virus growing in your midst - and that is precisely what the Hoosier Skins are.

On the same day that Iwanow announces her intentions to move to Indiana, she also issued a warning to the women in the movement about a White Nationalist using the handle of CelticFrost. CelticFrost is in reality Patrick Kirby, a man that Iwanow tattooed and who she claims is traveling around the country for the purpose of sleeping with the white women he meets on the internet. Her primary concern seemed to be his lack of protection and lying about where he lived stating that he claims to have a house in Oklahoma.

Iwanow's announcement and warning were both issued on Sunday, July 20, 2003. She moved the following day. By Friday it appeared that she hadn't missed a beat and was completely elated with her decision to relocate - and now she was recruiting:

"I am sure most of you who know me now know that I relocated. I now live in a small town with the Hoosier Skins here in Indiana. This is a nice state, clean town, 99.9% white. There are jobs, homes, a gym, a movie theatre, ect. So it's not THAT small. Several of us work here at the tattoo shop. As of now I am the only woman amongst them.

It would be nice if more people moved out here. Women, children, families, men. My understanding of it is that if the men looking to be involved in the crew their are some requirements. No drama, no pssy whipped, no mouth runners, must be solid, they must get to know you first,must put the brothers ahead of everyone. Those are all I can help with. You would have to contact me to get you in touch with one of the guys if interested. I just wanted everyone to know that it is super cool here, a solid groupof guys, and a great little white town. I hope to see more aware people relocating here in the future. If nothing else come to the party they are having on the 31st. BE THERE!"

Well, Wendy seems to have found her place in the sun! She is even looking forward to a good ole American Bar-b-que in Lafayette on August 31 claiming that the "plan is to get fat and drunk!"

About a month later, Wendy is looking for a roommate. She places an ad which reads:

"I need a WP roomate F/M looking to relocate or who is in the area.(There is work here) I have a Large beautiful CLEAN detatched 2 bedroom home with a full basement with a room for rent.It is very secluded. Clean, modern, fully furnished nicely (gothic style). We are all in a WP town with 30 plus skins (women arnt in the crew, but welcome as supporters).There are jobs as well as other nice places to live. But we all have a temp place to stay to get someone on their feet they just wanted to get a job and live alone. Contact me...... online yahoo tattoogirl1488 and aol tattoogirl1488"

I rather doubt that Wendy had many applicants and two weeks later she is disenchanted - or is no longer welcome - and decides to go on an "extended road trip." Always the entrepreneur, Wendy decides to finance her trip by tattooing her way across America. Her listed itinerary included, "Indianapolis, St. Louis, Tulsa, Oklahoma city ,Amarillo, Albuquerque, Flagstaff. And any town around or in between."

This road-trip was to take place September 13-21, 2003. On September 23, 2003, Wendy announced that she was now "relocated and settled" in Arizona, causing us to question how "extended" this road-trip really was, and to speculate as to how many tattoos she did along the way. If the reader is now wondering what was going on with this woman - so are we. It appears, as we chronicle this bizarre tale, that Iwanow approached each new "relocation" with gusto and optimism. She dove right into whatever was happening on the White Power scene and attempted to lend an air of importance to herself within the movement. Yet, within just weeks of each new location she became disillusioned or dissatisfied - or, was there something else going on with Iwanow?

On October 15, Wendy tells everyone that she is taking appointments for tattoos during Aryan Fest which is to take place in January, 2004 and is to be held in the Phoenix area. On October 23, Iwanow announces that she is going to be in St. Paul, Minnesota from November 1st through the 5th , then will be heading for Northern Idaho and Washington. Claiming that she is going to open a tattoo shop and take care of her ailing Grandmother, Wendy shows up in Hayden, Idaho on either the 30th or 31st of October! Additionally, on Novemeber 1st - the very next day - Wendy is advertising for bands to play at an Aryan Nations Rally in Phoenix, Arizona on November 8th. And, on November 3, 2003 - all announcements and discussion from Wendy Iwanow ceased.

On November 7, 2003, the "Latin Princess" accompanied Aryan Nations leader Richard Butler to the airport in Idaho and it was there that she was arrested on charges of "forgery." Apparently the two were traveling to Phoenix for the Aryan Nations Rally. When the name Wendy Iwanow was entered into the airline computer - authorities who had been attempting to catch up with her were alerted and made the arrest. Butler went on to Phoenix alone.

The details surrounding the arrest warrant and the actual arrest of Iwanow have not been readily obtainable. Yet, it is apparent that authorities had been looking for her - perhaps that is why she never stayed in one place for long. The last word was that she was being held under ,000 bond.

The news of her arrest was unsettling to those in the movement. The news that Wendy Iwanow was, in fact, the porn star who had been on the screen with black men, Jews, and other women sent a shock wave through the movement. Although she had been questioned on occasion about her "whiteness" given her dark features, many had accepted her as the Russian-Italian that she claimed to be. Once realizing that she had billed herself as the "Latin Princess," however, more questions about her ethnicity began to emerge. The fact that she was arrested in the company of the esteemed "Pastor" Butler, however, was a major source of embarrassment for the Aryan Nations. Rick Spring, long time Butlerite, and Chief of Security for Aryan Nations, quickly issued the following statement:

"Following the scriptural teachings of the Bible, Pastor Butler tries to help everyone who is White and searching to change their life for the better. There is not a day that goes by for Pastor Butler without someone calling him who is stranded at the bus station or needing a place to stay. Pastor has always helped all who asked, even if it was the last dime in his pocket. This has caused him problems in the past, because some people he tries to help will deceive him with lies and take advantage of his good will. Wendy is just one more such person to add to that list. She had only been staying in Idaho a few days, helping around the house and also helping to get everything ready for the Aryan Nations rally in Arizona. Nothing More, Nothing Less; and if anyone wants to make jokes about anything else, then they do not know Pastor Butler at all, and they are only revealing how far outside the center of he Aryan Nations cadre they actually are. Unfortunately, there are some people who think that hiding at Pastor Butler's house is a good refuge when you have warrants out and a past which you are running away from. The reason she was traveling with Pastor is because Zack Beck (who was going to fly with Pastor to AZ) was arrested on a bogus hate crime charge in Hayden, Idaho, as many of you may have heard. This, naturally, resulted in a last minute change of plans. No one knew anything about either her warrants, or her past in the adult film industry, or any related issues. Pastor is his own man and does not ask anyone's permission about who he lets in his house. Under his direction, measures have been put into place so that this kind of situation will not happen again."

If we are to believe what Spring has said, then it would appear that Wendy was using the White Nationalist Movement to hide out and that would explain why Bianca Trump - queen of the sleaze film - always appeared to be on the run. She wasn't running to something - she was running away and once again, the White Power guys who are so desperate for members and for acceptance found themselves duped and embarrassed. As to the "helping out around the house" scenario painted by Spring, however, a somewhat different scenario is painted by a young skinhead who claims to have made the trip with her from Arizona to Idaho:

"So we touched ground around 9pm tuesday i believe. Went straight to one of her grammas house (she grew up there and has family) and basically slept. Theyre ok, just relatives. Next day she goes for a job interview then we get to meet richard butler, the leader of aryan nations and his faithful sidekick Zach. Butler is running for mayor and zach is running for city counsel. Just some chitchatting, then that night we go back and go to a bar and toss out flyers for the election. That night at one of the bars we stopped at there was some arguement between us and these 2 girls saying this and that about god knows what. Somewhere along the time, i was kinda drunk, i said i wasnt a member of aryan nations like they thought but i was a supporter. Zach i guess took a big offense to that but im like so what, i dont believe in god and thats all there is to it. Then i said wendy didnt believe in god either or any of that stuff because we had discussed it before and knew it would come up. She then went on the defense saying "you dont know what the hell i am, stfu" just basically putting on a cover-up to look good in front of zach. Later on i called one of the girls names and we left. It was by that time i knew i couldnt trust wendy or zach but hey, everything was still ok. We had a talk in the car later on about what i said and i apologized, not that it did any good when it comes to some people. Later on the next day i think it was, wendy said she didnt even want to go back due to "family problems" but since then she didnt even go see her family because they didnt want her around. She kept running her mouth and couldnt behave apparently. Her other grandmother she was referring to, but to me she looked fine and i saw no reason we shouldnt have left. What a load of crap. Besides being undermined from the night before or whenever, there were more incidents. Later that night us 3 went to another bar and he had set something up to see some lady..so yeah, she showed up. Shes a total junkie that happened to look good, zach i guess took pity on this person. But she ended up leaving all of us for no reason. Nothing happened until us 3 left and i brought it up and i was like what do you want to have any part of this girl for, and i heard it from wendy and zach yelling at me. Like excuse me for bringing something up right, but the main part of the scene is no drugs, never. They both just wanted to yell at me for no reason, wendy was going on with her two-faced attitude defending him, etc. Zach even gave me such claptrap about wanting to change her (but of course he never gets to see her) When we got home i fell asleep in the spare bedroom. He woke me up about an hour later and forced me to take him to see that same druggie. Scared the shit out of me too. While we were driving he kept cursing at me and stole my license, what an asshole. Before we got there we stopped and put a bumper sticker on a police car..Oh well, then i dropped him off and he wouldnt give me my license back, so i had to drive back. After that, i was convinced i dont want to be there anymore, so i started talking to people and about 3 people actually know her and know what shes about. I dont think either one of them believe in shit, zach sleeps with junkies and acts like a hooligan, wendy drinks and drives and always started problems with me. She changed completely and i tried to explain how i was feeling but she didnt care to hear it. Next day i told wendy i was going to leave early instead of waiting to take that van back with strangers, she just said ok. Then she made me food but i refused it, obviously by then i didnt trust her. I was just too afraid of zach and the fact that wendy was showing her true self. Before then i had eaten moldy bread and got really sick and she didnt care, just said "oh come on, cheese is mold but you dont get killed from that" Not to mention theres only 50,000 types of mold, what a fucking idiot. She is such scum. About that time i spoke to my grandpa and told him the situation, he told me to get out and go to the police. So i actually left and went to the city hall, about an hours walk in the cold. I asked about a shelter for a few days if there was somewhere i could be safe at. She referred me to the police and then they said that it was full, then asked if i was ok. I left right after that because i thought our conversation was over, went back to the house. I explained the situation to my grandpa, then he agreed to pay for a bus ride and everything and that he had informed the police. 10 mins later the police showed up so i figured it was about me, so i went out to speak to them for roughtly 5 minutes. They asked if i was ok and then said they were there to talk to zach, apparently he had picked a fight at the food store an hour before. I said nope hes not around and that was it, went back inside. Right after that, Wendy said quote "Get your things" i asked why and she refused to answer, just to get my shit and leave. So there I was, 1,600 miles from home in 20 degree weather completely decked out in neo-nazi gear...no where to go or anything. Fortunetely the police were around there and actually helped me. They got in touch with my grandparents, explained everything then they agreed to put me in a hotel near the bus station and that was about it. Before we left though, zach had come home and they were talking to him about god knows what, i was in the car keeping warm. White pride my ass, her profile on ringo says some garbage about taking care of people and cooking and cleaning..what fucking ever all she does is complain about her divorce and absolutely uses men for whatever purpose they can be used for. Guess i just wasnt cool enough for her anymore and didnt mind throwing a true white out in the cold. She is a traitor and i look down on people like her. She couldnt keep herself behaved around some of her relatives so they didnt want her around. After i got to the hotel the person who was in charge even fed me, he was a nice guy. Next day i had to be up early to get on the bus. The bus ride was hell, 2 days with muds, bums and mexican babies screaming. Fortunetely dad agreed to pick me up in las vegas, so when i got there we went to a big casino, he lost 100 bucks and i drank 4 bottles of becks, got drunk and talked to a really cool woman who went around asking people who wanted drinks. She was 32, really really pretty and married with 2 kids. We had a bit to talk about. Even gave me a few beers. The funniest thing is no one checked my id while i was there, nor while gambling or drinking walking around with beer."

We think that this young man probably paints a much better picture of the entire scenario of the entire Aryan Nations landscape and we can only hope that eventually his disillusionment with the AN will become disillusionment with the entire spectrum of these insidious racists. The lengthy description of the events in Phoenix prior to the trip north written by this young man is complete with a drunken night with Wendy and the Arizona Aryan Nations leader, Jeremy, throwing shopping carts into the streets and urinating on cars.

Another validation of this young man's take on the events is that he indicates that Wendy had a round-trip plane ticket for St. Paul, Minnesota where she was to fly on the weekend. That ticket was bought for her by Anthony Pierpont - the owner of Panzerfaust Records. And this bears discussion. Pierpont has been called "the most competent promoter in the white power music business. Additionally, his family reportedly owns and operates "Porn Star Clothing," an outfit which has come under criticism because it targets young white girls with a brand of clothing which could be called nothing else but slutty. Anthony and Bryant Cecchini currently run Panzerfaust Records and are giving Resistance Records a run for their money. They are also closely aligned with Billy Roper of White Revolution - who was ousted out of the National Alliance by Erich Gliebe, also of Resistance Records.

Pierpont, while a good promoter, comes under attack frequently by the white power set because of his dark skin and having previously served time for drugs. One white nationalist characterizes him thusly:

"Anthony Pierpont of Panzerfaust records likes to stay behind the scenes for the most part. Rarely will you see a picture of him on the internet. I went to a show in California a while back and low and behold there he was in all his brown glory. What made me more sick than the fact that this mud was here chasing White women was the fact that so many people turn a blind eye to his racial background . Anyone who I know that has met him had the reaction of "my god he's not white". So many bands have gone on his record label and many know full well that he is not white. This is truly sickening. No matter what money someone pours into our concerts or music productions there is no excuse for having a mexishit running one of the biggest "White Power" record labels in the USA. I have heard of him bragging to girls at shows that he can take them to Hawaii on trips and that he throws gifts at White women to try to get laid. All the while behind the scenes trying to bring down other labels through encouraging friends to go to chat rooms and message boards and start rumors about the "competition".

Another note is that his family owns PORN STAR clothing. A clothing line that even most white parents who have no sense of racial identity could find disgusting to see pushed on teenage girls. From his crude behavior at concerts showing his privates in front of underaged girls to fighting with girls it is clear that he is not only non-White but a scumbag to boot. He is also alleged to have a drug arrest in his past. Anyone who has publicdata.com can do a search on their own and see whats what (Anthony A. Pierpont). His family is alleged to have paid the mexican mafia to "protect" him while he did his time in jail. While some in the movement are willing to turn a blind eye to the brown elephant in the room many more are disgusted and turned off by this. While Anthony claims to be of Croatian descent anyone who meets him and has met any Croat knows he isn't, he is either a mexishit or a gypsy either way it equals MUD. We should all take a second look at who we allow in our ranks, what are they? What are their intentions? Turning a blind eye to someone who is not only non - white but a person of questionable character is a dishonour and a disgrace."

Up until the revelation that Pierpont had provided a round-trip ticket to Wendy, we were pretty willing to write this off as a case of Iwanow running from the government and using people in the White Power Movement as shields. Now, however, we must ask "who was using who?"

White Power is becoming big business in the United States. It has long been asserted that groups such as the National Alliance are nothing more than money-making operations always holding their hands out. The dwindling membership these days is largely due to the badgering for dues and the hawking of "white goods." Books, music, and wearing apparel with various White Power insignias and logos are big sellers - and people like Pierpont know that. In his endeavors to equal or best Resistance Records we are certain that many a ruthless deal has been cut. For as it now stands - the White Power Movement is about making money.

Let us look at Wendy Iwanow a little closer. Bianca Trump was reportedly paid 0,000 to 0,000 per film and she reportedly made over 200 of them. When she left the industry, she purchased a home for 0,000 - a veritable steal in Palm Beach, Florida. She then worked in the escort business - and escort services do not come cheaply in South Florida. Records show that she sold the house for 0, 000. Not a shabby profit considering that she had only lived there for a couple of years. After that she bought another house for about 0,000 - which she promptly sold for about the same. Are we to believe that with that within the course on one year, this resourceful woman went through a bank account ladened with that kind of cash and had to call upon the aging Aryan Nations leader for a place to stay? Are we to believe that she had to earn her keep by "helping around the house and also helping to get everything ready for the Aryan Nations rally in Arizona" as Rick Spring would like us to think in his damage control memo?

This writer doubts very seriously that there is any truth to the many innuendoes linking Butler and Iwanow in any sexual manner - not because Butler is above that, simply because, other than Wendy being eye-candy for the octogenarian, any other thoughts are incomprehensible. Certainly, the speculations of such a tryst are amusing - but probably not too reliable. But, to believe that Iwanow was an indigent white power follower who simply needed a hand-out from Butler and friends is equally as taxing to my sensibilities. I believe that once the truth is finally reached - and it will be - that we will be privy to a fascinating little tale which directly ties the Tattoo Girl to Pierpont, Cecchinni and Roper in some sort of fraudulent and illegal endeavor surrounding a money-making scheme, laundering, drugs or a combination of these things. Butler's Bimbo might just have been the pawn in a growing movement to line the coffers of the neo-Nazi's. -----

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