Gliebe Breaks Silence
...or Gleibe and Walker v The Rest of the Racist Right
by Nicole Nichols

Being under fire from those who know too much is never a comfortable position to be in. Erich Gliebe, Chairman of the National Alliance, has found himself under that kind of fire for some time now. From the one-time Board of Directors to the Membership Coordinator, they have all left and many are speaking out - and it truly isn't pretty.

Until now, the one-time Aryan Barbarian has refused to shake hands and come out fighting. How will it end - we predict a TKO in the 10th Round. Nicole Nichols has Gleibe's response to some of the blows that have already been landed.

Erich explains his refusal to allow a family to bury their stillborn infant on National Allaince property.

Gliebe speaks on the 00 that he says the NA gave to Amanda. He also speaks about Kevin Alfred Strom.

Often, the death of a prominent leader in an organization or group results in chaos and confusion among the rank and file members. Generally, however, someone emerges and takes the reins pulling things back together again. This doesn't happen without some fall out but usually the damage is minimal. In the case of the National Alliance, however, the job of the new management after the death of the immortalized Dr. Pierce seems to be more and more difficult with every passing day.

Erich Gliebe, the not so new Chairman of the National Alliance, has been under attack by disgruntled members and the former Board of Directors. These attacks have become quite vicious accusing Gliebe and his side-kick, Shaun Walker, of fraud, misappropriation of funds, fixing an audit, bribery, intimidation, sexual promiscuity, and child molestation. It would appear to the casual observer that Dr. William Pierce and his entourage has been replaced by a group of immoral criminals with nothing else on their minds other than living large and blowing the money that lined the coffers of the one-time premiere hate group.

The recent resignation of David Pringle has resulted in the storm around this leadership gaining new life. Pringle, who had served the group as the National Membership Chairman, since the ousting of Billy Roper, not only left his position but, according to Gliebe and Walker, promised to hurt them and the Alliance. Allegedly, he also threatened them with the FBI. He is carrying out that threat via the message boards on the internet. His reasons for leaving are reported differently by Walker and Pringle with Pringle's being, of course, the more altruistic of the two.

As the storm gained momentum this week, other former members stepped forward to side with Pringle and it became evident that this was not going to peter out any time soon. Much of the dirty laundry that has already been public is being thrown around again as well as some new claims that are hitting their mark in what appears to be an all-out onslaught against the gang on the hill. In an effort to put some of this in perspective, I asked Erich Gliebe about some of these claims. What follows are some of the allegations that have been made and Gliebe's response to each:

CLAIM: Erich Gliebe has been working on some kind of deal with Tom Metzger, Tom Padgett and King Kumba. It is also reported that this is the reason that Gliebe didn't attend the New Orleans Protocol meeting held by David Duke. It was stated that Metzger, who has no use for Duke, told Gliebe if he attended "the deal's off."

QUESTION: 1. Is there any truth to this affiliation? 2) If there is truth to this, how can you justify such an alliance with your membership? 3) If there is truth to this, in hindsight, would it have been better for you to attend the meeting in New Orleans? 4) If there is absolutely no truth in this, where do you think the allegation came from?

GLIEBE'S RESPONSE: Resistance Records has absolutely no record deal with someone named "King Kumba."

CLAIM: Resistance records has been promoting and selling Satanic music and Satanic books. This claim also gave rise to the following questions: "He's said he will "try to build and improve the Alliance so that it will open up a glorious future for our people". Ok how? Strippers on calendars? Satanic music? Disappearing leaving Shaun Walker to cover his tracks? Is he even down in West Virginia? What about the billboard fund? What should we put on the billboards?

QUESTION: In a time when many of you are striving to gain mainstream status and mainstream attention, you cannot blame those for disagreeing with what they consider to be immoral. How do you justify the calendar charges or the Satanic music? There have been dozens of statements made about your lack of initiative and action on numerous promised projects. Is that because of lack of money or an oversight on your part?

GLIEBE'S RESPONSE: Resistance is not interested in carrying any Satanic music, but we do sell a lot of Pagan Metal.

CLAIM: A member, who was having a hard time because of losing his job, fell behind on his dues. Gliebe leaned on the guy pretty heavy and told him that his membership would be pulled if he didn't pay up.

QUESTION: Is this a new policy at headquarters? There have been numerous comparisons between the way Dr. Pierce ran things and the way that you operate. It's always difficult to try and fill the shoes of a predecessor. Is this an unfair burden that you have been saddled with?

GLIEBE'S RESPONSE: As for a member being behind on dues, Dr. Pierce would drop everybody who was six months behind, no exceptions. We currently do not do this And always take into consideration a member's financial situation if we are aware they are having difficulties paying dues.

CLAIM: Shaun Walker cut Erich Gliebe a check in the amount of $10,000 for a new car. Erich, instead of buying a $10,000 car bought a new Jeep V-8 with leather seats, sun roof, the works. This car cost $40,000 which the Alliance is now paying for. The Jeep is reported to already have 81,000 miles on the speedometer. It was also asserted that numerous members in the Cleveland Unit dropped membership because of this.

QUESTION: Apparently, more than a few members consider a $40,000 automobile a little extravagant. It has long been said that the NA was the wealthiest of all. Is it still that way? Is it losing money? Where is the organization, financially, in comparison with where it was at Dr. Pierce's death?

GLIEBE'S RESPONSE: "I bought my Jeep with my own money and a trade-in and took out a loan, on which I am making monthly payments with my money. Prior to the purchase of this vehicle, I drove nothing but beaters for years. In fact, the September '91 issue of GQ poked fun at my old '92 Pontiac Sunbird, which was way too small for my 6'4" frame. The Jeep does NOT have leather seats and 31,000 miles on it.

"Despite becoming Chairman in July 2002, I refused to give myself a pay raise for quite some time, despite the fact I was only earning $27,000 a year, which is not a lot of a CEO of any corporation. I also have to pay my own health insurance out of my salary."

CLAIM: Shaun Walker had been kicked off the speaker's platform at the Duke Conference held in Louisiana. There then was a reported retaliation at the September 4, 2004, National Alliance meeting where, allegedly, neither David Duke nor Don Black attended, but one of their lackeys, Jamie Kelso, showed up. According to the report, "Walker and several other big thugs pounced on Kelso in a secluded room and accused him of being a spy and wearing a "wire" to make tape recordings. Walker took a piece a paper that Kelso surrendered and burnt it. Then the gang bullied and intimidated Kelso until he stripped to prove that he wasn't wearing a wire."

"Even Kelso tried to keep the strip search secret but Duke and Black found out later. Duke told Gliebe to go to hell."

"Walker further retaliated by ordering the NA leaders to not cooperate with EURO."

QUESTION: Are you familiar with this incident? If it, in fact, took place what can you tell us about it? Did David Duke tell you to "go to hell?" Are there any plans for the two groups to work together in the future?

GLIEBE'S RESPONSE: Duke NEVER told me to go to hell and Mr. Kelso was NOT roughed up at the Leadership Conference and, in comparison, I'm treated a lot worse at airports.

CLAIM: Erich Gliebe and Shaun Walker have caused at least 20 key staff people to leave the National Alliance.

QUESTION: In watching the reports of the various people jumping ship since your tenure, I tend to believe this claim. To what do you attribute this exodus?

GLIEBE"S RESPONSE: Membership is not down and I would have to say that the overall quality of our membership is probably at its highest peak ever.

CLAIM: Erich and Shaun are living "comfortable lifestyles" complete with $1200 per month cell phone bills on the part of Gilebe, new cars, unlimited expense accounts, the company of dancers from various nightclubs, but they rip off staffers for their wages.

QUESTION: I have to admit, Erich that it really does appear that you and Shaun are living large and flaunting it. Knowing that membership is down and Resistance Records has taken a helluva hit, I can't help but wonder what you are thinking here.

GLIEBE'S RESPONSE: Shaun Walker and I are in no way living a comfortable lifestyle. Shaun sleeps in his small office most of the time. Also if you take a look at my trim waistline, I think you can see I'm not living "high off the hog."

"As for firing employees for poor performance or bad behavior, some of Dr. Pierce's final words to me were, "Don't be afraid to be ruthless."

CLAIM: Erich's morals have come into question because it is reported that he, at one time, was having an affair with a married woman with children. The woman was said to be an Alliance member.

QUESTION: So is this true? Or is there more to the story? Granted, this is more of a personal attack on you, but let's face it, as leader of the NA being under close scrutiny comes with the territory.

GLIEBE"S RESPONSE: As for women, I'm quite happy with the relationship I am currently in and am interested in settling down and having a family. I have never been married and thus have had to answer to no one, although the same can't be said for some of the hypocrites who attack me.

CLAIM: Erich Gliebe told a unit coordinated to stay away from Dennis Pringle because Pringle is a fed.

QUESTION: Erich, I don't have to tell you that this kind of bullshit rhetoric is getting really old. If someone disagrees, they're a Jew. If someone questions, they're a fed. If you're caught in a lie, you're as bad a black person…etc., etc., As long as Pringle has been with the NA, do you really believe he is a federal informant?

GLIEBE'S RESPONSE: It doesn't matter if Pringle has ever talked to the authorities, because threatening to do so unless I gave him money is just as bad.

CLAIM: It is alleged that when Gliebe and Walker went to visit the Arizona Unit, where trouble had been brewing, Gliebe kept the members waiting two and one half ours while he holed up in his room with his girlfriend getting ready for the meeting. Reportedly, the meeting was a disaster.

QUESTION: Uh…Erich, is this an accurate characterization of what took place?

GLIEBE"S RESPONSE: As for the Arizona meeting, I roomed with Shaun Walker and not a woman.

CLAIM: The following questions were raised by a member on VNN Forums:

"How do you feel about chairman Gliebe going around wrecking homes and screwing other people wives? How do you feel about chairman Gliebe who goes to a sleazy "titty" bar named Lady Godiva's and samples the wares? How do you feel about chairman Gliebe who jeopardized the National Alliance by having about six girlfriends at once. The FBI being able to tell each gal about the others and getting the angry gals to rat everything they knew about Gliebe? How do you feel about chariman Gliebe having one of his "lady" friends being a stripper featured in "girls of Altanta" in Playboy magazine? How do you feel about chairman Gliebe being late for a key meeting of the Phonex NA unit because he was "entertaining" a member's wife in his hotel room?"

QUESTION: How do you feel about all of this dirty linen being aired in public?

GLIEBE'S RESPONSE: I do NOT go to strip clubs. Only a sucker would pay for a "lap dance." I am also one of the few people I know who has NEVER looked at a porn Web site, not even once in my life.

CLAIM: It has been alleged for quite some time now that Erich had been investigated for child molestation. In the recent flap, that charge raised its' ugly head once more wherein it was stated that "Gliebe purposefully manufactures his reputation as a "ladies man" to disguise his true preferences. Everybody's dues money came in quite handy when Gliebe had to hire that lawyer to get him out of the child molestation charges which were about to be filed against him. Good thing for Gliebe the little girl's mother, his ex-girlfriend, decided not to press charges."

QUESTION: The homosexual reference is just more of the same kind of rhetoric I mentioned earlier. This whole child molestation thing, however, is potentially very dangerous for you. Do you have a comment on those charges?

GLIEBE'S RESPONSE: I have NEVER been charged or even questioned about "child molestation,"and have never had to hire an attorney for any such thing. However, I feel that a person falsely accusing someone of such a hideous act should face the same penalties of a person convicted of such a crime.

CLAIM: Pringle claims that Gliebe was seeing six women at the same time and that the FBI questioned all of them and made them aware of each other. Pringle quipped that he had been referring to Erich as "Six-shooter."

QUESTION: Six-Shooter? Erich, I am not interested in your sex life but I am interested in how you can be this promiscuous and yet hope to achieve acceptance among those who are wanting mainstream attention?

GLIEBE"S RESPONSE: As for the term "six-shooter," I think the innovator of that has a Big imagination and little facts. How the hell can one man keep six women happy? I am quite happy with my girlfriend and am not interested in anyone else.

CLAIM: Erich Gliebe has missed every "production deadline" of Resistance Magazine since he took over.

QUESTION: This has long been a bone of contention among the rank and file. Any explanation as to why this has occurred? I'm assuming that it is correct because it is easy enough to verify.

GLIEBE'S RESPONSE: Resistance is not a quarterly magazine; we publish when we can.

As an aside, Erich offered the following comments:

"First of all, since 1990 (when I joined the NA), I averaged spending $100 a week on Alliance activities. All in all, I've easily spent over $100,000 of my own money on NA recruiting and activities over the years. And I have quite a few receipts to back up my claims. Also, in the late '90s, an elderly member of the Cleveland Local Unit told me he was going to leave me his entire estate which was valued at $150,000, but I told him to leave it all to the National Alliance instead, which he did. Now I could have really used that money at the time, but have always thought the Cause to be of much greater importance than myself. I'm probably one of the few people who would put spending money on the Cause before buying food for myself.

By the way, I dumped around $20,000 of my own money into Resistance Records when I first started managing the company and I have all the receipts to prove it. The company was in such bad shape at the time, that the only way to put out the magazine was to give the company a financial boost myself. I even took out a loan to pay for the entire recording costs of the band Wolfheart when they were recording their "Return of the Past" album.

It's actually quite humorous that some of my detractors are chronically unemployed or receive government assistance. All I need ask, when was the last time David Pringle held a job in the real world? How about Will Williams or David Wayne Sims (a.k.a. Jerry Abbott)? It must be nice to have all day to play on the Internet and slander people."

Erich Gliebe's answers to these questions can be read in their entirety here:

Additionally, in a previous email Erich made the following statements:

"Pringle's allegations are nothing more than a disgruntled former Employee throwing a temper tantrum. Let's just look at his false allegation about a ",200 monthly cell phone bill": Any cell phone company can offer a decent monthly plan of unlimited usage for 0 or less. Enough said.

Oh, and as for my Jeep, it has no leather seats, I make all the payments, and I purchased it with a trade-in."

As this interview was taking place Shaun Walker posted a response to those making all of these accusations. Walker forwarded his post to me. Walker accuses Pringle of harassment and character defamation. He also claims to be in possession of emails sent to him by Pringle threatening harm to the National Alliance unless he is given money. Certainly, if that is true, the Alliance has a good case for extortion against Pringle.

Walker goes on to characterize Pringle as a "fun guy to hang-out with, but has dismal work ethics." Shaun claims that part of the problem had been Pringle's promise to move from Alaska to West Virginia never had materialized. Citing Pringle's inefficiency in work ethic, Walker issues the following statement:

"Mr. Gliebe wasn't pleased with Pringles lackadaisical performance and it appeared that all "Big Dave" liked to do, was drive around from Unit to Unit every few months, shake a few hands and give a dull, pointless speech, which have always consisted of what Mr. Pringle did that week. Instead of working long hours and building up an organization, Mr. Pringle seems to only enjoy the fruit of others' labor. He isn't an effective member, but rather more just hot air."

Shaun Walker's entire post may be read here.

It is difficult to ascertain just where the truth lies in all of this. While Gliebe and Walker are not among our favorite people Pringle is also sitting right at the top of our bonehead list as well. In a close-up on Pringle that I wrote a couple of years ago, I made the following observations:

Pringle is neither erudite nor prolific. He is more of a rough-hewn, beer-bellied guy with a definite axe to grind. He is quick to take issue with anyone who fails to see or comply with his belief that the white man is being maligned and mistreated. Despite his "Joe Schmo" appearance, Pringle has mastered the new National Alliance rhetoric, however. In a recent interview with Alaska reporter, Amanda Coyne, Pringle reiterated the message that certain neo-Nazi's and white power individuals need not apply to the National Alliance:

"I'd like to get rid of all those swastikas and, like, "White Power, dude!" guys," he said. "Also, those guys who are like, "Oh my god, you're an FBI agent! We know you're wired!"

"The far right is full of freaks and losers."

In spite of his ability to spread the word that the National Alliance no longer desires tattooed and pierced skinheads or swastika-waving Nazi's in their midst, Pringle must be a source of embarrassment for the other leaders who are trying to deceive the white world into believing that they only have the best interest of the white race at heart. Pringle's words on Timothy McVeigh might very well be one source of that embarrassment:

McVeigh "was trying to reach out to us," Pringle said, referring to a message McVeigh left a few weeks before the bombing, at an Arizona phone number used by the National Alliance in Albuquerque. McVeigh's message inadvertently went unanswered, Pringle said.

On June 11, when McVeigh was executed for the bombing that killed 168 people, Pringle posted this message, pulled off an Internet forum by the Southern Poverty Law Center:

"Tim McVeigh was 32, so am I. I was in the US Army Infantry for 4 years, 88 -- 92, so was he. I served in the Middle East, so did he. I read The Turner Diaries, so did he. I used to distribute fliers with the Ft. Mojave, Arizona message number on them, he called it. Tim's middle name was James, my son's first name is James. Will I remember Timothy James McVeigh? As long as I live. Did he do wrong? No."

"OKC death toll 169 and rising,"

Pringle signed off.

Chilling? We think so too. This post followed by his discussion of leaderless resistance lays truth to our claims that the deception being practiced by this group cannot be allowed without the proper exposure. When speaking to members of the movement about leaderless resistance Pringle is careful not to "appear" as if he is condoning violence. But the implicit message is not easily lost on anyone:

I also think leaderless resistance has its time and place. This is not the time. Our movement (collectively) is at the make or break phase. This is the time for every White man to "come out of the closet" so to speak. It is only through our boldness that we can recruit the mass of White men and women we will need to win.

The masses need to feel safe; it is our job to make them feel that way. Sun Tzu says never to draw your forces into a walled city. Neither should we wall ourselves in. Hiding and being afraid of what others think is cowardly and dishonorable. If homosexual trash can come out and say they love unnatural sex why would we be afraid of saying we want a White society? The only reason these homos are in the position of cultural power today is because of sheer persistence. WE also need to be persistent.

The only way we can make Joe and Jill six-pack join our great movement is to make them feel safe. Sheep flock together, right? We need the sheep, the masses, to be a success. We need their dues to fund our movement. We need their warm bodies at our marches. The more of us they see the better.

I implore any white man who is now considering a shooting spree or a bombing, not to do it. There will be a time to attack the enemy with direct action. It may closer than any of us think. But it is not today. Now is the time for recruiting and training. Our children's future depends on it! Our Race depends on it!

David M. Pringle
National Alliance
" And, Joe and Jill six-pack are, indeed, who David Pringle appeals to. The "sheep" are who will bring the most monetary support to the National Alliance - and that, of course, is what it is really all about. The Alliance has long been the number one money raiser of all of the neo-Nazi groups. Reistance records, alone, allows them to maintain a full staff of people. No wonder they want a sharper image. A more palatable perception of the Nazi's means more membership which equates to more dollars.

In February of 2001, a group of teen-agers went on a rampage in Anchorage where they targeted minorities with a paint-ball attack. Amidst the outrage and the indignant cries of the residents, David Pringle saw this as an opportunity to recruit. This is not unusual for the Alliance and other racist organizations. Times of racial upheaval are generally a green-light for them to move in and try to capitalize upon the chaos. Shortly after the attack, Pringle and his members went to work distributing hate flyers. Much of the community was outraged but Pringle insisted that the literature was for the purpose of recruitment. They quickly moved into Juneau where Pringle commented, "The more diverse an area is, the easier it is to recruit people."

David Pringle is a 34-year-old diesel mechanic. He claims that he left Albuquerque because of the high crime rate. More than likely the real reason was because his wife, who is a nurse, got a job there. Pringle stands about 6'4" and tips the scales somewhere around 230-240. He claims that the objective of a white homeland, which is held by the National Alliance, will take between 40 and 50 years to be realized. He advocates Lone Wolf tactics at the "right time and the right place." And he insinuates that more acts of violence like those of McVeigh's are to come.

While Pringle is one of the lesser creepy-crawlies of the National Alliance, speculation about him becoming the next leader may be way off the mark. The web that Pringle spins is not worthy of too much notice and will likely only capture more of the same ilk. As the National Alliance struggles to rebound from the death of Pierce, and at the same time put on a new face, it is highly unlikely that someone as "Joe Schmo" as Pringle will find favor with the "elitists" of the NA. The trouble is - all they really want is "sheep," and Pringle probably knows sheep better than any of them.

Nothing much has changed since I first wrote about Pringle. He has become no more or less a Schmo. Now that he has hung up his title with the National Alliance, he can be found hanging out with the other misfits and rejects on the VNN forum commiserating about his mistreatment by Gliebe and Walker.

Nothing much has changed with Gliebe either. He still heads-up the National Alliance and he still fits the profile that was written two years ago with one exception - the lauding of his money-making prowess has turned to ridicule and blame.

Gliebe has also been ridiculed severely for his failure to speak out about the many claims being lodged against him. Until this interview, it appeared that Erich lacked either the ability or the will to fight back - hardly the picture one gets when thinking of the "Aryan Barbarian." And, while breaking his silence might be considered monumental by some, questions still remain. Often it is the questions left unanswered that create the most doubt - and there were more questions. For example:

CLAIM: Erich Gliebe and the National Alliance is running another record label other than Resistance. The new label is called "Unholy Records."

QUESTION: This is raising a lot of eyebrows, Erich. Can you tell us what your relationship with Unholy Records is and how that came about?


COMMENT: Unholy Records maintains a P.O. Box in none other than Marlinton, West Virginia. On their website they boast the following:

"Unholy Records will strive to release bands that will wreak havoc and crush all in their path. From thrash metal mayhem, to grim NSBM all the way to head stomping hatecore.....if the music is deadly, and the message genuine, Unholy will have it! The masses have been warned."
Among the bands featured are "Aryan Terrorism," "Nocturnal Fear," and "Vaginal Jesus." Some of the song titles include such sought after hits as:

Indians Are Red Nigger Skunks
I Hate Niggers
Manditory Abortions For Niggers
Jewish Provocation
Total War
Destroy the Church of Christ
Sterilize and Exterminate
Unholy Throne of Blasphemy
A WHOIS search of the Unholy Records website shows the following:

National Alliance
P.O. Box 330
Hillsboro, WV 24946
(304) 653-4707


Administrative Contact:
Gliebe, Erich
P.O. Box 330
Hillsboro, WV 24946
(304) 653-4707

Technical Contact:
Gliebe, Erich
P.O. Box 330
Hillsboro, WV 24946
(304) 653-4707

CLAIM: The National Alliance has a standing rule that all locally produced flyers must meet the standards of the National Alliance before they can be distributed. Yet it is claimed that the pamphlet "What is the National Alliance" which is produced at headquarters is missing an entire paragraph and that Gliebe and Walker know about this but continue to send them out.

QUESTION: This seems to imply that you are ripping off your membership by cutting corners. Any comment?


CLAIM: Walker was there (in New Orleans) but was bumped from the program because so many people think he's a fed. Gliebe was begged by Strom and Dr. Ellis to attend but didn't because he was afraid of losing "the deal." Both Gliebe and Walker talk nonstop shit about David Duke and have recently sent out the order that the NA and EURO will not work together in anyway. Both Walker and Gliebe are intimidated by Duke and are afraid their people will defect.

QUESTION: How much truth in this? 1) Have you heard that these people believe Shaun to be a Fed? 2) Were you urged to attend by KAS and Dr. Ellis? 3) Have you sent out an order stating that you will not work with EURO? 4) Are you afraid of losing membership to Duke?


CLAIM: "Two of Pringle's former Alaska NA Unit members, Dave and Margo, are now working on the hill for the people who are slandering their mentor, but Margo's sister is dating Gliebe's guy Steve who is living in Fred's former house. Where will their alliances fall? And, Marlinton residents report that the remaining staff members are putting in applications for jobs in town, what could this portend????"

QUESTION: So what is the status of Dave and Margo now that Pringle is gone? And, are the staff members looking for work because the Alliance can't pay them, or are they "disgruntled" also?


CLAIM: "We need an independent audit to explain these and several other ridiculous expenditures. Specifically: ,000 on 1,000 MORE Chinese made-swastika soled boots ( We have spent more than 0,000 total on these boots. Most of them now collect dust in the warehouse) ,000 on Nordland CD inventory, most of which doesn't sell. ,000 down payment on 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee, "loaded." ,000 on Demarais lawsuit, and that is just the retainer. ,000 on the girlie calendar (,000 on printing and ,000 on free merchandise for the girls) ,500 on the Navajo blanket flag. ,200 a month on Gliebe's cell phone bill (as most of you know, he doesn't spend this phone time talking about the NA.) 0,000 for construction work on the new building. This is more than ALL the other buildings' cost COMBINED! And this is just for the INTERNAL improvements! This is for a meeting hall that is used twice a year.

And what has all of these expenditures bought the Alliance? Well, here is what it hasn't paid for: -No Dr. Pierce monument. Sure, blame it on the brick company. -No Membership handbook. Gliebe is blaming this on everyone and the kitchen sink. A few weeks ago at an NA meeting Gliebe blamed the Membership Handbook fiasco on Jamie Kelso. Of course he forgot to mention that he hired one of his girlfriends in 2002 to compile the already late Handbook. I went to Jamie Kelso after Gliebe and Walker both refused to hire Elisha Strom. Elisha knows how to layout books and has a good command of the English language. Erich said he didn't want to put "all his eggs in one basket." So I waited and waited and waited some more. Everyday I was answering questions about the lack of a handbook. Every meeting I attended I had to answer the same question. Finally I decided to find someone myself and get the damn thing done. I gave a copy of the handbook text to Jim Reid, Roger Williams and Jamie Kelso. Jamie said he would look at it and see what he could do. Right away Jim and Roger noticed TONS of errors, poor grammar etc. Jim said "we actually paid someone to do this?" Now suddenly Erich is blaming Kelso. I put more ink into this particular section of the post because, in my opinion it typifies Erich Gliebe's lack of leadership. Like the author of "We Get Confessions" so aptly put it. "The Losers Motto: If at first you don't succeed; fix the blame quickly."

-Where is Dr. Pierce's opus, "Who We Are?" Gliebe has taken the "Losers Motto" to heart and fixed the blame for this missing project where is doesn't belong as well."

QUESTION: Do you wish to comment on any or all of these charges?

GLIEBE'S RESPONSE: No Answer. (Shaun Walker DID mention the ,000 on Nordland inventory and claimed that Pringle's figure was way off).

CLAIM: Under Erich Gliebe's "leadership" we haven't achieved a single one of his stated goals for the year. Not one. In fact, we have fewer members, less money and substantially less credibility than we did one year ago."

QUESTION: Is this true or not? I can tell you from my perspective that it appears the lack of credibility is true.


CLAIM:"Shaun, with Erich's approval moved Kevin to performance-based pay."

QUESTION: Really…I find that quite interesting. Comment?


CLAIM: Recently Shaun docked Kevin ,000 for being "late" with the latest issue of National Vanguard magazine. When Shaun docked Kevin, the magazine was, in fact, at the printer. This is another prefect example of the Gliebe Leadership Principal. Erich has Shaun dock Kevin for being late with a magazine when the Chairman was 8 months late with the latest issue of Resistance Magazine; ask him about it and what will he tell you..."it wasn't my fault."

QUESTION: Now Erich, you have to admit that this is a damned good point.


CLAIM: "Erich Gliebe has blown into town here in Seattle with his porn-queen whore, Erika. She does not look anything like the airbrushed Playboy photo Gliebe sent around to some UC's a few weeks ago. (Admittedly, we have not yet seen her sitting down staring at her shaved XXXXX yet either.)

Of course, the Chairman claims he is going to marry this slut, just like he promised Kelly, Stacy, Katy and Kim, among others. As a local NA wife suggested today, "lets just see how long before GoGoNaziGirl is GONE."

We have already asked the Chairman why NA dues are being used to fly his latest phone-sex partner around the country. Gliebe claims her airfare was paid with his frequent flyer miles. Our local unit is paying for the hotel accommodations for the Aryan Barbarian and his crusty stripper for three nights, double occupancy. Truth is, after everything we have heard about this guy lately, no one with a house full of kids wanted to put them up, anyway.

The spin and damage control started as soon as Gliebe got here. The latest Internet questions and criticisms are all part of a "COINTELPRO" operation, he says. "All lies." Don't believe what you read on the web, the Chairman tells us. Everything is going well. We are bigger than ever, and doing more than ever. Get to specifics and he interrupts you with his "duh...where did you hear that," question.

Gliebe claims Kevin Strom is on his side "100%," and so is Dr. Ellis.

The word is that during the meeting this weekend, the Chairman is going to officially designate us as a unit. He needs a picture of Ryan for the Bulletin and probably has a pocket full of gold rune pins to pass out.

Gliebe has made a few creepy requests already. He demanded a lectern in order to address us huddled masses. We told the idiot that this unit is much more informal and works effectively because we are very cohesive and close. He just needs to stand up among us and speak like a man. We will see.

This is a family-oriented local. Wives and children usually participate. I guess the best we can hope for is that the Chairman can tell us about all of the important projects going on at the National Office and then pass the hat around without talking about anal sex or saying "boob job" in front of the kids."

QUESTION: You know that these people are really not very fond of your latest girlfriend. After all of the publicity surrounding Wendy Iwanow (Bianca Trump) and the Aryan Nations, Panzerfaust, etc., I would like to know how you can justify this to the membership.


CLAIM: This message was allegedly posted on Stormfront in response to claims made against Gliebe:

Originally Posted by Kevin Alfred Strom I can assure you that, while not every issue in this thread is relevant or should have been brought up, the concerns that prompted this affair are most certainly not "BS" -- and they cannot be refuted. Efforts are being made by responsible parties to set things right. I will add that the "telephone tree" efforts to blacken the reputations of Mr. Kelso and other fine people are inexcusable and are a symptom of the problem.

With all good wishes, Kevin. "

QUESTION: . First, it would appear that KAS is not exactly in your corner. Second, what efforts are being made and who are the responsible parties that he is speaking of? Could it be the old BOD?


CLAIM:" Right now, several hundred members have opted to not pay their dues; Gliebe and Walker are frantic about it. I left the MC position in mid-August and they have kept it a secret until recently when they started a slander campaign against me saying I left over a simple pay issue...hardly."

QUESTION: Are there that many who have refused to pay their dues? Are you concerned about where the National Alliance is headed? What is the real reason that Pringle left?


CLAIM: The truth is that the only people who are betraying the NA are Gliebe and Walker with their nigger-rich spending habits, vacations, new cars, etc. The truth is that the National Alliance is the members, not Walker and Gliebe. You, as members, have all the power. You pay the bills. Resistance LLC and National Vanguard Books don't make any money at all any more...they are literally subsidized by your dues.

QUESTION: How is it that an organization that was thriving just a couple of years ago has this kind of monetary problem? Has Pazerfaust Records hurt Resistance that much?


CLAIM: In addition to the units, leaders, and members that defected in the May '04 Reid debacle, the National Alliance's defections in the last seven days have been amazing. About half of the remaining units have either revolted or are on the verge of revolt. In the still "loyal" units many individual members are revolting or wavering. Walker and Gliebe are on road now trying desperately to hold the "loyal" units in the fold. Some of the new people can be buffaloed, but the old timers have heard too many different lies to justify the same old problems.

QUESTION: Erich, how many units are there? How does this compare with the number when Pierce died?


CLAIM: This is amazing. For the last two years, Gliebe and Walker have run off, driven away, or kick out hundreds who disagreed. Even after that "screening" Gliebe and Walker are having trouble controlling a majority of what is left. The whole outfit is self-destructing like the USSR did.

QUESTION: If the National Alliance is self-destructing, how will you justify that?


CLAIM: "Jerry had the Handbook essentially done, but Gliebe wouldn't make up his mind on key issues like Christianity, eugenics, etc. It seemed like all of Gliebe's friends were getting in on the act of butchering Dr. Pierce's ideology. Jerry says that the last word that he got from Chairman Gliebe was to remove all the references to Christianity. Jerry asked Gliebe if he was changing the ideology or just trying to fool Christians; Gliebe's answer was "mostly the latter."

QUESTION: So, are we to assume that you have no problem with insinuating your own ideology or philosophy into the house that Pierce built? Are we also to assume that you have no problem with attempting to dupe potential members into signing up?


CLAIM: After Gliebe fired Fred and M Streed, Walker confronted Abbott and threatened him about possessing copies of NA's copyrighted material or infringing on the NA's "intellectual property rights." Yesterday, I walked to Jerry's cabin, and Jerry told me told that Walker threatened to send the FBI after him. [That's all we need is an FBI investigation.] Abbott had no choice but to go home and destroy a nearly finished product.

QUESTION: Uh…Erich…what is this all about? Shaun Walker threatened to call the FBI on Jerry Abbott? Do you know how this plays to the choir? And, believe me, they are playing it to the hilt.


CLAIM: "I respectfully ask that you get a fucking grip. Erich is utterly infatuated with the sound of his own voice and has bragged incessantly to everyone all week that he gave the best speech of his life last Saturday. The guy is an uneducated thug. A sociopath. A deviant, sexual predator who uses our membership roster as his personal little-black-book. He fucks the women out of their dignity and self esteem and the men out of their money.

It's funny to hear that the great Aryan Barbarian, the self-proclaimed "strategist," believe's that his best offense is no defense."

QUESTION: There was no question as I indicated that the last line summed it up perfectly. There is a time to remain silent and a time to become vocal. One can extrapolate from these unanswered questions one of two possibilities; 1) There is no defense and the claims are true; or 2) Erich Gliebe did not see these as important enough to answer.

It is also worth noting that the following questions were asked of Shaun Walker with no response forth-coming:

QUESTION: I take it from the things that you have said that you consider Pringle to be just another "disgruntled employee." But, I have got to ask you, aren't there a number of those running around out there here lately? To what do you attribute this mass exodus and all of the animosity. I realize that change is often difficult and that the death of Dr. Pierce had a tremendous impact upon some of the long-standing members, but I would think that enough time has passed to pull it all back together.

QUESTION: While, I understand from your post your feelngs about Pringle, how do you account for the comment made by Kevin Alfred Strom on Stormfront?

"Originally Posted by Kevin Alfred Strom I can assure you that, while not every issue in this thread is relevant or should have been brought up, the concerns that prompted this affair are most certainly not "BS" -- and they cannot be refuted. Efforts are being made by responsible parties to set things right. I will add that the "telephone tree" efforts to blacken the reputations of Mr. Kelso and other fine people are inexcusable and are a symptom of the problem. With all good wishes, Kevin. "

QUESTION: Also, is it true that Strom is moving into Duke's inner circle?

Additionally, I requested a comment on the whole Jamie Kelso search - but Shaun did not respond.

There was a lot talk going on about a situation where a young woman named Amanda and her husband were kicked off the National Alliance compound. Amanda was very pregnant and gave birth to a stillborn child immediately after the fracas. Apparently, the young couple had no money and no way to bury the child. When it was requested of Gliebe that they be allowed to bury her in a small plot on National Alliance property, Gliebe allegedly refused. Eventually, according to Billy Roper and others, they were able to inter the child in a small family cemetery in town. Roper claims that he helped dig the grave. Ben Vinyard recounted the story on VNN while making the following characterization of Gliebe:

"Gliebe is a liar. But what else is new? If Gliebe said it was raining it was probably sunshine."

Shortly thereafter, Billy Roper had this to say:

"The moral of the story is that Gliebe is a pettily vindictive, paranoid piece of shit."

Alex Linder took issue with this response from Gliebe by a Seattle member:

"The spin and damage control started as soon as Gliebe got here. The latest Internet questions and criticisms are all part of a "COINTELPRO" operation, he says. "All lies." Don't believe what you read on the web, the Chairman tells us. Everything is going well. We are bigger than ever, and doing more than ever. Get to specifics and he interrupts you with his "duh...where did you hear that," question."

Linder issued this retort:

"Strom and Gliebe have always used "COINTELPRO" boogyman to deflect legitimate questions. Conjuring up imaginary enemies to galvanize the flock and keep it from asking pointed questions is a well known cult technique."

As it stands, it appears that a lot of the heavyweights of the racist right are gathering to take aim at the Aryan Barbarian. We can only speculate as to what all of this means and where it will end up. Is the National Alliance going under? One can only hope. But, looking ahead…who will emerge as the victor? Sometimes it is wise to be careful what we ask for.

The operations on the other side of the fence are frequently confusing to those of us sitting in the meadow. Average people do not understand the viciousness with which people embroiled in hate attack one another. Often we watch with absolute amazement at the ferocious nature of their offensive onslaught. In the current assault, however, the stakes are high and the fighting may only become more feral. However it all ends up, we can relax in the knowledge that what was once the premiere hate group has been rendered ineffective, at least for the time being. And, if all of the pieces fall into place, as they very well might, there is a very good possibility that one more hate group will bite the dust.


Mr. Gliebe has offered an explanation as to his refusal to allow a stillborn child to be buried on the property of the National Alliance.

Dear Nikki,

Sorry for not replying sooner, but I've been on-the-road the past couple of days and haven't had access to a computer.

Dr. Pierce once told me that nobody was to ever be buried on the property, including himself (he was cremated and his ashes scattered on the property). If we allowed our property to be used as a public cemetary, then that would probably open up the door to anyone (including those who hate us) who would want to enter the property at anytime to visit the grave site. I did, however, tell Fred Streed to cut an NA check for ,000 to give to the Hartnell's for the burial of their child in a real cemetary.



Nicole Nichols wrote:

Erich - thanks for the response - and I can understand that. What is really interesting is that they are crediting Streed with the ,000 for the casket - and so far, he hasn't said anything different. is Kevin Strom holding up through all of this? It is being heavily rumored that he is moving toward the Duke camp. It is also being rumored that Erika is going to take over Resistance Records. (Like I said, "rumored." They are flying every which way!)


Nikki Of course they will try to credit Fred Streed with the ,000. They'll try to take a swipe at me every chance they get. Fred, of course, is mad at me because I fired him. The fact remains, I told Fred to write a ,000 check to the Hartnell family.

Kevin is doing fine and I'm sure he will always be a valuable part of the National Alliance. It's no secret, however, that our enemies will always try their "divide and conquer" routine. They'll try to pit one member of an organization against another, causing dissension from within.

No, Erika will not be taking over Resistance Records. I would, however, prefer to have less involvement with the record company and spend more time building and organizing the Alliance.

Rumors will always be flying around in fringe politics, so I appreciate the fact that you are really interested in getting the story straight rather than relying on rumors. A couple of people have criticized me for answering your questions, but I always prefer to speak with someone who's honest with me, despite them perhaps having opposing viewpoints.


erich wrote:

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