Gliebe Takes A Dive and the NA Falls To David's Dukes

by Nicole Nichols

The National Alliance, for all practical purposes, died along with William Luther Pierce. A few months ago the shadow boxing came to a head and Gliebe bailed at the hands of Kevin Alfred Strom, Jamie Kelso, and the Dukester himself. The only voices remaining are those of two bimbo's and a handful of has beens. Who emerges the victor at the end of the final round? Well, we pretty well know who carries the gold, what we don't know is who gets the girl.

There will be no TKO in this bout - it went the full 10 with fur flying and cats scratching - say goodbye to the premier hate group and say hello to the "new" face of the racist right. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Their idea of a Utopian is a community that is all white, a place that is crime free where white children can play freely without worry or fear. With a very broad brush they paint a picture of a society where everyone is kind and loving and neighborly because they are all white and superior. We have always known that even if they were given such an area it wouldn't be long before they had to fulfill their need to hate something. The sudden removal of that all encompassing hate from their field of vision would initially be replaced with a euphoria that could never be more than transient in nature and once that feeling of giddy freedom and success waned, it would leave a void that would have to be filled.

The very soul of the racist right is fueled by hatred - 99% high octane hate. Tanking up on inferior grades of fuel would leave their engine damaged and their pistons screaming for the real deal. Just look at how they turn on each other when their tanks are needy. One year of a Utopian society, racist style, would yield the biggest domestic blood bath this world has ever seen. Perhaps we should invest in an island somewhere and send them all packing. Within a few years they'd be extinct.

The National Alliance, once considered the "premier" hate group in this country is not going quietly into the night - but it is going. A good bookie would have a really tough time with laying odds on the victors, however. Down to two splinter groups, the dirty laundry of the Alliance is being hung out to dry daily in public view. Additionally, the Aryan Barbarian disappointed his entourage by taking a dive of magnanimous proportions. There will be no TKO in this arena - the fight will definitely go the distance and the last man standing will be left with nothing but the memory of what could have been.

I haven't decided yet where to place my bet as it appears that both sides may fall in a heap in the middle of the ring with all stamina drained and a non-existent audience.

Cat fights are never pretty. Fangs and claws and vicious biting require no artistry. Sitting ringside really doesn't enhance the aesthetics of the situation, either. And now that the group has splintered into two separate factions, a few things are becoming quite clear, the most important of which is that neither side seems to be a viable entity, nor is there any promise that they ever will be. However, as appealing as thought is, there may be something even more interesting at work here.

Someone that we just haven't talked a whole lot about lately is David Duke, largely because Duke was incarcerated for awhile and thus remained out of our hair. But, it just may be that the fracture of the National Alliance is something that has been in the works for more than a year. And it also may be that Duke figures prominently in this split. But first let's take a look at some of the players in this mess and try to pull this all together.

The now acting Chairman of the National Alliance is one Shaun Walker. That's right, for those who have not been keeping up with the NA, Erich Gliebe stepped aside amidst heaps of criticism and degradation. Claiming that he and his new bride, Erika Snyder of Playboy fame, wanted more time for "family," Gliebe opted out of the fray leaving Shaun to dodge the bullets.

The self-appointed head of the "new" National Alliance, now known as National Vanguard, is none other than Kevin Alfred Strom. As you may remember, I profiled Strom a couple of years ago as the web-spinning spider of the National Alliance. As he attempted to fill the shoes of Dr. William Pierce as America's Dissident Voice, he failed miserably and fell prey to the inevitable feeding frenzy of the racist right. The plasticity of his approach and demeanor endeared him only to but a few loyal members of the Alliance. In spite of the erudition which Strom struggled to achieve, it became patently evident that he suffers from many of the same maladies as so many who cleave to the neo-Nazi ideology - insecurity, an imbalanced ego, and a need to be recognized. You are quickly struck by the numerous images of Kevin - always posed - never natural - and you begin to realize that this is one of the things that bothers you most about this racist imposter. He is as calculated as he tries to be calculating. He is as false as he tries to be real. And he is as transparent as he tries to be cunning.

The unbalanced ego places Strom in a precarious position. While he lusts for attention and power, he is vulnerable to outside influences. Last year, Strom was present at the confab thrown by Duke shortly after his release from prison, and his ego got a boost. He also struck up a friendship with one, Jamie Kelso. It is important at this juncture to realize that Kelso has become David Duke's right hand man. Actually, Kelso appears to have become more than that as he has moved in with Duke, who is not married, and it has been reported that recently he and Duke jointly purchased a Mercedes.

Praises were showered on Strom and the handwriting was on the wall for this writer. As a matter of fact, I posed the question of Strom's allegiance to Erich Gliebe, himself in my last interview and he assured me that Kevin Alfred Strom was 100% in his corner. At the time, I was quite unsure that his faith in Strom's loyalty was what he claimed it to be, but then again, Erich wanted to believe.

There has been a great chasm between the National Alliance and Duke's EURO group. When Jamie Kelso was caught red-handed taking names at one the NA's conferences, it is reported that his membership was pulled. It was also a known fact that Gliebe's snub of Duke's bash created even more hard feelings between the two. When the infamous New Orleans Protocol was signed, it was pretty obvious that the National Alliance would never join forces with EURO. Less clear, however, was Strom's intentions. But, considering the fact that so many were jumping the NA ship, and Strom's need for acceptance and praise, it was not too much of a leap to speculate that Kevin's new-found friendships might prove too enticing to walk away from.

When it was decided by Strom that he was going to "resurrect" the National Alliance under the name of National Vanguard, it was also anticipated that many of those who were expatriated from the NA would be placed in positions of authority, not the least of which was April Gaede. It hasn't happened. And rather than look or sound anything like the Alliance, it has the Duke camp written all over it.

Gaede is the mother of twin girls, Lynx and Lamb, who form the singing duo known in White Power circles as Prussian Blue. Gaede is soon to be our newest entry into Eye On Hate and has run afoul of us on numerous occasions. She is often found on forums giving out "parenting advice" racist style. Gaede has also been the target of some pretty juicy gossip in regards to alleged promiscuity and actions towards men within the Alliance. Therefore, it is little wonder that she has been the target of Gliebe's new wife Erika, as Erika claims that April sent a romantic letter to Erich and wanted to have his children. Erika seems to think that much of April's current harangue against Gliebe and the NA is because of jealousy.

On the other hand, April and others take a high moral tone and attack Erika because of her past, lambasting her because she is a former stripper and nude model. Of course, it is well known that those on the racist right spewing morality often fail to practice what they preach. When it was learned that April was once arrested for pulling a Godiva routine by riding her horse while nude down the street, the cat fight went into the second round. Others then stepped forward to portray April as a wanton bimbo with little to no morality.

The cyber battle that has ensued between these two women and the men who have lined up behind them, has become more than tawdry and very vicious. But, let's get real here. In looking at the people involved, it is no surprise that sex and promiscuity runs rampant. It is no surprise that allegiances have been tested. The revered Dr. William Pierce, late leader of the National Alliance, was, himself, a player. Mail order brides, concubines, porn industry workers, were all part of his daily life style. Yet, when Erich Gliebe has married a former stripper, absolute moral outrage has taken over the membership. In the early days of Gliebe's short reign as Chairman of the National Alliance it became well known that he was a womanizer and enjoyed living large. Many rail at the thought of comparing the porn worker who Pierce played around with to the current Mrs. Gliebe. James Leshkevich, better known as "Yankee Jim," rationalizes the "difference" this way:

"There are just too many unanswered questions...too much doubt. Very bad judgement call by the former Chairman of the NA (Erich Gliebe) to get involved with someone in this line of "work." I think if it were Pierce...and someone of questionable background like this "ex-stripper" had initiated contact with him, a "red flag" would've gone up immediately. I'm sure Pierce would've understood that a relationship with a woman who's this "dirty" would've caused far too many problems for the organization which he'd devoted most of his adult life to building from the ground up. Just my opinion though..."

"Kinda funny (actually quite sad!) if you think about it. I'll bet the former Chairman of the NA, Erich Gliebe...has been a lot "closer" to Dennis Rodman, Terrell Davis, Patrick Ewing, and Andruw Jones than any of us ever will be!"

It has to be reiterated that those throwing all the stones at Erika and Erich are not exactly pristine in their day to day relationships either. Time and time again, Kevin Strom's sexuality has been in question. In earlier days, Mr. Strom featured himself quite the looker with dozens of pictures of himself housed on his site in various poses. His effeminate mannerisms have met with harsh criticisms on numerous occasions. Additionally, it is said that the current Mrs. Strom (Elisha) is bisexual and definitely wears the pants in that family. Strom also comes under fire because his first wife was reportedly a prostitute.

As to Ms. April Gaede, when not playing Lady Godiva, her exploits have raised many an eyebrow and resulted in many discussions about her sexual conquests among Alliance members. Will Williams has been one of the most outspoken about April's promiscuity. Consequently, Erika Gliebe has more than enough ammo in her arsenal to put up a gallant fight. Recently, April Gaede has been referred to as a "groupie." I tend to agree with that characterization. According to a poster on the Resistance board, who many believe is Erika Gliebe, April Gaede was engaged to at least three National Alliance members. April often speaks of her current husband, Mark Neufeldt, who Erika claims is neither April's husband nor is Neufeldt he real name. Further, it was suggested by an NA member that April had come on to Pierce before his death and that she might consider hitting on Duke at the next EURO function. But, as one person put it, she would have to pry him away from Kelso. That brings us back to Duke.

When David Duke was released from prison last year, he immediately went to work attempting to rebuild that which he had left behind. A European-American Conference was scheduled in New Orleans and hyped all across the internet and it became evident that Duke and Don Black of Stormfront fame had achieved some sort of alliance. The relationship between these two men has always been seen as odd since Black is married to Duke's ex-wife. But after all of the "sharing" that we have witnessed among those on the racist right, that little fact shouldn't have much of an impact on the rest of us. The conference was well-attended, but even though it was supposedly open to all White Nationalists, it really wasn't. Erich Gliebe was not among those welcome nor was Alex Linder of VNN fame. Linder is viewed as just too extreme for the purposes of Duke. Craig Cobb was also told to stay away. David Pringle and Kevin Alfred Strom, however, were welcomed with arms.

It should be noted that prior to Duke's incarceration, his right hand lackey was Vincent Breeding. Breeding got caught up in promoting pornographic materials while Duke was doing time, and has since gone underground. Replacing Breeding is Jamie Kelso. Kelso has long been a supporter of Stormfront and moderates the boards under the name Charles A Lindbergh. Many jokes have been made regarding this relationship.

Kelso and David Pringle are thought to be pretty tight and after the first European American Conference we began to suspect that the Duke-Kelso team was courting Kevin Alfred Strom. Certainly, it would be in the best interest of Duke to create havoc within the ranks of the National Alliance. Given Duke's political aspirations, affinity for living large, and self-validation needs, the more members he can influence the more money he can bring in. A source inside the National Alliance tells us that Kelso, at the behest of Duke, really pulled out all the stops to convince Strom that a coup not only could be pulled off but would be in the best interest of the future of the White Nationalist Movement. Consider the fact that many of the National Alliance's leading members have bailed and supposedly joined forces with Strom. Additionally, a strong bond has been solidified between Don Black and David Duke. Black's Stormfront is currently over 50,000 strong. If Duke's Euro can absorb a good fraction of the Stormfront group as well as a fair number from the National Alliance, he will soon have the largest group of neo-Nazi's that we have seen to date.

Where all of this will end up is anyone's guess. Knowing many of the players helps to make that conjecture a little more educated. It is my opinion that Shaun Walker is in no way, shape, or form leadership material and he brings a lot of baggage with him. For all practical purposes the National Alliance died with William Luther Pierce and has merely been shadow boxing ever since. Kevin Alfred Strom is the most unlikely leader to ever emerge on the racist right. His pseudo-intellectual pontifications are anemic at best and impotent at worst. Furthermore, Strom possess a certain "air" of artsy-smarmsy that simply will not endear him to the masses. David Duke is a con man. He is polished and smart. He has seen the cracks in the movement and is moving in for the kill. And those that he plans on eliminating and just laying down and rolling over without so much as a kiss.

As far as the females involved, none are without fault and all are without morals. And speaking of "morality," we shouldn't make too much out of this moral outrage that is being thrown around all over the place. How moral can any of them be? A decadent lifestyle attracts decadent folks - and those who make up that faction of our society prove themselves more decadent by the minute.


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