Linder & White - Birds of a Feather Morgan Kashden

When making a comparison between the nutology of Bill White and Alex Linder, it becomes quite evident that the similarities are what has joined them at the hip. Their obvious need for attention and ego-building makes them "brothers" of the despicable kind. As Linder types out his anti-semitic and racist invective from the home of his aging grandmother, White's proclivity for exaggeration and vituperative lying seems to have rubbed off.
Linder & White - Birds of a Feather

by Morgan Kashden

Birds of a feather and all that jazz notwithstanding, it is little wonder that Alex Linder and Bill White are joined at the hip. The o­nly question remaining is who is leading who in this morass of insanity, egregious exaggerations, and attempted coups. White has long been the model of pathology but Linder may surpass White's ability to distort and mislead. Combining these two personalities has doubled the fun as we traverse o­n this road to destruction of the racist right, and has provided us with much insight into the twisted minds and dishonorable practices of those who pander hate.

It has been noted, time and again, that the egomaniacal White will stop at nothing to assuage his ego including writing letters to himself and publishing them as "LSN Readers." In a bid to appear important and popular White goes o­n self-promoting binges and loads Overthrow with article after article of diatribe lauding his efforts and singing his praises expecting us to believe that they came from others. As an anarchist, he found the rewards minimal and little acceptance from the intellectuals of that persuasion. As a White Nationalist, he has found his niche. While not fully accepted, White has managed to worm his way into their world and has become a major player. What does that say about the cognitive functioning of White Nationalists?

His latest endeavor has been "Shop White," an ebay type website for "white people." Well?a funny thing happened o­n the way to the forum - Shop White got hacked along with the VNN message boards. The boards went down and a frantic Bill White threw another o­ne back up. Bad move. The "hacker" then posted all of the garnered credit card numbers o­n the board.

And speaking of VNN forums leads me to Vanguard News Network - Linder's version of what White Nationalism should be. Ever the iconoclast, Linder's interpretation of what white people want is a quirky blend of back-woods racism and neo-Ebonics. With glaring headlines such as:

"Christ: Jews Murdered the Man, Jews Murder the Memory"

"American Goyim Sacrificed to Jewish War of Hate"

"Jewish Jeffersons: Enjoy 'em Kikes"

"Booga-Booga Yum-Yum"

"Teeny Sheeny Wears Same Hateful Beanie"

"The Holoco$ter"

"Niggy Don't Lose That Number"

"Paintball Ain't The Problem, Jew-loosed Porchmonkeys Are The Problem"

"Kwanadadian Christy Kooks Up-Thumb Homo-Hitching"

And with such compelling lead-ins:

"Are niggers too dumb to know their own phone numbers and addresses? Check what their own lawyer has to say."

"Oy! The thrills! The chills! The shnozzim-steep hills!"

"When niggers do this, it doesn't make the paper and the school "administrators" are falling all over themselves to invent excuses for the savages. When Whites do it, it's a media feeding frenzy and the cops want to prosecute a "hate crime."

"'Groidz ruin everything, which is why jews force Whites to pay for their breeding and spreading to every nook and cranny of White America. It is no exaggeration to say that White men and Women in modern AmeriKwa are tax slaves funding their own displacement and, ultimately, genocide."

"A clean, happy White world or a simian-soaked slum hell? Make no mistake, these are the two choices, the o­nly choices, as severe and mutually exclusive as Kierkegaard's metaphysical Either/Or."

"Goy, it doesn't get any worse than this. Free butter for everybody. Here a great article by a Christian o­n faggots and their sundry afflictionz."

"Two teens who drove around Pittsburgh shooting passers-by with paintball guns were shot with real bullets for apparently targeting the wrong group. "Wrong group," of course, is a euphemism for armed, violent and corner-dwelling niggers. To call them a "gang" would be to impute an element of conscious organization into their actions. Robert Mathews formed a "gang," niggers simply do what niggers do, which is congregate tribally, hoot and holler, piss where they stand, and fuck, eat or do damage to anything -- male/female/plant/animal -- within reach. Access to White man's weapons simply extends the affected range of their niggerness. Who loosed niggers o­n White America? Jews. Who forced America to accept that literally retarded junglos had as much of a right to bear arms as the free, proven White men who built this country? Jews. Giving a gun to a nigger is like giving a gun to a spastic hyperactive problem child -- and then pumping that child with apish levels of testosterone, a few brown-bagged "forties," a hit off the "glass dick," and, the cherry o­n top, putting a boulder-size chunk of the jew-sculpted anti-white "Hate" chip o­n his shoulder. DEATH TO JEWS! Yeah, I said it."

"Niggers ruin everything, which is why jews force Whites to pay for their breeding and spreading to every nook and cranny of White America. It is no exaggeration to say that White men and Women in modern AmeriKwa are tax slaves funding their own displacement and, ultimately, genocide. Any reader over 25 whose family vacationed at a coastal beach as a child, and who has recently returned to that beach after a long time away, will tell you the same thing: they cannot believe how overrun it now is with blacks and various shades of mud. This is what we mean when we say JEWS ARE MURDERING AMERICA."

"Behind every nigger in power there's a jew sowing death and destruction, as surely as 'neath every blackhead there's a yooden pus pocket in need of popping."

Of course, Linder's in-your-face style has served as a terrible embarrassment for those racist who are trying to be more circumspect in the presentation of their hate. Yet, Linder believes that he is exactly what the National Alliance needs. Others claim that there is room for both approaches. And the discussion rages.

After watching and studying the Linder/White alignment, however, o­ne is struck by the likeness of the two. Both appear to be ego freaks. Both seemingly write to and answer themselves frequently. Both will stop at little to be noticed and heard. And both seem to consider themselves to be much more credible and important to the White Movement than they truly are.

As Linder and White busy themselves with fostering the demise of the National Alliance (and it couldn't have happened to a more deserving group), it is utterly incongruous to believe that the adherents to the white power philosophy cannot see that which is so evident to others. This demise has been brilliantly orchestrated by the Linder-White duo. Watching events unfold and seeing the bloody battle get even bloodier is good for an anti-racist. Watching the racist right yahoos being duped and fooled and outed is absolute bliss.

Certainly, there is something defective in those who seek out such groups to join or align themselves with and the Bill White's and Alex Linder's of this movement may very well be the epitome of this defect. But, to assume that "white people" want to read the garbage that poses as journalism o­n the VNN site or o­n Overthrow is to assume that white America has become nothing more than detritus in the whole scheme of things. Linder and White probably don't know that what most "white people" want is for them to quit embarrassing the white race with their ignorance. Birds of a feather often do flock together - and some birds end up being plucked.

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