Bloody 2004 Gives Rise To Comical 2005

Kudos to Glenn Miller

by Nicole Nichols

Perhaps in no other arena can so much action be witnessed during the course of one year as in the arena of hate groups. This year has been a real winner for those of us on the anti side of the fence. We got a whole lot of help from the guys on the right as they simply had a slug fest with each other. We don't know where it will all end up but Nicole Nichols gives us the blow-by-blow on their self destruction and blows kisses to Glenn Miller for his part in the melee.

The year 2004 has been a banner year for the upset of the racist right. It seems that nary a group went unscathed. Resembling a tough-man contest of unlikely heroes, the hate groups and their leaders really took a beating - and it continues to be a slugfest, hopefully to the death of the movement.

Matt Hale was convicted and still awaits sentencing in the same cell he has been sitting in for close to two years now. With the testimony of Jon Fox and confidential informant, Tony Evola, Hale was slapped into oblivion and the Creativity Movement drew its' last gasp.
The revered leader of the Aryan Nations, Richard Butler died alone - no bimbos at his bedside. The already factionalized AN was dealt quite a blow with the arrests of Morris Gullett and James Mazzone. It's pretty safe to say that the rag-tag and battered organization, devoid of property and assests (thanks to the SPLC) has just about been knocked completely out of the ring.
Panzerfaust records launched their Poject Schoolyard only to have the police show up at the home of owner, Anthony Pierpont. It seems that the drug-sniffing police dog hit on something illegal and the already maligned Pierpont went to jail. Given the fact that they have been targeting school children with hate-filled music, it was music to our ears. What with Pierpont already being a convicted felon who spent time in prison for drug violations and Bryant Cecchini having spent time for violence it's a safe bet that no one is going to look favorably upon their little escapade.

Perhaps the best bout on this card, however, has been the one between the Aryan Barbarian and the disgruntled members of the National Alliance. Some of you may remember that was William Pierce's group that was usually billed as the "premier hate group." Since Pierce's death the group has been floundering badly. During the last couple of months, however, the death rattle on the hill in Virginia can be heard clear to San Diego. It's pretty safe to say that Erich Gliebe and Shaun Walker are on their way out the door. The resignation of David Pringle might not have done much to boost his credibility among the rank and file, but the dirt that he and others are uncovering has pretty much sealed the fate of the Chairman and his puppets.

While the National Alliance bunch has been embroiled in their own set-to there has been a really interesting match up taking place between White Revolution's Billy Roper and Vanguard News Network's Alex Linder. The controversy centers around Glenn Miller, who Linder befriended and has teamed up with to publish and distribute their newsletter the "Aryan Alternative." It seems that Miller has more than just a little problem - he's a "rat," and we all know how these guys feel about "rats."

Being a "rat" is one thing…but when you ratted on The Order you are supposed to wind up deep sixed just like others who betrayed the group. Linder's association with Miller came into question some time back but rapidly came to a head in the last few weeks. All of the other mishaps and happenings within the movement have given us quite a few priceless minutes of entertainment, but the fray over Miller is promising to take us well into 2005 in stitches.

It seems that Miller, the one-time head of the White Patriot Party, nothing more than a Klan outfit that was rather successful in North Carolina back in the 80's, was given some money by the Order when they were out knocking over armored cars and generally terrorizing all they came into contact with. Additionally, he claims that he hid the infamous David Lane out for a time. To make a long story short, when the Feds came calling they found Miller hiding out with a cache of weapons. Of course, Miller was in a lot of trouble.

Evidently, Miller became states evidence and he sang like a diva. Miller claims that 12 of the 15 Order members testified against him, therefore he was justified in what he did. Well, if you are a serious member of the racist right…The Order is sacred. Last Spring Miller showed up on the VNN forum under the name of "Rounder"- a name supposedly given to him by "The Order" - and inched his way back into the movement. Amidst cries of foul by those who knew his past, Rounder told his tale of woe. He played heavily on the fact that at the time that all of this was happening he had a family. He claimed the government took care of his family while he was in prison for a term of three years and he has continuously asked others what they would have done in his shoes. Of course, it never occurred to any of them that if they had a family to care for they wouldn't have been involved in any of this. Likewise, it doesn't look like Miller ever considered not taking money from the illegal coffers of the Order.

The real laugh-fest began when The Order members began sending out their statements from behind bars. Even this late in the game the gang still thinks that they can shoot straight and, interestingly enough, their words carry a lot of weight, especially with the swastika worshiping bunch. Funneled in through John Gerhardt - an Identity "Reverend," Randy Evans, from his California cell, raised his voice in opposition to anyone accepting Glenn Miller as anything other than the rat he is:


I, Randall Evans, upon the blood of my ancestors and the Evans name do hereby state the following:

1) That I was convicted as a member of the Order.

2) that Glen Miller, formerly of the Klan in North Carolina, testified against Pastor Butler, Pastor Robert Miles, Louis Beam, my co-defendants Richard Scutari, Bruce Pierce, Andrew Barnhill, David Lane and others during a sedition trial in Ft Smith, Arkansas during the late 1980's.

3) That to make this perfectly clear Glen Miller was a government witness that did his best to put the foregoing persons into prison, although some were already incarcerated (my co-defendants & me).

4) That at no time has Glen Miller helped any of my co-defendants nor me since he became a government witness, agent, informant, otherwise known as a "RAT."

5) That let it be known that from my and others perspectives, "birds of a feather flock together," and anyone associating with, promoting, allowing into their organizations in any capacity in any form whatsoever must also be considered a government RAT to be BANISHED and OSTRACIZED from the honorable of our Race. "A RAT is a RAT--A FRIEND of a RAT is a RAT."

6) That only a fool would allow a known rat amongst their ranks in lieu of past white separatist history wherein our people have been victims of COINTELPRO type operations such as Ruby Ridge and many more. This goes for any RAT out there amongst our ranks and those that associate with same.

Signed on the 2nd Day of December, 2004,

Randall Evans"

Of course, Randy Evans is such a stalwart citizen and role model for the youth of America that such a statement sworn on the blood of his ancestors much be given the utmost credibility. After all, the crimes committed by Evans were crimes of war and done in the name of saving the white race. Uh…huh. But, if one wasn't convinced by the words of Evans, perhaps the statement issued by Richard Scutari would provide the impetus for the exile of the "rat" Miller:

The lack of testicle fortitude to be found in the White Racial Movement never ceases to amaze me. My amazement was given another jolt recently when a kinsman wrote and asked me what I thought of Glenn Miller. Included with his letter was a ten page item he'd pulled off the Internet's VNN Forum titled " my vision for VNN-July 2005. " While reading these 10 pages my stomach started doing flips and I could actually feel the slaps hitting my face as I realized how much Bob Matthew's death, my sacrifices, and the sacrifices of others who stood strong were being denigrated. Glenn Miller's vision calls for a White Pride Day gatherings and a VNN White Political Conference to be held in Missouri sometime in July 2005. Miller actually had the audacity to call cowards any of those hesitant to attend. Miller calling someone else a coward, now that is a joke.

Anyone involved with the movement for over 15 years is familiar with Miller's story. It is only their cowardice that allows Miller to get away with making a comeback in the movement. For those of you who are new to the movement, what follows will fill you in on Miller's story.

In the early 1980's, Miller operated a small Organization called the White Patriot Party (WPP). He and his WPP eventually came to the attention of the Order and contact was made to feel him out. It was decided to bring Miller and his Organization under the Orders wing as one of our aboveground legals. Miller was to be developed into our top aboveground legal in this Southeast. Miller was very receptive to the Orders goals, especially the one where by means of the carrot and the stick all racial organizations in the Southeast would eventually be forced under his leadership. Around August of 1984, Miller was given a voice stress analyzer to use on his members and $ 250,000.00/00 in cash for operational expenses. With financial help from the Order, Miller was able to build WPP into one of the largest organizations in the country. During the big Order trial in Seattle, Miller was holding parades in North Carolina numbering up to a 1.000 marches all wearing camouflage clothes and carrying a sign at the head of the column which read " We Love The Order. "

It wasn't long after this that ZOG started putting pressure on Miller. He ended up going underground with his two lieutenants, Robert Jackson and Doug Sheets. While underground, Miller penned his declaration of War against ZOG. Shortly after putting his declaration in the mail, he and his lieutenants were surrounded in a trailer where they eventually surrendered. In the trailer were several fully automatic weapons. This alone was enough to put Miller away for a minimum of 20 years.

So far Miller's story sounds pretty good, but things do have a tendency to change when weak people finally get tested. In October 1986, the FBI came to visit me at the medium-security prison where I was housed. because of my extensive travels with Bob Matthews, ZOG felt that I could supply key information on several movement leaders who allegedly received Order money. I was offered my freedom from prison if I would cooperate and testify at the Denver and Ft. Smith grand juries and the subsequent trials. To further sweeten the pot, I was told they would help make me a leader in the movement. I refused to cooperate which cost me hole time, phony escape charges being put on me, and a transfer to a max-security prison.

Unlike me when Glenn Miller was offered a deal, he accepted it. Instead of serving 20 or more years in a max-security prison, Miller served only a few years in a cushy minimum security joint and he is now making his comeback as a leader. Miller testified against both of his lieutenants at their trial at which they both received a 20- year sentence to be served at a max security prison.

Next Miller testified for the government, at our 1988 sedition trial in Ft. Smith, Ark. He gave testimony against movement leaders Louis Beam, Robert Miles, and Pastor Butler, all who allegedly were Order legals. Five Order members (Andrew Barnhill, David Lane, Artie McBrearity, Bruce Pierce, and myself) were also defendants at this trial. Miller testified against all of us except for Bruce Pierce, whom Miller never met.

Today Miller's funding comes from his ZOG handlers; but back in the 1980's it was all Order money which made him and the WPP so successful; ergo, Miller had a lot to rat on concerning us, including his invention that Bob Matthews and I discussed with him our future plans to assassinate Morris the Sleaze Dees. Glenn Miller wrote a self-aggrandizing book in which he touts himself as a great White hero and leader. The truth of the matter is, he peed his hands when ZOG put pressure on him and betrayed those who trusted him. Miller is nothing more than a coward and a rat. Of course, he left his betrayal out of his book, but now you know the full story about him. I highly recommend that you avoid anyone or any Organization that refuses to shun Glenn...The Rat Miller. Such individuals or organizations have no sense of security and could care less if you end up here in prison with me.

The information on rat Miller is going out to all. It will be interesting to make note of which individuals of influence beyond, which movement organizations give their support to Millers Vision of July 2005 or any of his other endeavors. Regardless of how good Miller's white rhetoric may sound, it does not change the fact that he has proven himself to be an enemy of our 14 Word Cause. All who side with Miller are giving aid and comfort to a proven enemy of our 14 Word Cause. To Hell with Miller and to Hell with them. Our night of the Long Knives will be a busy one.

Aw…geez, the Night of the Long Knives again! And we all know that Scutari is such a stand-up guy! Yep. Miller should have kept his mouth shut and done the 20+. After all, Scutari is pulling a 60 year sentence for his crimes against the state. I wonder if the Order ever thought that maybe if they had laid more money on Miller he would have kept quiet? A little more help was forthcoming from that band of murdering thieves, however. This time it came from a lock-down in Oregon which houses Richard Kemp:

"Order Prisoner Richard Kemp Exposes Miller Lies No One In the Order Ratted On Miller

It has come to my attention that a government informant has been resurrected as a "respected" "leader" by the "white wing." As much as it pains me to say it, Frazier Glenn Miller is a known government informant and has no business cleaning toilets at White gatherings, let alone being permitted to sit at the table with leaders of our people. He should not even be afforded the opportunity to speak as nothing he can say would justify or undo his sordid deeds.

Back in the 1980's I looked uo to Miller. He was able to put hundreds of flag waving people in the streets. His reputation as a man of action and a force to be reckoned with was renowned from coast to coast. He gave us a lot of hope in those bygone days. Robert Matthews was so impressed by Miller he made a point to visit him and support his activities on numerous occasions.

Now, Robert Matthews was willing to fight and die so Frazier Glenn Miller could continue to nurture the seeds that were sown and perhaps reap the harvest, yet the paper tiger Miller was never willing to reciprocate the same degree of devotion.

Supposedly Miller was an ex Green Beret. If this is true, Miller disgraces this exalted warrior fraternity, for when Miller was called to answer for his crimes and duplicity against the government, he proved his heart pumps Kool Aid.

Miller used his faux-military bearing to become a darling government stooge as he testified in more than one rial against good, stout-hearted men. He betrayed at least one of his lieutenants in the North Carolina organization he claimed to have built. It saddened me to hear someone I admired betrayed his own comrades when he got caught trying to pretend he could fill Robert Matthews' shoes. I was horrified when I learned Miller was to be a star witness against respected leaders like Robert Miles, Richard Butler and Louis Beam in the Fort Smith, Ark sedition trial back in the late 1980's. Granted the accused were found not guilty in this instance, but I assure you it was not from Miller trying to assist the defense.

In a feeble attempt to justify his betrayal, I heard Miller recented posted on the Internet that all the Order members were rats; alleging all made deals against him. This is absolutely not true. I can assure you I have never uttered a word about Miller until this current writing. I know for a fact that I didn't make any deals. I nmow Robert Matthews, David Lane, Randy Duey, Randy Evans, Richard Scutari, David Tate, Frank Silva, Andrew Barnhill and Jean Margaret Craig didn't make any deals, either. Nor have I seen any paperwork that proves they ever made statements or cooperated with the government in any way.

On the other hand, I now Frazer Glenn Miller couldn't walt the prison yard using his real name. He has put away too many good people behind bars and has ruined the lives of many White families. He's a living mockery to the 14 Words. If he's allowed to attend meetings and hobnob with our so-called "leaders" we may as well invite Morris Dees and crew to sit at our table.

Frazer Glenn Miller made his choice. Rather than stand and take his lumps he peed down his leg. I cannot respect someone like that and will never forgive him, either.

We are in a real struggle. People's lives are at stake. This is not some game where we can pick up the pieces and go home. This is not television where we can just turn off the dummy box and forget about the show. David Lane will die in prison because of Frazer Glenn Miller. How long will we stand by and let the James Ellison's, the Bill Riccio's and the Frazer Glenn Miller's pay at being "men?" These government agents talk a mean fight but when it comes down to the nitty gritty they are quick to betray good men and women, condemning them to languish in ZOG's gulags with their testimony.

We don't need more martyrs. I urge you not to give money nor support to Frazer Glenn Miller. Don't support "leaders" who openly embrace this federal stooge. As far as I am concerned Miller can hang out with George Burdi aka George Erik Hawthorne, Thomas Martinez, Greg Withrow, William Soderquist, Denver Day Parmenter, Robert Merki, Bill Riccio, James Ellison, and their ilk. All of them played at being real men and proved they were not up to the task. No longer should they have a voice in anything to di with our people. They should be considered as outlaws of old and be forever banished from our community.

Burn us once shame on them, burn us twice shame on us for being so pitifully stupid as to trust known informants and government agents."

I can't help but wonder how these guys think they are still part of "the struggle." Someone needs to tell them that they are in prison and they aren't part of anything other than the criminal element. Kemp pulled three consecutive 20 year sentences for his dastardly deeds and is required to do at least 25. He has a parole hearing coming up in 2010. Seeing as how he is still continuing to fraternize with the racist element of his past, it is highly unlikely that we have to worry about the likes of him for quite sometime. But it didn't end there. You might know that David Lane just couldn't stay in his sick bed. The "14 Word" guru issued his two cents, as well:


Lets get this Glenn Miller thing very clear. And please be sure to quote me far and wide. Anyone who has anything to do with him dishonors the names of Kathy Ainsworth, Robert Matthews, Bob Miles, Mrs. Weaver and her son, and all of the 200 million victims maimed or murdered all over the world by the Red, White and Blue traveling mass murder machine.

Glenn Miller even betrayed his own lieutenants to the murderers of the White Race and got them sent to prison. It is absolute insanity to follow a man who deserves the time honored penalty for treason. No, those out of power cannot enforce that penalty, but on the day of justice I imagine such will be the case.

David Lane, 12873-057"

Umm…is that David Lane calling someone a murderer? Right. David Lane will never see the other side of the prison wall. He is doing 195 years - because he is a very nasty individual. This man claiming that those "who support Glenn Miller dishonor…" is really a hoot. This is the guy who was convicted of driving the getaway car during the murder of radio talk show host, Alan Berg. He is also the guy who Miller claims he hid out.

With so many of the heavy-weight cons weighing in, the hands of the so-called "leaders" of the movement were called. It was time to step to the plate and be counted. Either they supported the Order and their edicts or they would defy the motley crew and allow Glenn Miller to climb the ladder of white supremacy sleaze.

For weeks the storm has been building, and now, with the declarations from Order members posted, the rank and file became bolder in their vocalizations against Miller and, because of their association, against Alex Linder. The fuse was ignited by none other than Billy Roper.

Apparently, Roper and others from White Revolution had been working behind the scenes in an effort to send Glenn Miller into exile. According to an announcement by Roper posted on Linder's forum, and likening Miller to a malignant cancer:

"So, I wrote a private, personal e-mail letter to Glenn Miller, advising him in cordial and regretful terms that due to White Revolution's previous position on informants and those who testify against White Nationalists, regardless of the extenuating circumstances, in order to remain consistent, we had to hold him to the same standard. We could not endorse of participate in any of his projects, nor could we support his reemergence as a leader and an activist. I told him that the best he could hope for was for us to not attack him publicly."

He claims that he had hoped that this announcement would cause Miller to "disappear." However, that did not happen. The next step was to approach Linder himself on the Miller issue:

"So, we had to adopt a more aggressive method of treatment, a few weeks later, when I told Alex Linder himself directly that we couldn't endorse or support any projects sponsored by Miller, or joint VNN/Miller activities. Linder had already requested that we remove the White Revolution and PanzerFaust banners from the VNN Forum, which we had done. He had already insinuated to VNN moderators that they censor and ban those who questioned or criticized Miller, and adopted him as an ally. He refused to answer any questions from WR Moderators about this new policy, or discuss his new allegiance to Miller. So, my personal letter to him was the next step…"

This placed Alex Linder in a precarious position largely because his forum is housed on White Revolution's server. But, Linder continued to affiliate himself with Miller and to allow him to communicate via the boards. Consequently, like playing a game of Chicken - Billy Roper commandeered Alex Linder's forum. So much for "honor" among friends.

The first order of business was to ban Glenn Miller and delete all of his posts. Roper promised to return the forum to Linder once another server could be secured:

"It's not our intention to hold either the VNN Forum or VNN hostage, or at all interfere with his ownership or control of them. Our intention was to make a statement, and to make our position on Miller and others who testify against White Nationalists crystal clear. Does anyone still have any confusion as to White Revolution's positions on traitors, witnesses, and informants? Anyone?

"Yes, it's a bold move, a controversial move, a polarizing move. That's what we specialize in. Alex and whomever else wishes to can call us names and rant and rave for months on websites and all over the net, but we have taken our stand and made our position clear. That's all that matters. Am I willing to sacrifice alliances and piss off supporters and throw away resources in order to take what I consider to be the principled and necessary stand? Absolutely. Just hide and watch, time and again."

Now, Roper using words like "principled" was a little much for us too, but we couldn't help but cheer him on as we could see the debilitating effect this would have on yet another bunch of Nazi's. While I have never been interested in cock-fighting, watching the Nazi's tear each other apart is altogether different - and this one hasn't disappointed me. For all of their talk of unity and working together, the actions of Roper created a huge chasm in the movement. Within a matter of minutes after Roper's announcement the members began to line up and weigh in. It wasn't too surprising to see the early rounds going to Roper. After all, he had the Order martyrs behind him. Even though these guys are in prison, it seems that there are many who really don't want to piss them off.

This action, on the part of Billy Roper, resulted in the further division of a rank and file already factionalized. Some would say that it separated the wheat from the chaff. I say that it 1) Demonstrated the naïveté of the young Alex Linder. As one of the Order members stated, "This is not a game where you can pick up the pieces and go home." For Linder to believe that he could embrace someone such as Miller and walk away unscathed was sheer folly. One would think he had learned his lesson when he got burned by Bill White. But then…birds of a feather flock together, or so they are all so fond of saying; 2) Polarized a movement that was already floundering. Billy Roper's White Revolution serves as an "umbrella organization" whose goal it is to bring the many different factions in the movement together. It would appear that the only ones left out there for him to "unite" would be the NSM and Aryan Nations. And, he has already torn the sheets between himself and the National Socialist Movement by refusing to allow them to wear their uniforms at his get-togethers. So…Billy…who ya gonna call? Conversely, Linder's now very small crew has alienated the National Socialist Movement by calling them "Hollywood Nazi's" and other rather unflattering names. Additionally, the National Alliance is on their list of enemies and David Duke has absolutely no use for Linder because he is so uncouth.

Of course we have all been absolutely hysterical with laughter at these people as they bloody each other, and we have enjoyed watching who sides up with whom. But, the crowning touch that really sent us over the edge was the union between Joseph Harper and Glenn Miller!

J.J. Harper has proclaimed himself the Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan. As many already know, Joseph Harper is nothing more than a side-show freak on an ego trip. He loves the circus and creates one every chance he gets. Out of Cordele, Georgia, Harper has been the laughing stock of the internet for awhile now. He teamed up with a black church in support of the release of a black minister who allowed two children to be whipped in front of the congregation. Now, if the racist right is upset with Erich Gliebe for talking to an anti-racist group, can you imagine how they feel about one of their own marching alongside African-Americans and defending one of their ministers?

The cozying up of Miller and Harper shouldn't be too surprising, however, since they both desperately need a friend. It does, however, do very little to improve his already tarnished reputation. When Harper set Miller up with his own website it quickly became evident that they had a long way to go before either of them could ever be taken seriously.

Once Alex Linder secured a new server, Billy Roper did turn the website back over. Of course, the first thing Linder did was to reinstate Miller - and certainly, his sanity came immediately into question. For the most part, those who sided with Roper have left the VNN forum while those few siding with the Linder-Miller team have strongly denounced Roper. There was some other fall-out from all of this. There were those who had been supportive of Roper in the past who saw his hijacking tactic as uncalled for and underhanded. Likewise, there were those who saw Roper taking a stand against informants and began to sing his praises.

One thing must be credited to Miller, however, it would seem that if he is, in fact, working for the government he has done more than any anti-racist group has ever been able to do to render the movement a shambles. Kudos, Mr. Miller.

Not to be left out, Michael Blevins of VonBluvens fame, along with Bill White of narcissism fame have tried to coat-tail onto the recent happenings in order to bring them both a little more traffic. Blevins did his usual radio show with Glenn Miller as guest. It was really pretty funny hearing Miller, in his best down-home voice admit that he had informed on the Order. It was equally amusing to hear Blevins say that he would have gone to jail first. A couple of nights later Blevins got Bill White's take on all of this. Listening to White trying to analyze the happenings between the Order and Miller proved to be somewhat of a bore since White seemed to have very little knowledge about the situation and merely tried to wing it for another five minutes of "fame."

And the battle wages on gathering more and more steam and leaving victims in its' path. The latest person to fall under Glenn's nimble machinations is one of our favorites here at CAH - Commander Jeff Schoep of the National Socialist Movement. It would seem that according to Miller, Schoepp accepted money from him and even wrote him a letter - a claim that Schoep's friends say is untrue. However, Miller has published the letter:

"Dear Mr Miller;

Racial greetings, thanks for the video and papers. Having put that many men in the streets of NC in the 1980's was certainly feat of greatness, which I admire. Your ongoing efforts of pamphletting, and continued support of Movement activists today also speaks for itself. I did read your side of the story regarding your 1987 plea bargain, and I had not been previously aware of all of the details until reading it in the vnn forum. Until recently, I never read vnn forums, as I find it to be full of anti-racists posing as WN, and causing uneeded dissention. Which of course it is. Yet there are some interesting things there, such as your post. I am in contact with certain Order members, and they view things differently, as I am sure you know. They have contributed to our struggle in their own ways, as I feel you have as well. I think zog fears you due to your organizational abilities, and I could probably learn alot from your tactics, (i.e. getting that many troops in the streets), if you are willing to share some ideas with me. Enclosed are some NSM materiels, mazagine.

"If you would like to contact me directly my office phone #320-234-9428, or cell phone #320-583-2380 weekday evenings/nights. Hail Victory! Jeff Schoep/ National Socialist Movement.

p.s. I was mentored by men who served with Commander Rockwell, men such as Allen Vincent, Cliff Herrington, Robert Brannen, and a few other guys still active with us now. Cliff has always spoke highly of your abilities, and he is the person who first showed me pictures of your marches. 88 " (End of letter)"

So, if in fact, this letter is the genuine article, we can safely assume that Schoep doesn't hold "The Order" in as much esteem as the others. Or, that he is willing to blow them off as they are in prison and Miller is someone from which he can profit. Loneliness does, in fact, breed some really strange bed-fellows.

We have no idea where all of this is going to end up - but we do like the way the start of 2005 is shaping up. One poster on the boards recently invited others to join the Council of Conservative Citizens as he believed they were the only viable hate group. We aren't real sure about that - but he's close enough. That and some of the political fringe groups have certainly gotten our attention lately. The face of racism is changing - the sentiment remains the same.

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